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  1. No it's not. They're bona fide fraudsters and borderline confidence artists. I'd say sociopath is an accurate description.
  2. There's a lot more than I realized... 60s-70s Kirby - Fantastic Four 80s Romita Jr - Daredevil (Typhoid Mary) Bolland - Killing Joke 90s Nolan - Knightfall Dillon - Preacher Ross - Earth X Miller - Sin City Mcfarlane - Spawn 2000s Quietly - New X-Men Dodson - Black Cat ETMD Finch - Avengers (Dissembled) Brubaker - Cap (Pre-Death) Kubert - Batman 2010s Copiel - Spider-Verse Bennett - Immortal Hulk Lemire - Sweet Tooth
  3. Fake is a kind term too... They used to hire a letterer to put those logos on an acetate overlay . But now a days, it looks like theyve started printing them out themselves on copy paper and then gluing straight on to the art.
  4. Done. Im actually really surprised. They usually ride that gray line when they do stuff like this which allows their apologists to exist. But this is so blatant even for them.
  5. Ive never seen a prelim for any of Marks USM covers/pages (and Ive been collecting them since issue #1) That said, I guess its possible... But odds are, it was someone trying to pass off this recreation off as a prelim, which would at least explain how Coollines thought they could pass this off as being part of the publication process, assuming they bought it under the pretense of it being a prelim.
  6. It's been the exact same recreation being bounced around for the past five or six years. (And listed on two dealer sites at the same time.) But it's always been labeled as such so there's never been harm in it... Now though, it's a different story...
  7. Here's mine... The proof really is in just comparing their recreation to the published version. On the recreation, none of Venom's scars or shadows line up with the published version at all. (Heck, nothing lines up with the published version on theirs. Where as mine is obviously dead on.)
  8. Well, another day, another thread about one of the Donellys brothers being crooks. Ive sent them an email about it. But history has taught it will fall on deaf ears. They're passing off a recreation of a cover I own as the real deal. This recreation was made YEARS after Ultimate Spider-Man 36 was published. (And Im pretty sure was commissioned by a board member here.) It is not the FINAL cover as they state. They've added logos to a recreation and labeled it the "FINAL" cover. IE They are looking for a dupe. Buyers PLEASE be aware.
  9. I'm at 95%. The other 4% I will probably pickup here and there as they appear at auction over the years. The other 1% has matured in value to a point I cant justify it. Thankfully, for the most part I've achieved what I came into the hobby to get. Starting at age 17 in the early 2000s definitely gave me a leg up on most other collectors of my age group, so I was able to get in before getting priced out.
  10. Ive probably got about 60+ published pages of some version of Spidey.
  11. I think he means he's looking for the original artwork to these pieces....
  12. The answer is written on the bottom of the board. It's issue #23.