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  1. Closed FF 48 will be moved to another venue
  2. Such all around classic books. Definitely under rated and it is Marshall Rogers at his best.
  3. Thank you kind Sir! Love this issue and it had been a grail that I had hunted since the early 2000's. I either missed the boat on a deal or figured I could find a more reasonably priced 9.2. Father Time and movie speculation (since 2007) shattered those hopes. Unfortunately life events demand some of the proceeds of the sale.
  4. Thank you for the heads up but I dont want to pay the year 2025's GPA.
  5. Just recently purchased some copies of Man-Thing from Charlie and I couldn't be happier the books looked great and as described. He shipped them out fast.
  6. Recently purchased some New Gods from Herman and they looked great. Tight grading ,solid packing and a very fast shipping these beauties out. A boardie with integrity.