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  1. Edit: Never mind... others already showed the real sold price.
  2. I definitely have regulars at different shows and I try and bring books that I know they would like. I also know that some shows I need to bring my loincloth boxes (Conan, Kazar, Tarzan, etc), and others where I leave them home. And my regulars always get a discount off my already low, low prices. I know how much I have in on certain books, and if somebody has spent $1,000 with me last year on 50-cent and $3 books, I'm surely going to continue to give him a break, because my cost on those comics are really pennies.
  3. That included tax. 8% tax on $73 ($60 + $13) is around $6. That's pretty close to $80.
  4. I can tell you that when people pull out their phones to show me a similar book on eBay for $5 less than what I'm charging (and it's happened A LOT), I will then point to the shipping (and mention tax) to explain to them why my price is still a bargain. Why would you think it matters to a person that they're getting X-Fellas #1 9.8 from me for $50 when it would be shipped to them for the same amount?
  5. ...do you take into consideration what you're paying compared with other means? For example, if you're buying on eBay, you need to add in shipping and taxes. If you're buying at an auction house (Heritage, ComicLink), you have those plus a (not insignificant) buyer's premium. I often have to compete (as do others selling at shows) with a price that is not actually the real price. So a $60 graded comic on eBay may actually turn out to be closer to $80 after taxes and shipping are added in. And that same cost consideration is not included in the GPA price either. ("You're asking $120, and I only pay 90-day GPA when I buy, which is $100." "Yeah, well, good luck actually paying only $100 for that comic when you complete the sale." Customer walks away.) And while I don't really deal in big-ticket books, that price differential can get pretty considerable with the hefty priced keys. Thoughts?
  6. I went while it was in Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute. It was fun, but waaaaay movie heavy. They had a Marvel Comics #1 and a few more key comics and some art, but 80% of it was from the movies.
  7. The always popular Lehigh Valley Comic Con returns on February 8, 2020. And while this is usually a pretty solid buying show, they added a couple of decent guests this time around. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez -- the DC artist for 30+ years Bob Budiansky -- writer and sometimes artist of Ghost Rider, Transformers, and more Those aren't world beaters, but they're pretty good for ol' Schnecksville. Lehigh Valley Comic Con February 8, 2020 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Lehigh Carbon Community College 4525 Education Park Drive Schnecksville, PA http://lehighvalleycomicconvention.com/
  8. Still a few left and I do have duplicates of some that have already sold. PM me if you're interested in any!
  9. That's it for tonight. I may have a dupe of one or two, so if you're keen on one that's already sold don't hesitate to ask.