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  1. I honestly don't know. Ive never submitted to CGC before and the whole process seems very daunting. Planning on keeping it. But want to be able to value it properly too, and would like to do what i can to make it the best condition possible.
  2. In the same boat. Bought some of my first pieces from Tom back in 2001! Definitely the sign of an end of an era for me.
  3. If you accept payment via friends and family, it negates all buyer protection, not the seller. Its not supposed to be a transaction, therefore, paypal wont give a hoot if the buyer is unhappy.
  4. SOLD! Thank you all. Later this week I will be listing a VF/NM Thor 337-340 CPV SET!
  5. Im pretty sure its the inkers rep and he just hasnt taken it off his page yet. Probably isnt even aware it was sold. Send him a note and let him know.
  6. Hey Everyone Here's a sweet little Low to MID-GRADE Bronze Key Lot. Ive got these up on both Facebook and Ebay. But if any boardie wants to BIN at my eBay starting bid, its' theres! Its a great little key set. Condition and any issues listed below. Feel free to ask for more pics. LOT PRICE: $100 usd via PayPal w/ friends and family or (104 w/out FF) SHIPPED within Continental USA and Canada. Daredevil 111 - 1st Silver Samurai (GD) (Missing coupon) Daredevil 131 - 1st Bullseye (VG/FN) (Staples slightly off) Ms Marvel 9 - 1st Deathbird (FN/VF) Powerman/Iron Fist 50 - First PM/IF (VG/FN) (1.75 inch tear on the back) Marvel Spotlight 6 - 1st Starlord (FN) The Defenders 89 - Origin Hellcat (FN) Any questions DM me. or DM for the win. First come first served. All sales are final.
  7. Hey All, Ive got another book I need help with. This one kinda has me stumped. Its in really good condition. But the cover seems to be stapled on crooked. If you look at the Marvel logo it's been cut off. How does this effect the grade? And, would this benefit at all from a clean and press? Thank you for the time and advice!
  8. Hello I stink at grading and could use some help. If anyone can give me an estimate on a grade. AND - if this would benefit at all from a clean and press in your opinions? Thank you all very much!! Mike
  9. Hey Everyone Got for sale a VF/NM Thor 337 CPV Canadian Variant. Ive attached lots of scans, so you can estimate a numerical grade yourself. These have NOT been cleaned or pressed. Price is $150.00 USD $140.00 USD Shipped within North America* ( OR - 135.00 via Friends and Family) *Continental USA or Canada No Returns Payment due within 48 hours. No one from the Hall of Shame or Probation Land. Any questions. Better scans needed etc. Shoot me a message. Thanks for looking everyone! Mike
  10. First appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet.
  11. This is one of the MANY tales of Richards antics that are out there...
  12. As a Bagely USM collector this final number shocked me. The only thing I can think is Miles is riding a high wave off the Into the Spider-Verse movie and this being marketed as a page where he crosses over into the main Marvel U caught the eyes of speculators. That J. Scott Campbell was originally priced at 5k or 6k many moons ago by the artist. Also, JSC covers tend to hit 10k+ when theres a pretty lady on the cover. Not so much dudes.