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  1. It's hard to defend the wonkiness of some of the drawing of this cover. So I won't try. That said, I still dig it. Not in a "I need to add this to my collection way". More like I have the big picture of the trajectory of BWS's career as a whole and this is in keeping with that trajectory and aesthetic, with a measure of nostalgia thrown in I'll admit. Flawed as it is, I get visceral pleasure from this piece, as I do from about 99% of the artist's work. No apologies. The heart loves what the heart loves, warts and all!
  2. $8400? I follow comics pretty close, and meaning no disrespect but I've never heard of John Hebert.
  3. I had really thought auction results this time around might be tame, coming so quickly on the heels of the very recent last Heritage and Clink. Guess I was wrong. Who are these collectors and where is all this money coming from???
  4. I could not believe where these ended... the 90s are in vouge! I sold both of these within the last 5 or 6 years for about 1/10th of these prices!
  5. Mazz BA is like Gibbons' Watchmen. Many consider the story Miller's best writing. And even if all the books were out there, there would still be roughly half the pages that Watchmen has. And much of the story is Murdock, not Daredevil, so finding a page with him in costume on it is.... not.... easy. It's my favorite Miller story bar none. If any art examples deserved recognition, it's this stuff. Wish I had a page just like a lot of other people.
  6. Of interest to me was seeing the results of the the two Wildcats pages I worked on. I've been seeing the interest/pricing rise on these recently, but still blown away by the prices here. Looks like early 90's nostalgia art is in full effect, even on non Marvel/DC characters...
  7. I disagree with this. I would have a listing for Byrne MTU pages inked by Austin in the $10K+ level. pages inked by others should be listed in the $5-$10K level Paying extra because of the inker? Madness!
  8. Yet another cover that got away. I owned this cover and traded it in 2001 with a value attached of about $3000. I don't even own the art that I traded it for anymore. Comes with the territory if you've collected very long.
  9. Not Marvel. Nah. Just not one of the covers that I think of from that run, and I think about that run a lot. Well drawn, but just not a compelling cover IMO. Congrats to whoever bought it though, because there aren't that many out there!
  10. Agree with you Hari. Solid A example-- a page I owned until a few years ago but not the current consignor-- that I wouldn't be surprised seeing $50K+ with BP. Gorgeous page deserving of attention. Since 2015 (when several pages hit HA and PIH auctions), Heritage has offered just 6 panel pages from the Wrightson run with 3 of them not showing ST at all. I agree that this Heritage page is a rock solid A page. I would happily make it a part of my collection and I lusted after it in another collectors possession for many years. I don't think I would call it an A+ page, but I would ha
  11. Sad to hear. Never met Steve, but had great respect for his work. He was 61, same age as me. Value your time like it's in short supply people. Because it is.
  12. If you are asking me, CAF is great for a lot of reasons, but not as a historically usable and transferable library of images. All the art loaded onto CAF are jpegs and not sufficient as archives. You couldn't print out truly high quality images from those types of files for example. As for best scans? Again, you get what you pay for and high end (expensive) scanners will give you the highest fidelity. I happen to have the same scanner that Scott Dunbier and IDW use for their Artist Editions (the Epson 10000, which I use for work as well as my art collection). Less expensive scanners can d
  13. I'm not an expert, but a 1200dpi scan is completely unnecessary (unless you are making huge posters or wall murals). 600dpi RGB TIFFS are more than enough to have a high quality scan (assuming the scanner itself isn't total garbage) and even a 300dpi TIFF will work (especially if it's a good quality scanner). I'm just sharing this information for any of you archiving your own art, and I certainly hope you are! By the way, I'm all in favor of preserving complete stories! I get the economic realities of breaking them up (whatever few still exist), but I think we'd all love it if the David M
  14. Just curious. What do you think of this list, it's general accuracy or lack thereof and it's usefulness to collectors, at least in the short term? You don't have to answer...just wondering, and you might have your own intuitive price guide based on your own bias and experience and thus irrelevant (to you), but I'd be interested in feedback if you were so inclined.
  15. Wow, I'm humbled to be mentioned at the start of this great thread in this way. Thank you. But I have to correct you when you applaud me for being 'willing to sit in and add to our conversation about the greatest hobby in the world'. Sounds like some great sacrifice that I comment about original art when in fact this IS my chosen hobby and has been for over 40 years. I am one of you!!! Anyone who reads my posts knows this! So thanks again for the shout out, and thanks for having me and listening to my dorky opinions.