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  1. Still looking for 220. Also looking for 288, 290, 291, 293,295,296 and 297 in NM to -NM
  2. I recently purchased a couple of copper Amazing Spider-Man books from csaag and I could not be happier. Smooth transaction and the books were shipped immediately. Excellent communication and he presented the books in detail prior to the purchase.
  3. Hello Looking to fill some holes in a run. Looking for these books centered in raw in -NM to NM range. Amazing Spider-Man 219 found 220 226 found looking to pay about 10% above OSPG. If you have a stellar copy then I have no problem paying a little more.
  4. Hello Just one book. Ghost Rider 8 (magazine entertainment) No HOS, probation issues, or malcontents. Shipping is free and will be made via USPS priority. No returns on third party graded books. Payment can be via PayPal , cashiers check or money order. One of heck of a cover, but some buffoon drew on GR's closed
  5. One additional thing, I am also willing to entertain a cash/trade deal. Looking for FF 3, 4, 11,12, 13 in an 8.0 ow-w and FF 33 and 62 in 9.2 ow-w.
  6. Hello Folks So I figured I would give this book one more shot before it goes back in the vault and I have reduced the asking price as well. I am only going to put this book up for the next 72 hours. Last recorded GPA sale for this book was $10,750 in May of 2019. -payment via cashiers check or money order -shipping will be free and sent via USPS priority, if you are outside of the United States then the shipping will be the actual cost to move this book overseas -no returns on third party graded books -no probationers, time burglars or malcontents -first time stampedwins Fantastic Four 48 CGC 9.4 off-white to white, original Universal case, serial # 0008935005 CLOSED
  7. Thank you kind Sir! Love this issue and it had been a grail that I had hunted since the early 2000's. I either missed the boat on a deal or figured I could find a more reasonably priced 9.2. Father Time and movie speculation (since 2007) shattered those hopes. Unfortunately life events demand some of the proceeds of the sale.