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  1. RCheli


    This Sunday!
  2. I'll take this too.
  3. I'll take Batman 199, Thor 157, and the Action 310.
  4. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    That sticker says to me, and I may have mentioned this earlier, that these were distributed to PXs and they were repriced (poorly) to match the other US cover prices of the time.
  5. RCheli

    Advice on an ASM purchase

    I would buy the #194. Higher grade, first appearance (vs. "last" appearance), more value potential. As others have said, though, buying both isn't a bad thing.
  6. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    @Get Marwood & I You seem much more informed than I so I'm not sure if I would have any great input. I can't imagine CGC wanting to put that much copy on a label for what likely is a book not even worth its grading fee. I can easily see how this happened in the printing and binding process, and I suspect that it's merely a perfect storm of errors. I would keep it as a blue because it doesn't negatively affect the comic or its grade.
  7. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    @Get Marwood & I You think it should be a green label?
  8. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    I think you need to stop questioning its legitimacy. It was an error in assembly, no different than multiple covers or comics inserted upside down.
  9. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    It has nothing to do with mixed plates. Covers, guts, and inserts were all printed separately and put together to make a comic. This was an error in assembly, simple as that. It came from a collection with many other MJ inserts, so I suspect that it should have been a normal price with an insert and the incorrect cover was used. I would also say this would be extremely difficult to fake; manipulating the staples and either adding in the insert or switching out a cover without detection from CGC. I also don't know why anyone would do it. It certainly wasn't for value, as I paid probably 5 cents for it and sold it for $3.
  10. RCheli

    Help me decide on a collection.

    Well, they sell in my $1 bins eventually... I think it all depends on how you're trying to sell the books. For me, who does very little mail order, I would put the comics from a collection like this in my $1, $3, and $5 bins and they'd sell. If you're selling here or eBay, it may not be worth your while.
  11. RCheli

    Help me decide on a collection.

    There are some semi-keys from that time, though. Firestorm #1 or Black Lightning #1. First Deadshot in Detective/Rogers and Englehart in that title, too. Joker #1 (though I think that's at 25-center). A VF Killing Joke #1 can get you $50. And Batmans from the late 70s sell pretty well. Not every collection needs to include a $100 book.
  12. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    I can't seem to find a picture of it, but if I recall, it was a sticker with a hand written 75 cents on it. Perhaps someone saw the wrong price and put a correct price sticker over it. It had the same MJ insert as yours.
  13. RCheli

    Canadian Mark Jewelers Copy

    As the seller of the book, I can say with pretty much certainty that it was not manipulated. I sold the other copy I had to @FlyingDonut so we can ask him about that one.
  14. I think that $35 is for all three days (and an hour earlier on Saturday and Sunday). I don't know if you can pay $20 at the door to get in on Friday night. It looks like you can load in on Saturday morning, too, though. So there could be some dealers who aren't even there on Friday night. Obviously, it's to get those people in early, getting first crack at the good stuff.
  15. RCheli

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    I always give Amazing Spiderman #14 as an example. That used to be a book, ten or so years ago, that was a nice but affordable key in mid grade. Still a few hundred bucks, but it was attainable. That's a $2000+ book in 6.0 now and that limits the vast majority of collectors. So they look for lower grades or Bronze and Copper keys now.