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  1. Hello I am looking for one of these comics please. Contact me via pm thanks. Deadpool #54 cgc ss signed by Steve Dillon Punisher #2 (2000marvel knights) cgc ss by Steve Dillon Punisher kills the MU cgc ss by Steve Dillon or any others cgc ss cover of the punisher by Steve Dillon and signed by him.
  2. Hello! I am looking to buy comics of ASM CGC SS by Romita Sr. please. PM me in private. CBCS or others graded company are welcome Thanks!
  3. Looking for this, if you got it sign the better. CGC 9.8 or CGC SS 9.6+ Origin of Miles. PM me , thanks
  4. Hello! I am looking for Invincible Iron Man #126 CGC 9.4+ please. PM me if you got one for sale with price, thank you!
  5. OK thank you for the witness info. Now i only need to know if they also offer to un-slab the comic
  6. HeHe OK then if anyone knows someone or if CGC offer this service please tell me
  7. OK great thanks. I presume this Gerry Ross will be present at the MCC con? How can I contact him?
  8. I see on the MCC website that CGC will be there this year. I was wondering if they offer the Witness service to get CGC SS slabs comics and also if we can give them a regular CGC slab to be open and then get sign by someone at the con? I never open a CGC clabs and don'T want to take the chance of dammaging the comic. Thanks!
  9. OK thank you! Speaking of direct edition, is there a plus or less value to collect direct or non direct ?
  10. Got a question for you. If you check these 2 Amazing comic on Ebay, in the Barcode of each comic there is a black line. I got the same comic and was thinking that somebody, a merchant probably, do this with a pen. But seeing the same on Ebay make me wonder if it was not print that way? Thanks!
  11. If you got one PM me please. Looking for grade 9.4 and up. Thanks!