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  1. On second thought, maybe being on this Mt Rushmore thing isn't such a swell idea.
  2. Woo Hoo! I made the list! But if the monument ever gets carved on the side of a mountain, I hope they choose my good side.
  3. Serious question-is there really beautiful and cheap art/paintings on ebay like you describe? I never browse ebay anymore, but if there's some cheap and high quality eye candy to be had, well...
  4. I'm terrible with top 10 lists, but I feel pretty comfortable opining that Egyptian Queen is somewhere in the top 3 of all Frazetta oils. Where it falls specifically in that 3 is pretty much subject to your own taste/preferences. I would say however, that it's certain that if you ever wanted a best of the best Frazetta oil, this auction is for you.
  5. Whenever I think of my Mt. Rushmore candidates, I can only come up with Kirby and Miller as slam dunks. After that, things start to get a little more fuzzy for me.
  6. No, the Tribe was a primarily Filipino group of inkers, not connected with Adams. Adams inking group was called the Crusty Bunkers.
  7. That Wayne Boring reference is a good call! Tartaglione inks or not, not one of JB's finest hours.
  8. A "later" John Buscema book that doesn't get much run is his Tarzan work. The first two issues I remember as superb, and in the Joe Kubert vein of rough but gorgeous Buscema inks. Some of the later issues that Klaus Janson inked art pretty sweet too. These are probably in a lot of dollar discount bins, and worth checking out.
  9. That is a good description. And that is just stage 1. It will eventually also fade and/or turn a different color.
  10. Totally false. Sorry Mr Byrne, but Sharpies are not permanent or stable. I never inked actual pages with Sharpies, but I did use them very occasionally to to do a little bit of touch up work on my Xmen run almost 30 years ago. These pages were then kept in protected portfolio's in complete darkness, and I can tell you the Sharpie bits are either fading or bleeding or turning color. I'm pretty sure there were other types of markers back then that might have been more stable (I honestly have no idea), but Sharpies were the most common and easily accessible marker on the market, and were NOT stable.
  11. And my second one. Something about this image just gets the endorphins fired up.
  12. I only have two Mignola pieces, but I dig em. Here's the first one. Hand lettered by Mignola too.
  13. I also think Weeks art is being seriously reconsidered now. Always solid and with a real fan base, the work he's been doing at DC on the Bat titles has been so well received and has spurred something of a renaissance in his career. I think that, and the reasons discussed above will lead to higher prices.