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  1. I completely agree, especially with the Mask #1 Cgc 5.5 now at $12,600 with almost 2 days to go!
  2. Mask #1 is one of my favorite comic book covers as well!
  3. Based on the recent Gpa recorded sale of a Mask #1 Cgc 3.0 in September of 2019 for $11,422 I`d say somewhere around the $8,000 range for a Cgc 2.0 In September of 2018 a Cgc 0.5 universal copy with brittle pages went for $2260. In my opinion it`s a great book and there just isn`t enough copies out there to fill the demand which will most likely continue pushing the prices/values of the book upwards just like what happened with the September 2019 sale of the Cgc 3.0
  4. Definitely a full book verses a page. You can find a pretty decent unrestored low grade AF #15 in the 15k range if you look around, of course if that is something you are into. Good luck on whatever you decide!