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  1. Library of Congress also says March 30th, 1939. Can we be certain that’s the definitive date? Is it an estimate? How long would Detective #27 remained on the newsstands?
  2. What does the “Y” stand for in “APR 19 Y” any why is it stamped in the upper right-hand of the back cover?
  3. Hi guys, Do we have a definitive date for when Detective Comics #27 first hit newsstands? I’ve seen April 18th, 1939 listed. http://www.mikesamazingworld.com/mikes/features/comic.php?comicid=8283 Any ideas? Copies with date stamps besides the CGC 4.0?
  4. I own that copy. It’s the only loose BC I’ve ever seen with true provenance to prove it’s authentic to Detective Comics #27 and not another book from that month.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Do you have any interior pics of the Adventure #38 BC?
  6. Does anyone have any pics or scans of the interior of a Detective #27?
  7. This is 100% true. I’m looking for as many examples of Detective #27 back covers (front covers too) to study printing/ink patterns.
  8. Hello, If anyone has any pics or scans of an original Detective Comics #27 back cover (interior side and exterior side), would you mind sharing or shooting me a PM? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, For sale is a freshly-slabbed copy of Detective Comics #31. CGC Certification: 2034314002 PQ: Cream to Off-White Missing Page 32 (although a small piece still remains) Price: $5,995-shipped **USPS Express Overnight included** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me a PM. My feedback thread: LINK
  10. I track those too. Books that have been slabbed with the intent to grade-bump. Restored books with resto removed and resubmitted for blue labels. All of it.
  11. A lot. I’ll have to check when I’m by my PC.