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  1. I missed picking up FF52 for my run before they announced it and off it went. It's still the latest issue I don't own, the unbroken run to the end of the first series starts there. Speculators, flippers, whatever have no consideration for run collectors in this respect. SS3 is going to be same as well it appears.
  2. Have to say I'm not happy with Agatha being the big bad. Why would they deviate from the comics with this when everything else is fairly consistent? I think and hope that next week we'll see that Agatha is trying to bring the Scarlet Witch out of Wanda to protect the kids somehow , maybe from someone we don't see. Or maybe Dr Strange will come save Wanda and next time we see Agatha she'll come good? The weekly format has been fantastic. I've spent more time thinking, reading and watching videos about this series more than anything else Marvel have done. Wonder if Falcon
  3. Aren't break ups part of growing and lessons to learn for future healthy relationships? You can't avoid heartbreak forever surely.
  4. Catching up with this thread took longer than watching the episode. Loving this show. Why do Agnes and Herb know they're in a show and Norm doesn't? Ag and nes come from the start and end of Agatha Harkness. Can the same be done for Herb with an existing character from the comics? My money is on Mephisto making a deal with Wanda. I'll bring back Vision for you (not fully successfully) and you provide me with the soul of your Two children. It's all I've got and I'm not convinced myself by it. 🙄 Other Quicksilver appearing threw me though.
  5. Way too o much choice. When I started collecting again back in 08, my remit was any Marvel from 61 to 96, and any beyond. And some DC. And Marvel UK, and some Eclipse and anything else I picked up along the way. Now I have a better focus on the 9 or so major titles with a few extras. It feels good to have a narrower focus, there are maybe only about 200 books I want to add to my collection now.
  6. I've just sold about 40% of my collection with the aim of buying one or two key books. I'm a run collector not interested in investment but whatever I buy I hope will increase in value if I want to sell on in the future. I need Avengers 1 to complete volume 1 but I'm also thinking that there is little room now for that appreciate in value. Likewise I'm looking at Daredevil 1 as a possibility but not sure where that will go. GSXM 1 is looking a good bet maybe, but I have never followed the market really. I just know I will get pleasure from owning a big key more than the
  7. A recent check of my inventory showed I was missing Avengers 389, Cap 114 and Thor 128. Really infuriating as they are listed in my software app. Av 389 isn't a problem to replace but I knew had the other 2 somewhere. Anyway, I found Cap 113 - I've got it slabbed at 7.5. Was very nice as I have no recollection at all of buying it. Still no Thor though. On the upside, I found I had a Dr Strange 169 which I didn't know about.
  8. I have just listed 40% of my collection on ebay. My wife's aunty died of Covid last month. It took them days to clear her place and most of it went in the bin. It did make me think what would happen when I go. Who would be interested in Red Sonja 7 in VG? I'm going to keep the major titles and runs and focus on them. I haven't lost interest but I do need to focus. Those 16 boxes of dreck were just going to sit in the attic anyway. They're just things, things with little relative value. I sold mine and my dad's original owner collection back in 95 for a pittance and regret it s
  9. Steve, this has been a phenomenon effort. You succeeded where Kev and I couldn't. Do you have the'final' spreadsheet to share? Neil
  10. The True Believer reprints of AF15 and ASM1 arrived today after I ordered them last week. Guess I'll be reading those. Ironic they came today.
  11. My dad's first hero comic was AF15 back in 1962 when he was 17. He's 73 now and Stan Lee has been a part of our life since then. I remember learning to read as a 4 year old with Marvel comics and my dad telling me who he was. Stan the Man!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
  12. Sad news. He gave us so much so I'm grateful for that.
  13. Good luck with the search. I assume you've checked out Duncan Mcalpines site already as it iss full of info on UK comics http://www.comicpriceguide.co.uk
  14. That they were printed first is still just a theory I think. Too many collectors stateside see them as inferior in some way. Which is fine by me, cheaper to buy for me. My dad bought a 9d Amazing Fantasy 15 from a newsagents back in 1962 and set us out on this crazy journey that still continues for me today.
  15. If you mean collecting those titles, rather than true UK copies I wouldn't say cheaper I would much harder. Not sure they exist in great numbers.