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  1. It makes for an interesting conversation. “Joker” was the best pure film, “The Dark Knight” had the best singular antagonist, but Justice League was the greatest universe builder. To see it done with a dark tone, attention to detail, fleshed out backstories and the overall greatness of what the DC Universe could be on film—this is it. It makes the GA books even more desirable and even more fun to collect. We’re seeing the original GA roots realized on film in a stunning, well-crafted, interconnected way. Us GA collectors are experiencing a cinematic “Golden Age.”
  2. Action Comics #1 (page 3) • 1st app. of the “Daily Star” (Daily Planet) • 1st time Superman changes into his alter ego, Clark Kent LINK
  3. It’s the most fun I’ve had as a DC fan and as a GA comic book collector (as it pertains to Hollywood) in a long time. Enjoy!
  4. I will keep this completely spoiler free as everyone should have the opportunity to experience this film for themselves. It may be the greatest comic book film of all-time, above and beyond anything we’ve seen from Marvel and frankly, I’m almost speechless as I’m still in the process of absorbing it all and watching it for a second time. With over 25,000 audience ratings in, the film stands at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s so much more. As a golden age comic book collector with a focus on first appearances and historically significant books—I’ve never been this excited about
  5. Collectibles of far lesser notoriety have exploded in value. This is arguably the most popular character in comics, issue No. 1, with the first 2 appearances of the Joker. 50k may seem ambitious, but I would not be at all surprised to see it reach that or more.
  6. My goodness. Absolutely stunning.
  7. I would not be the least bit surprised to see this sell for over $50,000 — perhaps well over $50,000.
  8. I can speak for myself as a Superman and Batman fan, this has me more interested in GA comic books than I’ve ever been before. This is more epic than the most hyped Avengers film was for the MCU.
  9. Hey guys, I just watched the trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League and I must say, I’m pretty excited. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen movie of this magnitude remade with this much effort and additional footage added. Maybe I’m missing something? What do you feel this may mean for the FMV of GA books featuring these characters? Key DC books have soared in spite of sometimes lackluster/negative film reviews. What happens if something truly great is released?
  10. Not only does it get you in, it puts you in rarified air. Incredible page, with a lot of Superman artwork, from the greatest and most desirable book in our hobby. Big-time congrats!
  11. I found this thread to be incredibly informative. Now that the new style CGC slabs have been out for a few years, has anyone noticed any “bowing” that has developed over time?
  12. How much would a 1.0 Marvel #1 be in today’s market?