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  1. You guys call yourselves comic book collectors ? Where are your...………...
  2. In 1977, my two buddies (Jack and Steve) and I went to the SDCC. We were 18 years old and stayed 4 nights at the El Cortez. This is a shot in our room after Steve and I scored one really nice book each. After that we were broke
  3. How was the grading by todays standards. Things were looser back then. I bet that Batman #15 he lists in "perfect mint" looked pretty good.
  4. Yea Nick. I was a delivery driver for him for a year or so. Delivering comics to stores and markets that used his comic services. He had a lot of them too. There were 3 of us and we drove 5 days a week, 8+ hours a day delivering comics. This was mid 80's. His back issues were kind of high in the price dept, but he was always thinking a year or two ahead. The Overstreet prices always caught up to him.
  5. Fantastic Four #51 - #104 --- 10 cents apiece
  6. You are correct my friend. Very good !! Dalgoda in the '80s
  7. Here's an interesting one. A fanzine attempting to list the names and address' of all the fans and what they collect !!
  8. The Buyers Guide was invaluable in connecting comic collectors with each other in the days before computers and cell phones. I don't think cosplay was even around in 1971
  9. Another "zine" ad. Amazing how many of these there were back in those days. Everybody and their brother wanted to be involved in the comics industry in some way. Its a very self promoting business. One of the things that hooked me as a kid, was seeing ads of the covers of other comics in my book. So exciting !! DC and Harvey were tops at those kind of ads. I wonder how many of these fanzines made it to ten issues ? Not many I think.
  10. Ten bucks for an original drawing by Dan Adkins. Seems kind of sad by todays standards. Comic artists scratching out a living like they always have. I wonder if his book was ever published ? Mr. Adkins has been gone for six years already Dan Adkins wiki page
  11. I'm going to start with this one from our northern neighbors in Canada called Canazine !! Not sure who "Peace sign Man" is. Perhaps he is Canadian too !! Some nice names in the art credits - Sent in an envelope. That's a plus
  12. Formerly known as THIS THREAD IS CLASSIFIED. I'm going to post a spattering of ads from the pages of The Buyers Guide for Comic Fandom #2 here. Some are good. Some are funny. Some are dumb. All are interesting and point to earlier days in this hobby.
  13. I used to work for that guy. He really did have a lot of books in his inventory. Don't know if he is still alive or not. Been a long time
  14. Oh, I see now. He is snapping his fingers
  15. Haha...… Bugs, an imaginary animal character who is supposed to have only 4 digits but has 5 and Dr. Strange, a human character who is supposed to have 5 digits, has only 4
  16. Sorry so late with a reply bronze_rules, I was …..uh, detained. Anyways, you are correct, it IS inked already. As for what I do with them, well, after all pages are ready, I take them to the printer and get a few hundred copies made, then I distribute them at various Portland Oregon Breweries for the patrons to read. Most of those places have a shelf of FREE stuff and I just set a stack of em on the shelf and go have a beer. It's cool to see peoples reaction. There have been six issues so far. We are now working on issues ( #7 - #12) with a couple changes. First being that Jack (the cover artist) will be doing ALL the interior pages as well. And second, I will be dropping a few copies at Portland area comic book stores ( if any would like them) to see what kind of reaction we might get from "real comic book readers". Having a real comic publisher print and distribute them nationwide (for $$$ of course) would be a great blessing, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (if we come to it ) Also, these books are MAD magazine size and in BLACK AND WHITE. The story takes place in the city of Portland and many of the scenes are real places. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the comedian SPIKE MILLIGAN though. A single letter is the difference !! When the next issue goes to print, I'll give notice here in case anyone is going to be in Portland
  17. I always thought this one was funny. Bugs, flippin the bird
  18. Good thread Kav. Bout time one of these got started up so all the oldies can share their knowledge and learn something new from the newbie youth. Would have posted sooner, but..... I've...... been …… away