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  1. Report replThan Thanks punksdropdirtysrh . The Walking Dead compendiums arrived safely and THEY ARE HUGE !!
  2. Going 11 gives me free reign to BUMP any artist I don't like for the final talley
  3. I've seen Heck twice now. Frankly, I'm stunned.
  4. I Came up with this list for me: 1. Herge 2. Carl Barks 3. Jack Cole 4. Sergio Aragones 5. Barry Windsor Smith 6. Jack Kirby 7. Alex Schomburg 8. Antonio Prohias 9. Don Martin 10. Wally Wood
  5. I think Penny's value has increased. Prob a nickle now or maybe a dime or quarter ? A buck is already taken I hear.
  6. What about Greggy in leggings or shorts ?? Tied ?
  7. That would have been a tough one. I may wave the flag and wrote in with Comicdonna's dog
  8. Another superb raffle !! Thanks Holly Jolly and Holiday Ham for doing the lions share !! This event is getting better every year !!
  9. hey its here !! yea, use the list
  10. ahhh… close !! Lunch is over. I gotta go. My list will have to pick for me ! Later all !!
  11. mmmm….. chocolate macadamia nuts