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  1. Steve, this has been a phenomenon effort. You succeeded where Kev and I couldn't. Do you have the'final' spreadsheet to share? Neil
  2. The True Believer reprints of AF15 and ASM1 arrived today after I ordered them last week. Guess I'll be reading those. Ironic they came today.
  3. My dad's first hero comic was AF15 back in 1962 when he was 17. He's 73 now and Stan Lee has been a part of our life since then. I remember learning to read as a 4 year old with Marvel comics and my dad telling me who he was. Stan the Man!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
  4. Sad news. He gave us so much so I'm grateful for that.
  5. Good luck with the search. I assume you've checked out Duncan Mcalpines site already as it iss full of info on UK comics http://www.comicpriceguide.co.uk
  6. That they were printed first is still just a theory I think. Too many collectors stateside see them as inferior in some way. Which is fine by me, cheaper to buy for me. My dad bought a 9d Amazing Fantasy 15 from a newsagents back in 1962 and set us out on this crazy journey that still continues for me today.
  7. If you mean collecting those titles, rather than true UK copies I wouldn't say cheaper I would much harder. Not sure they exist in great numbers.
  8. Yeah this already exists, my son got it for me a couple of Christmases so https://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dungeoncrawl.com.au%2Fassets%2Falt_1%2F29278.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dungeoncrawl.com.au%2Fmonopoly-marvel-retro-edition&docid=ebnD8DCe5N9vCM&tbnid=2PV-Eyo_ezn24M%3A&vet=1&w=900&h=899&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim
  9. My dad started collecting in 1962 and bought AF15 etc off the shelf. By the late 70's I was reading them with him. Parents split in 1980 and he sold some including that one and some weree borrowed and never returned. Still by 1986 we had a lovely collection and he passed them on to me 6000 plus. In my university days I was of course broke and decided to sell them all. By 1995 the interest in comics had died down somewhat so there weren't many buyersof big collections that I was aware of. Silver Acre got them in the end for a bargain price. I am at peace with it now but from the moment he loaded them up and closed the van door I had regretted it. This was an OO collection started by my dad 30 years previous and I took the money to pay off my overdraft ☹️
  10. Absolutely loving this thread guys. What's the app you're using?
  11. I was pretty tired when I got in last night. A solid 8/10. He makes a great Peter Parker, but then I thought TM did too to be started dancing. Is probably the best Spidey movie yet, but I haven't watched SM2 for a long while. Aunt Mary is a bit strange, she's too hot for the role, otherwise I enjoyed everything they did with the cast.
  12. Just back from watching it. Won't say anything except I really enjoyed it. Stay till the end for the last scene
  13. Avengers was a pretty easy run to collect. Only need #1. Other than that the only high value issue in the run is #4. Spidey, FF and JIM are too costly if I were to start today.