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  1. But I just can't get past the Paul Reinman inks. Yuck.
  2. I never even think about it to be honest. It's just part of the job description. I'm always free to jump off the train if it seems like cost/reward equation feels out of whack. So far, I'm still sitting next to the engineer shoveling coal as fast as I can!
  3. Gotcha. No harm, no foul, and yeah, some of the answers can sound a bit obtuse if you aren't seeing the big picture. I guess I would just ask you this question-why do you suppose many sellers would prefer green cash to other forms of payment? To the point that they will actually take a lessor amount, for such a cash deal? Hint-depositing said cash in the bank would defeat the purpose of preferring cash in the first place. 3...2...1...go!
  4. I don't know about NJ or NYC, but I just read a Los Angeles Times article that mentioned it's a misconception in California that a business establishment is required by law to accept cash as payment for goods or services. It went on to say that more and more cashless transactions are on the rise and more popular than ever before, spurred on by people not wanting to touch potentially "contaminated" Covid19 cash. This is what inspired my question to this group in the first place.
  5. I can't tell if you are just messing with me or not.
  6. That's not my point at all. When art that is sold for 5 or 6 figures is transacted with cash, how does the recipient of said cash actually spend it when cash transactions (outside of buying more art) are becoming less and less an option?
  7. I never once said a word about taxes, so stop putting words in my mouth.
  8. Might be a subject too touchy/hot to handle, but with the pandemic accelerating the rise of touch-less cashless transactions in the economy, I started wondering if the cash component to art deals was dying? It's not a big secret that there are a lot of green cash deals that take place in the hobby, ones that in fact can even generate discounts against the asking prices (draw your own conclusion as to why, ). I think this is true especially on the high end side of the hobby which can generate fat stacks of bills. But as it gets harder and harder to actually find places that will take cash payments for purchases, will cash lose its, er, cache? I'm sure the BSD's and high rollers probably just have cash recirculate as they consummate deals with each other, but at some point when the music stops, where are they going to spend that cash when society more and more doesn't want that form of payment any longer?
  9. The offerings in this auction are off to pretty slow start. Consignors sitting on the sidelines until the world stabilizes? Too many auctions?
  10. Oooof, that's a rough one Mike. Such a beautiful cover, and a great wedding shot of Peter Parker and Betty Brant lost for all time!
  11. Put this up on Ebay today. 3 day auction. I've rarely done mail order commissions but between cancelled conventions and a world wide pandemic, this might be your opportunity. I will be sharing proceeds from the sale with two of my regular and favorite charities--The Humane Society and The Semper Fi Fund. Check it out...
  12. It was so nice for my color partner in crime Alex Sinclair to donate his time, skill and a unique one off color print of my Wolverine contribution. He made my work shine! Auction ends today at 6pm/pst by the way!