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  1. Don't forget pawn shops, people look to make quick cash and would drop them at places like this. Email as many as you can in so cal. Also, some of the bigger keys can be entered into eBay under saved searches in case any of them pop up that look familiar.
  2. The ThunderCats #1, The Punisher #1's , maybe GI Joe and the 238 for sure. Make sure there are no spine ticks that break color, folds, or blunted corners. You would need to hit 9.8, the 238 in a lower grade would still have value.
  3. Told you, been seeing this behavior on eBay for the last 5 months. People think the label is valuable
  4. That be him, he should change his name to MrCoolGuy
  5. A fellow boardie had a huge stack of newsstand copies, not sure if they ever got graded
  6. Is it a loss/gain entry? No one would make $10K on a book if it was bought for $8K, then flipped.
  7. I buy on there, but I have to adjust what I am willing to pay, with BP, handling fee, credit card fee, taxes, and shipping it's crazy.
  8. Is Heritage a better place to sell than eBay? I mean what is the fee on the seller and buyer? I assume it is a greater loss for both individuals
  9. Why do you think that happens/happened? Because #$@hole sellers were selling an item for $5, with $250 shipping charges to get out of the final value fee. Now we suffer from abusive sellers.