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  1. Yes I think it does. However it maybe possible to get a green qualified label which would be graded as though the book was complete with a note that parts of page 1 is missing.
  2. Totally agree but would you take a lower grade restored (extensive) book with slightly brittle pages and have massive leafcasting work done just to get an higher grade ? Depends on the book of course but i would keep the lower grade with the slightly brittle pages book as it is ,unless it was crumbling away.
  3. If no other work was done e.g., only attaching the covers with no replacement of staples etc then I think it would get a qualified label.
  4. Why would it be a green label if the centerfold did belong to the book. Thought it would be a blue label though the grade drop would be significant I.e. at least 1.5 drop
  5. Think the only reason Vader couldnt use force lightning was because of his mechanical arms. Not that he didnt have the ability. He was potentially the most powerful user of the force.
  6. If you are gonna "out" him in the commission thread, then do you think you should first contact the artist and tell him/her your concerns and see if he does right by you I.e., redo the commission or partial refund etc. You could post the response by the artist if you want. For all we know the artist may believe it was a good commission.
  7. I was the boardie that ended up with the book. Was a sucky time for all. Nearmint was kind enough to let me have the book with no hard feelings. Anyway I sent pics of the book to a reputable conservatinist to see if it could be unrestored and the verdict was 'no' as the cover was cleaned. So I'm really surprised (and happy !) To see the book in a blue label and in such a great grade. Beautiful book . Nice to see it reappear. Congrats to the owner for having the guts and initiative to even think of unrestoring it.
  8. I dont quite agree that her death was lightly addressed in the movie. They had several scenes building up to her death e.g. scenes between cap and her talking about family and between Clint and her , reflecting on their long history. And she was no token anything. She was the defacto boss having even capt marvel updating her. Even after her death, there were several scenes remembering her. I always wondered how they would write her in from the early days as she had no superpowers but think they did an amazing job in fleshing out her character. Some may have felt her death more strongly than
  9. Think also another reason would be Bucky's past as the winter soldier. Though he was brainwashed, he still had blood on his hands. And for the public at large who wouldn't have all the facts, he wouldn't be the right candidate to take over the mantle. They did give him an homage by having Bucky nod his approval when Sam looked at him before accepting the shield.
  10. Agree with Bosco, dont think Clint sacrificed anyone. Not trying to be a spoon here but Thanos sacrificing Gamora was for me the best scene in infinity war. In endgame, it was easier for them to sacrifice themselves than each other. Once again, just being an here. It didnt mar the movie whatsoever.
  11. Am curious. If u needed to sacrifice someone u loved to get the soul stone, and Thanos sacrificed Gamora to get it, then in the case of Hawkeye and Black Widow, he didnt really sacrifice her. In fact both of them were sacrificing themselves for the other. Does that count ?