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  1. crimson dynamo

    Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)

    Your Gunsmoke 69 is incredible. Looks well above an 8.0.
  2. crimson dynamo

    Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)

    WOW! Awesome
  3. crimson dynamo

    Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)

    This one was a pain to track down even in the mid-grade range. Another King Kirby gem.
  4. Wow! I knew that would not last through the day. Great pick up.
  5. Hello Folks Looking for an Amazing Spider-Man 15 CGC 8.0 (1963) with Off White -White pages, centered with no date stamps or writing. As of this writing the 90 day average is $2013. I am offering $2,200 for off-white-white pages and $2350 for a white page copy.
  6. crimson dynamo

    30 cent variants

    The copy on the right
  7. Hello Folks Just one raw book Captain America Annual 8 (Off white-White) 9.2 $40 Shipping will be $6 and made via USPS Priority Insurance is extra if you would like. Paypal or money order accepted Returns accepted within 7 days, buyer pays return shipping No probationers, HOS or other counter productive misery