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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-High-Grade-Hulk-181-BUT-High-Grade-Mark-jewlers-Incredible-Hulk-180-Htf/293332878293?hash=item444c0083d5:g:EX8AAOSw9KBdzvcd no reserve & started at $1 first bid!
  2. Yeah it’s listed as a 9.2 that’s what I wasn’t sure of. Thanks for the input so far! Might have to pass on this book
  3. Hello experts =) The only real issue I see with this book is the overspray at the top of the back cover on this. Looking at both covers what’s your verdict on grade on this? And how much do you really get hit for overspray? I tried googling it but the answers seem to be all over the place =\ Also if you see other issues that I missed please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Hopefully you didn’t lose any money in this deal 😕
  5. I agree... with the black ink gone in the bottom left and the couple of spine ticks under the joker card along with that scratch under the price I see this 8.5-9.0 at best also. Press & clean won’t help this much. Don’t see indents and corners & spine are alread nice flat & sharp.
  6. I’m just tagging myself in this, dying to know what this crazy incredible .25 find ends up!? I’d probably pass out if I found something like this for less than a dollar!? Lol
  7. I too see it at a 4.0, you might want to “fast track” it tho when you do send it in so you’re not waiting for 5-6 months for it!
  8. Hello my fellow enthusiasts! Today I’m looking for a CGC or CBCS (But prefer CGC) Captain Marvel Adventures 23. Looking for a 5.5 or higher, blue label, no restoration, off white or better pages. Looking for the real deal golden ager book not a photocopied book. I tried searching on here to see if anyone was selling one, but came up with nothing. So I started my own want ad. Thanks for your time, feel free to hit me up on here or pm me! Have a great day everyone! J
  9. tight, colorful, bright, flat, square but it has 2 odd flaws: 1) a dark smudge in the UL corner that definitely smells like smoke, but there is no other smoke related damage anywhere else on the comic. you cant' even see the wear/smudge on the inside of the cover, same spot, so it's not a major disfiguration 2) the UR corner has been nibbled on a little! yup, a mouse or something nibbled a little off (see pix!) nibble gets less as you get more and more into the book apart from that, this is a super nice copy!!! very tight structurally interior is nice, off-white pgs. Thanks in advance for any and all help! Not sure how much of a hit the chewed corner & smoke in corner would do to a grade. Thanks!
  10. Hello all! =) I've recently discovered a Golden Age book that’s nothing super special like a 1st appearance or Key issue, but love the cover & story line! So I’m putting feelers out there for what people would be willing to part with. Superman #80 (1953) NO Restoration, Blue label CGC 5.5 or higher (prefer higher, looking at a 5.5 currently & not super excited over it). I’m a cover art collector so I usually go for the higher grades because they present better! (When I can afford that luxury lol) I desire a slabbed book because I’ve been burned now 4 times during my collecting years with undisclosed restoration &/or color touch. This way it takes that OUT of the equation! Thanks for your time and look forward to some great responses! please pm me with possible books so this posting doesn’t get over ran & confusing! Thanks again!
  11. Glad to hear you're still alive & kicking!! Miss our conversations on here about senseless comic stuff! Since we chatted last we had another lil one so my time is tied up with him a lot! but when I get done free time I'll give you a buzz! ???