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  1. How about this, Alex Schomburg, that amazing Marvel Mystery Cover artist, along with lots of other Timely books from the 40's did some ORIGINAL painting work in the mid 1970's. So the question is..... where are these ? Somebody has them. They have not been destroyed cuz there have been no world wars in America ever !!
  2. LOL !! I don't know if it really is ADAM..... I was just razzin ya !!
  3. uh.... that's Prohias ADAMANTIUM
  4. Y'know..... I bet somebody here owns this book today
  5. And the affect they would have on all the glaciers
  6. May as well keep going on the "history" theme here instead of starting a NEW thread. Here is a pic of Stan in the mid '70's. What is interesting to me is how he looked when those books on the wall were published. I remember all those books. Seems like yesterday. He seems so young and those books seem pretty old.... or maybe not. Still, it's weird to think of "that old man Stan" that we picture when we see him these last few years, being much younger like this and seeing the books that he was responsible for publishing at the time.
  7. A possible cover color scheme for issue #4. Ultimately, I didn't like so much white and went with the Black version
  8. ohhhhh..... Nope, I didn't notice. It did seem really out of place in that lineup
  9. And you just happen to pick up a Detective #38 ?
  10. Since I haven't bought a modern in...... years and years, but I'm enjoying your book reviews and beer. I think I'm learning a little too. I crack a beer of my own to watch them . Cheers !!
  11. Here's one for you Paul same issue
  12. This ad is from the pages of this copy of TBG #157
  13. Hey Gary, do you remember this ? I really enjoy the historical perspective that these old ads give us. The whole comic book industry is an amazing history that is not really that old. From cheap newsprint stories and art that sold for a dime, through the war years, the EC years, the Wertham book and the Senate hearings, through the Marvel rebirth, Stan's Soapbox, the undergrounds, the rise of collectors, the proliferation of Conventions, the inroads of Hollywood, the multi million $$ movies and the rock star status of certain artists. What a ride !!
  14. It's like fishing. An older guy slowly builds a relationship with a younger female, testing the waters, dropping hints, watching the reactions, until he can get her into a position of accepted sexual encounter. It's manipulation