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  1. I buy from Aaron because it is ALWAYS a worry free transaction. Got my mags (one of which was VERY over-sized) with perfect packaging resulting in the books arriving in perfectly-as-described condition. Same time, next year, my friend!
  2. I'm gonna buy the one where the guy is punching Hitler.
  3. This was a really fun series... I was so disappointed when DC cancelled it You weren't the only one that bought it when it came out (but there REALLY weren't many of us)
  4. Nah, if anything, I'd say she slowed it down. Which is not to say that movie hype did not influence the climb, but it was climbing before the movie & it was climbing after the movie. Wish I owned one. Not really in my wheelhouse though.
  5. Doesn't keep Batman Adventures #12 from being the hottest modern key out there. And realistically, the Harley Quinn that became so popular, wasn't the Harley Quinn that was Joker's girlfriend... the Harley Quinn whose popularity went stratospheric was the "reformed" bad girl heroine that Amanda Connors brought.
  6. Harley Quinn... hands down the "biggest" character DC has had in the last 30 years
  7. That's because DC (current leadership) doesn't realize that John Constantine is John Wick with magic instead of guns. EDIT... I just realized what an unfortunate parallel that is given that Keanu sucked as JC and rocks as JW.
  8. Say What?!??! "A strong third"??!????!?? Man, I have no words. John Constantine is one of my favourite characters from the 80s, along with Badger, Grim Jack & Jon Sable. Lobo is ok, but Deathstroke who?
  9. It's taken me quite a few years, but I have finally completed my spectrum set of Planet Comics #52. I bought the "no magenta" copy off of Metropolis years ago, and found a perfectly colored copy on Heritage a couple of weeks ago. As a Fiction House aficionado, the extreme color ranges available in each issue have always fascinated me. Their printer just did not care, and would let the ink go until it was.absolutely.empty.
  10. Happy to be of service... when I saved it initially, I had your name on it, but lost that hard drive, and only had the photobucket upload to pull from... Glad to finally know who I cribbed it from