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  1. Thanks for the clarifications. This is a really nice, sharp looking copy! I don't see anything obvious that should keep this book from grading......
  2. I can't determine if the bottom corner on the back of the cover LHS is a crease or reflection? Can the OP please confirm what we are seeing? Also the front cover I believe what appears as colour breaking creases are truly reflections. These are not readers creases but are part of the production of this style printing format.
  3. This book has a number of scuffs/abrasions and smaller issues that will keep it from grading higher I think!
  4. Appears to be binder tears at both the top and bottom of the spine, the top less severe. Great looking copy overall! By the way, these are some very good scans and pictures for the purpose of this thread!
  5. Nice looking copy! Joey will make it even nicer!!
  6. Is the cover still attached at both staples? Otherwise if the book is complete....
  7. I might be mistaken, but I have this book and the back cover on this book is showing multiple spine tics. That black line along the edge should be solid without any breaks. I'm posting one of my copies below for comparison. Maybe rracer can confirm otherwise?
  8. .....wow that staining just kills this book.
  9. There appears to be a small impact dent on the back lower RH corner that looks as though it would press out.
  10. Nice looking copy despite the obvious. But the tape is sealing a larger tear.