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  1. Notice there is no question mark-it was not a question. I was saying that is the horse's name-What Do You Think. There wasn't any punctuation at the it wasn't even a sentence.
  2. No's hard to keep track sometimes.......and glad to hear that you were made whole.
  3. Glad to hear it. But my post was actually a reply to gradejunky.
  4. I would file a "Not as described" case with ebay and force the seller to refund the full amount with shipping fees. Then, if ebay allows it after getting the refund, I'd neg the seller. These jackwagons need to face some consequences or they'll just keep doing it.
  5. I think sales threads in here should be Fight Club style. If you overprice or over grade your books, then you get the ever loving snot kicked out of you in your thread. When that happens, you are free to try and convince everyone why you feel your book is worth the grade or price that you gave it. If you can't, then we release the gimp (greggy) on you.
  6. That's not really a ringing endorsement. Most of us either turn around or cross the street when we see him post.
  7. Exactly the same for me.......on both counts.
  8. Found a book I needed. Love the wheel. But the attitude needs work.
  9. I don't see a plight. I see someone throwing a hissy fit.
  10. So, you can't quote anything specific? Looks like next time I need to run my posts through a paper-thin-skin algorithm before hitting submit.