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  1. Fantastic!!! I don't know why things like this don't happen more often. Bedlam for example...would do pretty well I bet on a kickstarter. Peter Panzerfaust (which is finishing up) should have been on there ages ago. Five Ghosts (which is coming back) ...same thing. I know I would have sent $hundreds to each of those books to try and help keep them going and on time.
  2. Thank you everyone for all of the orders/deals/sales. I am going to close this down now and I will start messaging everyone Sunday night with totals and such. I will be shipping all orders early next week that haven't already shipped. I will re-open with even more books than have been posted so far in early June. I will give everyone a day or two notice so that everyone knows that it is coming.
  3. Link to for sale list!!
  4. Its yours! Both yours! Thank you! Awesome! All yours! Everything you listed is yours!
  5. Round 7 has been posted! You can find this round posted under round 6 near the bottom of post #9334864 in this thread. Again, this will be the last round for a bit and I will start looking to close open deals starting tomorrow. I would like to have all of them closed by Monday as I will only be able to ship Mon/Tuesday of next week. I prefer not to move any pending orders with me to my new home 8 hours away. Thank you everyone! Let me know what you want!
  6. Good morning! As a heads up, I will be posting another large round tonight and that will be it for a few weeks. I am in the process of moving homes so if everyone could take a look tonight and then lets start closing some deals if you don't mind so that I can get them all out before I start the move next week. I think I have about 30 piles going right now . I should have the next round up by 8pm Eastern tonight. Once I am settled from the move, I will start adding more rounds and there will be a lot of them. Probably looking at June 3-4th before that happens. Thank you everyone!