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  1. That I'm not sure of. I'm not even completely sure that I'm remembering the Ewert fiasco accurately.....but I think I am. Too much history over too many years.
  2. Too much history. Now that you mentioned it, I do remember something about a scenario with artificially aged edges, but had forgotten about it.
  3. Wait, what? He might be referring to the Jason Ewert micro-trimming fiasco from years ago. CGC graded books were being purchased by Ewert. He would then resubmit them to CGC and they would later show up in auctions with higher grades. Hammer figured out that the edges of the books were being micro-trimmed by Ewert before he resubmitted them, and they were slipping past CGC's restoration detection and getting blue/unrestored labels. Hammer provided before and after scans for the books that proved it was happening. If I remember correctly, I believe Ewert was eventually banned
  4. Yeah, I know what a prescreen was the pee screen that threw me off. My point was....I still haven't seen a book that has more 9.8's on the census that every other grade except for one.
  5. Who the hell knows why people would urinate on their books? But 82 people did submit books to get a 9.2 grade or lower on it. I just haven't noticed other books with that kind of a spread on their grades.....but I also have a very narrow focus to my collecting.
  6. I know you weren't talking to me, but..... <cracks knuckles and punches greggy in the nuts> ....challenge accepted ! ! !
  7. Out of all the copies submitted, more came back as 9.8 than any other grade except for 9.6. Don't think I've ever seen that on another book before......or at least I haven't noticed it.
  8. And just to follow through on this a bit......let's take this thought process out a little further. What do you think would have happened if they informed everyone that they have two weeks from today to make changes to their order? Honestly......what kind of nightmare scenario do you think that would have caused? It would have been a complete cluster-f**k. You would have had a massive horde of people scrambling to leap frog their order in front of all the other peasants.....or cancel their order all together. And what would that have done? Create an even bigger mess for eve
  9. The TAT problems are the fault of all the submitters trying to submit their cards at the same time to cash in on their greed. I'm not saying that's what you're doing....but that's a big reason that the major grading companies are overwhelmed. You think it's reasonable to try and pay extra to get what you want. Unfortunately, that's not the reality. And, just to be clear, I really do understand why you're frustrated. It's understandable. It's just not CGC's fault. CGC announced their last change of a price hike a week in advance. All that did was create a different sh*t storm as eve
  10. Any time the major grading companies do something to try to limit the mass number of cards they receive......can you guess what happens? Here's a hint.......more screaming. But keep spreading your wisdom.....I've got a round filing cabinet I'm storing it in.
  11. Yeah.....I have a grading company in my garage too. Let me know when you want to send me your next submission. Or let me know which of those two companies you'll be sending your next big submission to so we can all follow along.
  12. Perhaps they should have used a little of that money to buy some common cents. Get it? See what I did there? Huh? Did you see? . Not condescending, but definitely correct.
  13. It's probably a mix. All PokeYerMom cards will make you rich! It's guaranteed in the Constitution.