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  1. STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES #180 8.00 SUPERBOY #200 8.00 Superman's Girlfriend LOIS LANE #114 8.00 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #102 12.00 Star Spangled War featuring the Unknown Soldier #172 8.00 Legion of Super-Heroes #1 18.00
  2. Why not sign up for a month, binge it, then cancel? There's tons of comics on there, the Titans show, 3rd season of Young Justice, a bunch of the DC animated movies, Batman movies, animated series etc. A Swamp Thing series starts next month.
  3. That's it. You can easily spend an afternoon there. If it isn't enough, there are two other stores on the same street about a mile in each direction.
  4. SoCal Comics is far and away the best shop in San Diego in my opinion, especially if you are looking for back issues.
  5. I logged into eBay for the first time in years to report this.
  6. I have no affiliation with this show, and really don't know a whole lot aside what is on the flyer, but there is a joint comic convention / wrestling show in Riverside, CA on June 17th. Steve