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  1. I also was impressed with Joe's skills and got this in 2016. It is also over Ron Frenz!
  2. I did not post what I paid as both pieces came strait from the artist. Prices would be higher if they sold by a rep. John B.
  3. Published Spider-Men Generations Chris Sprouse
  4. Published Daniel Govar Monsters and Dames 2018
  5. I live in TN but my office is in NC. I travel over a few times a year for work. I would be up for a meetup during Heroes 2020. I collect mainly pages from 1980's and before. John B.
  6. Here are the inks from Buscema for my Spidey\Green Goblin. I had this completed over blue lines as I didn't want to lose the pencils. I poseted the first half several months ago. Hope you enjoy. John B
  7. Sorry, Galactus = Paul pelletier Spider-men generations - Chris Sprouse pencils and Karl Story inks Fantasy painting- Daniel Govar This was published in the ECCC book Monsters and Dames John B.
  8. I picked up these at Heroes Con last weekend. I hope you enjoy them. John B. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story Paul Pelletier Daniel Govar This was published in the ECCC book monsters and Dames
  9. I commissioned this at the end of 2015 from Ron Frenz and Joe Siniott. I'll let the artwork speak for itself,
  10. I normally wait till I receive the artwork to post but as it was shared on Facebook I decided to post. A blue-line copy will be inked by Sal Buscema. Spider-man VS Green Goblin by Ron Frenz:
  11. Just received this cover from Pasqual Ferry. It is being used as a Variant cover on Captain America #9:
  12. Got another e-mail today stating they do not have to collect sales tax for TN.