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    I used "effin" in a service I preached not too long ago!

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    They had me back a second time.

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About Me

I was introduced to comics when my dad, in 1967, brought Jules Feiffer's "The Great Comic Book Heroes" home from the library for me.  All the stories were good but I was mesmerized by Jack Coles Plastic Man and have been a fan ever since.

1977 - 1980  - I played bass in a garage band.  We were no good, but we were awesome too !! 

In 1980 I had a life altering encounter with a Holy Spirit who told me to believe in God.  My heart and mind were changed instantly and my thoughts became set on a new course.  At that very moment,  Jesus saved me.  I was REBORN or Born Again as the saying goes.  Everything became new to me, and I began to see Gods influence everywhere and in everything.   Also, I suddenly had a insatiable appetite for the Bible, whereas before I could care less.  The words were rich in meaning and direction for my  life, and I saw a path that lead up.  Towards living,  towards health,  towards prosperity .  And it was good.  It IS good.    

I still like comics, cuz I love creativity, but Christ is more important.  

"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU "

It's all about Jesus..... everything. He has ALL the answers.  Go ahead, ask Him.   Just sayin.

Yea.... if you meet me in person, I'm weird, but it's only because the world that everyone digests on a daily basis  is so wacked.  I'm nourished by the word of God and am perfectly normal actually :grin: