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  1. I live in TN but my office is in NC. I travel over a few times a year for work. I would be up for a meetup during Heroes 2020. I collect mainly pages from 1980's and before. John B.
  2. Here are the inks from Buscema for my Spidey\Green Goblin. I had this completed over blue lines as I didn't want to lose the pencils. I poseted the first half several months ago. Hope you enjoy. John B
  3. Sorry, Galactus = Paul pelletier Spider-men generations - Chris Sprouse pencils and Karl Story inks Fantasy painting- Daniel Govar This was published in the ECCC book Monsters and Dames John B.
  4. I picked up these at Heroes Con last weekend. I hope you enjoy them. John B. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story Paul Pelletier Daniel Govar This was published in the ECCC book monsters and Dames
  5. I commissioned this at the end of 2015 from Ron Frenz and Joe Siniott. I'll let the artwork speak for itself,
  6. I normally wait till I receive the artwork to post but as it was shared on Facebook I decided to post. A blue-line copy will be inked by Sal Buscema. Spider-man VS Green Goblin by Ron Frenz:
  7. Just received this cover from Pasqual Ferry. It is being used as a Variant cover on Captain America #9:
  8. Got another e-mail today stating they do not have to collect sales tax for TN.
  9. You can even get part of the buyers premium if they really want your consignment. John B
  10. I the sig. room they keep a running list of many artists.
  11. Heroes is mainly artist alley. Not many of the big art dealers setup. I like Heroes the best as is a Comics only show. John B.
  12. So after another auction where Howard the Duck pages did well IMHO do most still feel like this has anything to do with Burkey? GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #4 PAGE 1 $20,250 GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING #4 PAGE 6 $6,100 John B.