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  1. With a press you might get somewhere in that grade spread with a Green label. I don't think you'll get any where with a press on a blue label. But that is only my opinion.
  2. 5.0 IMHO! less 4.5 for the missing pages
  3. 8.5 IMHO! I think the length of the spine creases/tics would keep this from grading higher!
  4. 6.0 IMHO! The book presents well but there are creases visible on the cover below the "D" in Spider-Man and above the "O" in Super-Hero, in addition to the corner abrasion on the lower spine side and the CB corner crease on the LRFC. There also appears to be some minor staining and possible dirt on the cover
  5. There appears to be impact damage along the right hand side just right of Spiderman's head. This would keep the book from grading above 9.4 IMHO! Can the OP confirm?
  6. Thanks for the clarifications. This is a really nice, sharp looking copy! I don't see anything obvious that should keep this book from grading......