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  1. Just received this cover from Pasqual Ferry. It is being used as a Variant cover on Captain America #9:
  2. Got another e-mail today stating they do not have to collect sales tax for TN.
  3. You can even get part of the buyers premium if they really want your consignment. John B
  4. I the sig. room they keep a running list of many artists.
  5. Heroes is mainly artist alley. Not many of the big art dealers setup. I like Heroes the best as is a Comics only show. John B.
  6. So after another auction where Howard the Duck pages did well IMHO do most still feel like this has anything to do with Burkey? GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #4 PAGE 1 $20,250 GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #4 PAGE 6 $6,100 John B.
  7. I think that prices are only lower as I have not been involved in the last few auctions. I seem to be biding when every lot is setting new records.
  8. I love this artwork but was too large to store so I framed it.
  9. Sold!!! I also sold 2 other pages from my CAF Thanks for looking
  10. I am offering this page for a few days as I need to raise a bit of cash. Shipping is included in the US. Gene Colan SOLD If this doesn't interest you have a look @ my CAF. I may be willing to sell a few items.
  11. I was the winner. FYI I put in my max bid early in the auction and never checked back till I got my winning bidder notice. I am happy to add this page to my collection. I then checked my other bids and all have been surpassed. John B.
  12. 3 Great covers!!! I would love to have any of them.