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  1. Hello All, My original Batman #1 CGC Back Cover is ending Tuesday 12/15 at 10:00 PM ET on ComicConnect. LINK Best of luck to any boardies bidding!
  2. Action #1 pages will always be in demand. But the fewer copies parted out, the greater the desire for the single-pages made available.
  3. 25K is a lot easier to swing than 100K. But for every copy the is disassembled, it has the potential to impact the prices realized for individual pages across the board by increasing the supply. 7 Superman pages and 25 non-Superman pages per complete-coverless copy. One of the reasons one can justify paying well over five-figures for a single page is because of how few of them have become available.
  4. I can’t imagine a complete coverless going for much less than 100K these days. Single pages can fetch 25K+.
  5. I still can’t get over how amazing this book is.
  6. Thanks! The only examples of Action Comics #1 front cover that I’ve ever seen have been the Heritage scrapbook that this came from and the 2/3 CGC cover. Of course, the latter was missing the logo and the “No. 1.”