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  1. if that's how the math works, i just wrote it all on an envelope (then to the post) and added with a calculator to make sure the math worked um it's vampie 92 not 93, other then that it all looks good
  2. @ 20% off you have a good amt i need mostly vampies but it's how it goes 1984/94 8 $3 creepy 125 $8, 84 $10 eerie 111 $9 vampie 80 $10, 99 $10, 62 $10, 92 $12, 98 $12 Nightmare 74yr book $25
  3. so bday was a few weeks ago and i always spend 200 on books for myself, well all books are for me but meh...............grabbed 2 SOTI books, ones not for this topic but the other is
  4. Airboy V5 #2 just a great great cover, light crease down the middle length of the book - $75 1971 Will Eisner vocational publishing pamphlet "Where Now, Vet?" 3/9$.......................3 of them iron man 19 $6
  5. went looking for my 1 book a month on ebay just to knock something off my list and the LCS had this up. i never posted it but at the keystone show last yr? i grabbed my love 5 100pg as well
  6. oh by not careing i ment posting a non SA book in a SA thread, people always love double covers though
  7. this isn't silver but didn't see a bronze though i doubt anyone will care. pick this up today