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  1. "Welcome to the boards, Greggy. I'm sure you'll be a valuable contributor."
  2. An hour ago it was 10 p.m. at the CGC offices. That wasn't their was their janitor........and he's probably still laughing.
  3. Just finished watching it. My favorite part was when the nobody-likes-me Electro character from the Spider-man franchise grew boobs and changed his name to Cheetah.
  4. The main reason for the board update was to make it more stable. As soon as the boards stop crashing, please give us your feedback on how we did.
  5. George.....what the hell were you thinking? Edit......nevermind.....thought this was the GPA thread.
  6. Since none of the pube experts in here seem interested in answering you. Alfred Hitchcock's weiner bang. And based on color, length, and the amount of kink.....I'd say circa 1974....or possibly early 1975.
  7. Your mom did an exceptional job. According to GPA, here are the approximate prices that book is selling for in each of these CGC grades: Six CGC 1.0 copies have sold this year ranging in price from $2,710 to $3,750........(four of those sold in the $2,800-$3,100 range). Four CGC 1.5 copies have sold this year ranging in price from $3,240 to $4,000........(the two most recent sales were $3,901 and $4,000).
  8. If this is true, it was 100% a mistake. purchased a book on eBay.......didn't pay for it.......didn't respond to the sellers inquires........sent a cancellation request a week later.......then left negative feedback 2 months later saying you never received the book? How many mistakes was that?
  9. I found one of the Blog articles on their website I was looking for. This was written by the guy who started WATA grading and the information was compiled by their chief grader. It gives a little insight into the kind of information they need to know.......and, to be honest, it gave me a bit of a headache. The Definitive NES Black Box Variant Guide
  10. I agree. Potential for fraud is always there. I've only had two of my games graded so far and made a thread about it here. I've done quite a bit of reading on the WATA website (they have a Blog section) and was surprised to find out all of the little details about games they have to know to determine if something is authentic, what "version" it is, etc.
  11. They do also grade games that have been opened, but they will be listed as CIB (Complete In Box) instead of sealed. They will give an Overall grade on on the back of the label they will give a grade for the Box.....a grade for the Disk/Cartridge.......and a grade for the Manual. As far as trying to replicate stuff.......for the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars that some comics sell for, you could probably say the same thing about them. Purchase the equipment to encapsulate comics and then produce a realistic looking copy of Action #1 and slab it yourself.