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  1. Is it unreasonable to think that’s a $100,000+ book?
  2. These pages are climbing up: Page 1 is at $7,200. Page 2 is at $7,700. Page 3 is at $7,000. I think page 2 may be pulling away from the pack. 1st Batman in costume and some of the best art from the issue.
  3. That’s awful. I feel for your man. I think about my Action Comics #1 page every single day.
  4. There are no right or wrong takes here. Simply pointing out that flaw in saying that Superman #1’s reprinted material is a reason for it not to be a Top-3 book when the #2 book in our hobby has the same amount of original superhero content (less if you include Superman #1’s text story).
  5. Did you know that Superman #1 has just as much original Superman content as Detective Comics #27 has original Batman content? Do you think most GA collectors know that? When that is taken into consideration, do you really feel reprinted Action #1-4 material is “less desirable” than original Zatara of Slam Bradley material? Food for thought.
  6. Detective Comics #38 is one of the most important comic books ever published. Key GA books have been undervalued for a long time.
  7. Predictions for the Action #1 at auction? LINK
  8. It's been nearly 3 years since my Action Comics #1 page went missing/stolen. Has anyone seen it resurface? I think about this page every day.
  9. Does anyone know how CGC determines which inner wells to use and what the advantages are for each of the different styles? Has anyone ever seen an inner well that moves when the slab is tilted or turned upside down?
  10. I don’t think 75-100K is unreasonable. That’s where a complete coverless copy would be at in today’s market. Very few of those, even fewer loose front covers. Comic books had been undervalued for a very long time relative to other high end collectibles. Seeing a piece from the top book in the hobby increase to 10x its original value over a decade or so isn’t as crazy as it sounds.