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  1. You're welcome. Hope everything works out for you.
  2. Here are the 5 sales recorded in 2019 by GPAnalysis for your book (you can check out their website by clicking on their name). I've highlighted the five 2019 sales with a red square. Good luck on getting compensated for your stolen book. You can click on the screenshot below for a sharper image
  3. Ahhhh.........the old lowballing seems they've stopped hanging out at Ferrari dealerships and now spend their days shopping for cheap comics on eBay instead.
  4. Just for's a direct comparison of the census numbers for Wolverine Limited Series #1.......10 years later.
  5. She has suction cups on her feet..........FAKE NEWS!!!
  6. That's what we were missing...a good old fashioned Idol. Feels complete now. It sure does.
  7. Lible™ The Bible of Defamation....all hail the Absence of Malice until he comes again in fulfillment of the judgment. COMMUNITY COLLEGE DAMMIT!!!
  8. Is that Thor's other hammer? What.......I said it was a community college.
  9. Booger Hole, West Virginia Lean, Mean and fiercely loyal to our sports team.........GO PICKERS!!!