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  1. So what's the thinking on this? As close to a top grade, one and done fantastic Frank Miller Dark Knight piece as you will ever see, but not really "published" in the way that one might think of it as DK canon. How do these two conflicting ideas impact bidding and/or valuation?
  2. Now if only they were both inked by a REAL inker. You know, a professional!
  3. Interestingly, while I have a fair amount of our Hush and Xmen art up on my CAF gallery (the stuff we are most known for) the window shoppers and tire kickers ask me about the availability of that Subby splash more than any other of our collaborations. I don't think it's because Subby is more popular than Batman and Xmen, so I think its because there is something about it...
  4. Yup, I blew that one! I clearly can't read! Read my previous response. Still happy that you got a piece that you love, asked for or not!
  5. Well, I make mistakes all the time and I just read (in this very thread) that the Submariner commissioner did NOT specify a recreation so at least part of my blather was supposition not supported by facts. My apologies. I knew that the Wolverine on the cross WAS specified, and I made assumptions, and we know where that leads.
  6. Virtually ALL of the commissions that were asked and paid for were REQUESTING these specific recreations. I know I don't ever do a commission without having a very specific request from the person paying for the commission. On very rare occasion, I'll get a dealer's choice request or specification. The Submariner homage and the Wolverine on the cross homage pieces were ASKED for specifically.
  7. Some of the commission snark on this thread is pretty gross. You guys are true buzz kills. To the consigners, congrats and I know it was about the art and the experience, and not just the writing of a check. This is a great, fun hobby. How about we all try and remember that.
  8. I know this isn't the point of your story, but I've often wondered why I had never seen a single page (or the cover) for GL/GA 86 offered anywhere or anytime. Same thing goes for the Batman 255 interiors (the cover is out there and I was offered it years ago). You're saying he now no longer has those stories post '81 trade?
  9. You are such a pants challenged dork.
  10. Wait, what???? Stole??? Rectification??? Stink??? This is
  11. It's been intimated on this board and I have heard directly that the buyer is not happy I posted this information. When I learned about the sale, it was NOT presented as confidential, and the fact that the art was clearly displayed (not pulled out of private sale portfolio for example) and purchased in the open on the floor of a dealers room led me to seeing the whole thing as just an interesting convention story. I never said or implied the buyer did anything wrong and I was more focused on how in this day and age the seller did not take a minute to do due diligence (and I even said while the responsibility lies with the seller, I still felt bad for him). That said, I apologize to the buyer for outing something which I have come to find out was not something they wanted outed. Never my intention to turn an amazing convention purchase into something less than amazing. This hobby should be fun, and I never wanted to take the fun away from anyone.
  12. If you're implying the buyer did anything wrong by talking about this purchase, I can't agree. I think we DO agree we would have made the same purchase given the circumstances. But the fact that it is one of those once in a lifetime scores that was not kept secret and it's now being talked about on a message board, where's the harm? I know that some collectors like to keep certain aspects of their holdings and prices kept private, but I heard about this from multiple sources, and I don't even know the buyer (or even who the buyer is!). The only person that made a mistake, and who I DO feel bad for is the seller. To buy a booth at a major convention and be that uninformed about what they themselves are selling is sad, but he has to own his mistake and it's certainly not beholden on the buyer to tell him what he has.