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  1. Are we talking about the same guy? It's common knowledge in here that he likes to kick two puppies at once and thinks Hitler was a pacifist. He was even arrested last year for walking into a mattress store and tearing the tag off of every frigging one of them. And I've personally seen video of him wearing a black leather jacket while he stands on a street corner snapping his fingers. Trust me.....if you see him at a comic convention and he smiles and asks you if you brought any lunch money.....just give it to him
  2. Yeah....I did see that video. I was just thinking that the stuntman's suit might be a cruder version of it than the one Robert Pattinson will wear. You mentioned that it looked very old or amateurish and not finished.......this could be the reason.
  3. From the article: " is thought to be a stuntman seen on Friday afternoon rather than Twilight star Robert Pattinson, who will portray the dual role of Bruce Wayne and the Batman."
  4. In my opinion, that's just a regular booger and it looks too small to sign.
  5. At least you got a free booger in the upper right.
  6. That's you.....isn't it? I did check the list I posted a link for to make sure it wasn't on there and didn't see it. Did I miss it?
  7. Hey, Matthew. Occasionally in the thread, someone will make a post with the entire list of blocked users in it up to that point in time. It will be pretty obvious when you find it......a big wall of text with a bunch of eBay names in it that are separated by commas. EDIT: Thought I would save you the effort and went back and located the most recent list I could find in this thread. You can get to it by clicking here (link). It was posted on November 30, 2019, and you can work forward from there and add any new names you wish that were posted later in the thread. Hope that helps.