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  1. I believe the BB #105 that went for $37,500 on Comiclink was a Cgc 9.8 Although this most likely will never be the case but if a Cgc 9.8 Mask #1 were to ever come to market it would without a doubt be a six figure book and I`m guessing the first digit most likely wouldn`t start with a 1. I am a huge fan of lots of L.B.Cole`s comics but Mask #1 is definitely at the top of the tier for me!
  2. My personal opinion is that Mask #1 still has lots of room to grow! With only 39 Universal copies on the census and 7.5 being the highes graded copy and with many of those copies having been placed in personal collections leaves very little availability. That along with strong demand will only continue to drive this book up (my opinion). Not only is it a tough book to find but most would say that Mask #1 is L.B.Cole`s most sought after comic. Look at what happened with Suspense #3, not an exact match but most would agree that Suspense #3 is Schomburg`s most sought after comic and Suspense #3 in the last few years has jumped from about 7k for a Cgc 1.0 to 21k for Cgc 1.0 in a 2018 sale. I believe the raw copy of Mask #1 that sold on ebay for $3905 was a great deal for the buyer. I have been selling on ebay for almost 20 years and from my personal experience (my auctions and other auctions) most auctions that end early in the day as the Mask #1 did usually will not bring the full market amount as if the auction were to have ended in the evening time. Without a doubt Mask #1 is a great book to own for many reasons!
  3. On 4/17/2019 at 8:47 PM, pmpknface said: This should be interesting..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mask-Comics-1-1945-Rural-Home-Publishing-Scarce-Classic-LB-Cole-Devil-Cover/233201276502?hash=item364be11656:g:oxcAAOSwrkdctkxo My guess $5700 to $6300
  4. $795 Archie #54 Cgc 7.0 Ow/w Only 11 Copies On Census (Quite Rare) Tough To Price This One
  5. $13995 All Select #1 Cgc 4.5 Ow Cgc Notes: Tape On Interior Cover Exceptionally Nice Looking 4.5!
  6. trumps any pm`s. Shipping, insurance and signature confirmation are included in the U.S., outside of the U.S. shipping charges will apply. I will not ship an item where delivery confirmation is not available. No returns on 3rd party graded books. Preferred methods of payments are Cashier`s Check, Money Order & Personal Check. (Checks must clear before shipping) Paypal is also accepted. No probation or Hos members For those of you who are not familiar with me I have over 34,300 feedbacks on ebay, my user i.d. is cbcnow. Some of my references here on the boards are: Primetime, MrBedrock, G.A.tor & Filter81 Please View My Feedback/Kudos Page: Feedback / Kudos $3495 X-men #1 Cgc 1.0 SS Ow/w Pages Tape On Cover Signed By Stan Lee on 10/29/17