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  1. I remember when this Leyendecker came up on Heritage in 2013 and I had (unrealized) aspirations to go after at the time. It went for a measly 194.5k. If the "football kid" goes for 4 million today, what would something like this hammer for...
  2. I had mentioned in another post that I don't follow illustration art trends very closely, but that Elvgren and illustration art generally didn't seem to be enjoying the same vertical rise as other collectibles have over the years. I'd mentioned Leyendecker was an artist on my "wish list" in that same post. Perhaps Leyendecker transcends the flat trajectory within the illustration art category. Kind of makes me happy, as I like to see the best of the best recognized and valued.
  3. Beautifully executed, but not the subject/imagery I would have expected to be the one to break the bank.
  4. Hmmm, ok. When I see that this is #1251 out of 7500, does that mean that there is an expectation that the sellers expect to sell 7500 of these at hundreds of dollars a piece? I could sort of understand the digital one of one angle angle for NFT's, or even a VERY limited edition, but 7500??? The head space you have to take yourself to to make this even remotely appealing is beyond me. Oh, and you kids get off my lawn!!!
  5. Don't Look Back is a terrific album, but less terrific than the first in terms of batting average. Just about every track on the first record was in the really good to great range. There are a few duds on the second album, but the good ones are really really good. I was about 19 when it came out, and it felt like we had all waited FOREVER for the follow up to the debut album, and I didn't care that it was essentially just more of the same, because that's what I wanted as a fan. Too bad it was a dysfunctional band, and was musically and creatively spent by the third album and beyond. Comi
  6. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but this is an auction for an NFT for a physical statue, but I can't tell from the description if the physical statue (as well as the NFT) also goes to the highest bidder. Yes? No? God, I feel old right now.
  7. How cool!!!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! So much of the art I buy has a nostalgic component and this album, while not as classic as the Boston debut LP, is still in my nostalgia sweet spot. I would not be a buyer at these prices (the art is not great and has a high cheese factor), but I am happy it found a home. To the right music aficionado, this would be grail worthy. Haven't looked at illustration art in a long time, and in perusing this Heritage auction, it doesn't appear illustration prices have enjoyed the same surge in value/pricing as many other collectibles. I alway
  8. I assume you've checked out Albert Moy? There's a lot there...
  9. Really nice Scottish Terrier! I'm a Golden Retriever guy now, but I grew up with multiple Scotties and they are a cool breed. Looks like a great comic too!
  10. Sorry for the tangent, but does anyone know if all the Brunner Dr Strange covers and pages auctioned over the last 3 or 4 years happened to come from Brunner himself? Not sure if this type of information will be confirmed on a public forum like this, but the steady stream of Brunner art has me wondering if this is one of those rare examples of the artist keeping his art and cashing in years later and enjoying "retirement benefits", or if this was a collector who cornered the Brunner market back in the day when things were cheap?
  11. Thank you. I enjoyed doing it, but you are right--it was not an easy spread and it really kicked my a*s.
  12. Arghh! I used to own this page! Can't believe I let it go. Let me know if you ever get tired of it!
  13. Well, I'm a normal person who swears a bit, but this site doesn't allow that so that was my off the cuff analog word. Yours is better and more direct to be sure.