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  1. Selling a couple of books over the weekend. Classic good girl Feldstein cover on this Junior 15. As well as a nice looking copy of hot BA book. Will be accepting PayPal only on these. I’m located in Canada, and have been selling on here for years with no issues.. returns can be discussed. please feel free to pm me with any questions you may have. 25.00 Shipping will be added to the sale price, unless discussed before hand. Thanks for looking.
  2. Will be looking to sell my tec 359 9.0 shortly. If interested please feel free to message me for the details. It’s a very nice off white to white 9.0 cooy with bright purples and sharp corners.
  3. Hi guys, one book I thought I’d try today. I bought this on Clink last year. I’m just looking to break even, and I’m well aware of gpa on this book. shipping will be 25.00 from Canada. Boxed like a tank, as usual. Please feel free to pm with any questions. From my experience, fairly hard to come by in 6.0+. Great looking book. VOH 30 classic cover cgc 6.0 asking 825.00 I’ll be happy to provide the clink link by pm, if interested.
  4. All reasonable offers welcomed. Please no lowball offers. You don’t want me to break out the lowball gif, I promise u.
  5. This guy was laying around too. Just happens to be one of my favourite pch covers. This cover is what pch is all about. Mystery tales 5 old label 8.0 looks nice to me, I could see it in a 9.0 holder but it’s all subjective. 1675.00
  6. I do have this ole thing just sitting around. witches tales 25 7.0 4000.00
  7. Witches Tales 20 file copy 8.0ish (very small chip out fc keeping it at grade, o/w would grade higher) asking 1200.00 obo
  8. Hi, one book today. Same rules as usual apply here. No HOSers, no probies. Paypal only accepted, returns accepted 2 days after receipt of book. Safe and sound shipping from Canada. in Canada 20.00 outside Canada (North America) is 25.00, elsewhere we can discuss after purchase. Bought here on the boards a few years ago, kept it raw, never pressed. Any questions or offers, please feel free to pm me.