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  1. This post wasn't signed off with an idiotic signature. FAKE NEWS!!! FAKE POSTER!!!
  2. Did you not understand the symbolism of that? @Comicopolis I didn't really understand any of that awkward small council scene. It just struck me as weirdly out of place with the rest of the episode. So what was the symbolism?
  3. I loved how Yara Greyjoy was always portrayed as a badass and Arya was able to shut her up with one sentence. This video cuts it off, but the look that Arya is giving her and the look on Yara's face was priceless (she obviously would have been aware of Arya's reputation and what she was capable of).
  4. Drogon was guarding the entrance. I don't think anyone was going to get past him that wasn't supposed to.
  5. The Mother of Dragons is absolutely adorable. And the coffee cup he was carrying was a nice touch.
  6. Where is Arya's Dire Wolf? Isn't it still alive? I remember when she ran into a pack of wolves in the woods and discovered her Dire Wolf leading them.....but I don't remember seeing it after that?
  7. Whew......for a second I was afraid you were going to overreact again.