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  1. Only thing I can say about that ASM #1 is someone enjoyed the heck out of it, kept it in tact to re-read over and over
  2. There are 2 on the ShortBoxed app. 1 for $1,800 and another for $2,350 in 9.8 white.
  3. 9.4 to 9.6. Looks like it has a tick rear center? Get it pressed.
  4. Looking to pay market value, let me know if you have one, or see one online.
  5. Thanks @Parabellum for a smooth transaction via board messages. Always responsive and paid immediately.
  6. X-Men 134 has a cameo of Dark Phoenix at the end, and a full first appearance in 135. But you get more registry points for 134
  7. ASM 299 is a “Venom cameo”, but 298 is a first appearance in cameo of Eddie Brock I remember at one point Wizard #1 had 299 valued more than 300.
  8. Most insurance companies are masters of low balling. Sir, the book retailed for 25 cents on the cover, see, it shows it in the picture
  9. Any high dollar insured shipment goes straight to the post office. Under $30 I will just give to the mail carrier when they get back to their vehicle.
  10. I thought that too, then after I selected 25, I got a drop down to select minimum grade.
  11. I did a 26 pre-screen sub in December, if we are on the same page? Some comics were a 9.8 and a few others I chose 9.6 Is that what we are talking about?