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  1. Hi folks, one book up for sale today. Paypal only please. Returns accepted. Shipping will be extra. We can discuss based on your location, but most likely about 25.00 to the US from Canada. Please no Probies or HOSers (Canadian joke) first time stamped whether in the thread or pm wins the book. Feel free to pm me with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking.
  2. This Magazine is Haunted 5 cgc 6.5 gorgeous cooy! I love yellow covers, and the colours on this one really pop. Shelly Mordor cover, and underrated in the run imho. Last 6.0 sold in June fir 810.00 so it’s picking up. Asking 800.00 for this copy. SOLD!
  3. Feel free to pm me with any offers on remaining books. Need to sell so I’m willing to listen to anything reasonable.
  4. Here’s a book that starting to hit the outer stratosphere price wise. Act quick before it’s to far out of reach. Last 5.0 sold for 2500.00 this month and a 5.5 sold back in April for 1850.00. This book is quickly becoming a pch classic. One of those books you remember passing on in that thread last year that just blew up in auction. 😉 Astonishing 30 4.0 (possibly a 4.5 with a press) asking 1500.00 obo
  5. I have a few books I may post later, and a couple I'm not allowed to post here, up for sale as well. Feel free to pm me with any inquiries, more pics, other books, etc.
  6. Going to add some classic GGA. I don't normally stray too far from War covers or pch, but I had to for this cover. I love this book. Such a great example of the genre, and in grade. Junior 15 cgc 6.5 looking for 4250.00