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  1. Anyone? Lets not pay the buyers premium and commission to an auction house!
  2. well aware thank you! seeing what else might be out there.
  3. This exactly. Its like if somone wrote their name on the cover and that was called color touch
  4. Looking for a well presenting 3.0-5.0 book VCP ish/OSP pricing OW minimum preferred
  5. Right there with you ready to pick up all those copies of Marvel Comics #1
  6. in the end I choose not to go due to what seemed like a lack of actual comic book dealers. Were there actually comics there outside of the few regular local vendors?
  7. Did anyone attend Friday or Saturday? Are there any Gold/Silver comics here to speak of?
  8. Bought a high dollar book and was delivered in bulletproof packaging right away!
  9. My ADD wont let me read the entire thread, but is the jist of it someone will sell me a nice AF15 CGC 5.0 for 30k? Please forward paypal for payment.