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  1. Not even if he ate some magic chilli? A little bit more magic dust, and a little bit more magic dust, and a little bit more magic dust, and a little bit more magic dust !!
  2. the gag which was current events at the time it was drawn, is now waiting some new kind of inspiration.....except for that last panel
  3. Hey boardies. An ask and receive thread. I was looking for a couple of covers recently and could only find small file images on the net, which look really crappy when you blow them up. Maybe there is a site I haven't come across yet, but if not I thought maybe we could have a thread here where requests could be made and fellow collectors could offer perfect, crisp, scans from books in their own collections. They do not have to be in perfect condition. As a matter of fact, older books have a lot of interesting "wear" marks that distinguish them and their age. I'll start with a requ
  4. That’s a good point. Bullets can travel faster than the speed of sound, so if Supes is faster than a speeding bullet he should be destroying urban property and disturbing the peace with one shock wave after another. Kav can confirm for me. Wait? You mean, Supermans not real !!?
  5. Never have but who knows if I own any books that are pressed
  6. It’s already been established via existential analysis in this thread that he’s a cosmic level entity. Perhaps, like many characters of a similar nature, the answer is universal balance; a fulcrum somewhere between The Celestials, their arch-enemy Galactus, and Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris ??!!! That's some rare company !!
  7. I like that Unknown Worlds book. The BLB looks cool too and is that a Beatnik Bandit I see ? Nice finds brother
  8. Nah. Burn it instead. You can be sure it's value is NEVER going to increase
  9. I read that one time these 353 Japanese fighter planes swooped into an American property in Honolulu Hawaii and blew up a bunch of our equipment and shot a bunch of people, but that the President called for the complete evacuation of Hawaii back to the mainland. Good thing we didn't have any ideas of standing up to them, cuz they were really mean people. Years later the Japanese allowed some of our more famous surfers to come back over and use their waves so I guess there was a happy ending.
  10. A couple more teaser pics of what is to come in Spike Mulligan # 7 and #8. Dang this is fun !!