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  1. went looking for my 1 book a month on ebay just to knock something off my list and the LCS had this up. i never posted it but at the keystone show last yr? i grabbed my love 5 100pg as well
  2. oh by not careing i ment posting a non SA book in a SA thread, people always love double covers though
  3. this isn't silver but didn't see a bronze though i doubt anyone will care. pick this up today
  4. for me it depends on where it's spent i put 200 a month and let that build till i find something special though i always take the whole amount with me to shows since you never know (i've made it to 600 before then i found something), and once a month i go on ebay to find a 30 or lower book that is paid out of that money....................currently 2 books away from uncanny x-men run and about 12-13 if you include variants/con books so saveing till i find a good copy/right price of the expensive one of the 2 when i go to shows i take 200 and that's my spending money for the show and am very strict on that lv even though i have more on me, for cons imo if you can't take a few thousand (2k+) there's no point in going and for myself haven't been to a con in a few years at lcs i grab whatever seems intresting from the preview so that might be 10 books or 1 or nothing for the month, i only hit once a month and spend 50+ but that could mostly be back issues/hole filler, wall books or supplies...........lol i tend to buy that 1st issue as a test to see if i like it as most do and even if i like it i kinda forget to let them know to start pulling it for me so unless i remember to grab the next issue off the shelf, well lets just say i save quite a bit bc of this reason