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  1. That's very cool. What year was that? (I was specifically talking about the mainstream media in the UK with the Duncan McAlpine article. 👍)
  2. In Britain in 1989 the Batman movie brought comics to the mainstream. There was a Daily Mirror (tabloid newspaper) article about Duncan McAlpine buying AC1 for £10000, that was probably the first time collectible comics has been mentioned in the mainstream I imagine. I kept the article for years, probably to remind myself why I was keeping all these rags 🤣
  3. Officially I only collect up to the end of volume one, so up to 1996. Which for Spidey was 441, DD 380, FF 416. Same for the others that stopped then. Having said that, I have loads of the later volumes too. Having culled 40% of my collection recently and felt OK about doing so it is a consideration to cut these out too, but not just yet.
  4. That's cool, did you do it? Would like to see others done like this.
  5. What do you mean 'do better'? XM 1 might have more scope to grow, or did till recently. Do you mean compared against each other or against themselves in days gone by?
  6. Maybe. If you're 18 now the last decent movie was DOFP when you were 11. If, in five years there is a great MCU mutant film you might be inspired to get into the hobby.
  7. Stay clear at these prices or go for a lower grade. I actually have no affinity for this comic at all. Didn't like it when it was released and haven't done since. I begrudgingly paid about $25 ten years ago for a mid grade to add it to the run. In some ways this comic started the era that took me out of comics altogether for 12 years. Never liked Mcfarlane art or what he represented in the industry.
  8. Considering this is only 6 months away, have we seen any set shots or anything at all from it? Must be due something soon..
  9. Prices cannot continue at this rate. Investors will get bored and look elsewhere, maybe go back to traditional investments once we return to some kind of normality. Right now it feels like tulip mania.
  10. This is exhausting. Series is over already. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.
  11. As a completist I collect the annuals but never cared for them. Always felt a chore having to buy and read them generally. The one I remember enjoying is 21,the wedding issue. Annual 2 always puzzled me. Dr Strange story and, typically, he's not on the cover. Just stock images of Spidey on a plain background. Feels like they didn't issue it with the cover they wanted for some reason.
  12. Solid start. Great opening sequence, even my wife was thrilled by it. Which comics will this series cause to artificially increase in value for no good reason? Apart from SS3 of course..
  13. So prices are not that far behind really. Difficult with so few sales so draw wider conclusions I suppose. I think the WWBN sale was an outlier though rather than an indication of where the market is heading generally. I love my 9d's
  14. Purple will be much harder to sell on if and when you need our want to. If the price is right go blue.