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  1. I'm as big an Adams fan as there is, but Adams on Phantom Stranger (for one issue and some covers) was but a blip and did not move the needle IMO. Adams GL and Batman? Massive
  2. I'm very honored. So glad I could help make your first deep dive a positive experience. Thank you!
  3. FF 55. Nice page. I had a killer page from this issue years ago and I stupidly traded it.
  4. Yeah, I believe so. I feel like I saw this image a LOT back then. At least I would always take notice when it would pop up. I must have a soft spot for symmetrical wide stance cover shots like this. The first War of Worlds Killraven issue (AA #18) also by Romita, and the big daddy Strange Tales #178 Warlock cover by Starlin are all favorites.
  5. Bought this off the 7/11 stands and 13 year old Scott thought that was the coolest costume ever! I copied this cover once or twice, and this piece hits me squarely in the nostalgia nuts.
  6. I've never understood how people get fixated on Robs feet, or lack of feet. It was just a stylistic trope that so many artists have used both in the past and to this day. I totally get not liking an artist and/or his style, but the feet thing is a lazy critique.
  7. Beautiful collection you've built up there, and in a relatively short amount of time. I wish you continued success in adding to an already impressive lineup of pieces!
  8. I wrote the forward for the Jim Lee Xmen Artist Edition that is coming soon, and one of my comments referring to Jim's art was "Don't underestimate the power of cool".
  9. Actually inked 3 or 4 PITT covers. And inked chunks of interiors too.
  10. Why? Man, if collectors saw the way that artists care for and toss around their art, they would lose their sh**.
  11. I did at least 2 or 3 of the Ghost Rider covers. As for the switch? It was my choice. I don't remember for sure, but I think I'd been inking Jim for almost 2 years and I thought I'd switch it up on my buddy Whilce Portacio and his Uncanny Xmen run. I was a fan of both these artists and sometimes I wanted some variety. People think of me as only Jim's inker these days, but I inked LOTS of artists back then. And at one point right after Xmen, I was inking Jim on Wildcats, Whilce on Wetorks, and Marc Silvestri on Cyberforce, all at the same time. Not to mention special events, covers, random interiors and Swimsuit specials. I worked 15 hour days 7 days a week back then. Madness!
  12. Appreciate the sentiment. Truly. But this is such a standout cover, much better than a bunch of the ones I inked in the series. I'd take this one over all of those, and I bet most of the serious Lee/Williams Xmen collectors/buyers would too.