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  1. I don't think it's transferring to the physical books. My understanding was that it was was showing up on all of his scans and he assumed it was on the books when it actually wasn't.
  2. Good grief. So essentially, he's just a repeat offender crook that's using eBay to steal. This one is a must block for all sellers.
  3. You could have reported all of his auctions......although it probably wouldn't have made any difference. This guy is selling 8 items on eBay.......and this shill bidder is currently the high bidder on all eight of them.
  4. No... he just disappeared. Those both mean the same thing on Long island. Nice try, Gotti.
  5. I’ll sell you a copy for $37,000 know.....the wheels are in motion and stuff.
  6. Hopefully Paypal took the money out of his bank account so he ended up paying over $500 for what is now a raw copy of the book.
  7. Possibly. I'm thinking the returned book might be a different copy than the one that was originally sent out. In the original auction, you can see some wear on the front bottom left corner in the picture (see below). I'd like to see a picture of the same area from the book that was returned to see if the wear pattern is the same on it.
  8. It's a always a possibility, and I mentioned that to the buyer (which caused her to get defensive). I don't see how this damage could have occurred during shipping. Also.....can you post a picture of the front left bottom corner from the book you got back?
  9. Very sorry to hear this. The above was a little confusing to me though. Did the USPS lose your package and was it insured? Or did it make it to it's destination and was stolen from there?
  10. Thanks. Couldn't get that link to work.....but I assume this is the guy: And you weren't kidding about some of his other metal art. Wow!
  11. I could imagine. About how tall is that last big one you posted? They look like they take a bit more work than a horseshoe cowboy to make......can you post a general price range they go for?
  12. Those are way cooler that horseshoe cowboys.