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  1. Bump Willing to listen to reasonable offers.
  2. Mystery Tales 19 cgc 5.5 asking 2800.00
  3. Hi, and thanks for looking. Selling one book today but it’s a classic. Hard to find a nice copy in grade. I’ve never pressed and it doesn’t look as though it’s been pressed as it looks improve able imo. In hindsight I probably should have. Same old rules apply, first time stamped in thread or pm gets the book. Safe shipping from Canada will cost 25.00, and will usually go a couple days after the auction. Paypal only please. Please feel free to pm with any questions you may have.
  4. Twistty1


    Thank you. Surprised and extremely excited it was still available..
  5. Twistty1


    Take please
  6. It’s a beauty. I’d like to sell it, but with the tv show season 2 coming out, I don’t mind holding onto it a bit longer... ??
  7. ASM 129 cgc 9.0 asking 2050.00 below last gpa. Pretty looking copy that’s nicely centred.
  8. One book for but may add more later on. Paypal accepted on this one. Shipping from Canada is 25.00, including box etc. Always shipped safely. Please feel free to pm with any questions. Returns accepted within 2 days of receiving the book. Thanks for looking.
  9. Twistty1


    Take as per pm ??
  10. If anyone is interested in this book, I really don't want to sell it but sort of need to. Highest graded copy and the cover is just so darn cool. LB Cole, who is kind of hot at the moment. Shock Detective 20 cgc 8.0 1350.00 a very pretty copy. SOLD