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  1. Elektra by Bill Sienkiewicz. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1582903 Was looking for the right Elektra piece for a while, this one has it all.
  2. You HAVE to leave this on there. That makes it even more cool. I have McSpidey stuff with $ 85 on it 😂.
  3. Wow...that piece must be huge !!!! never seen all of it framed at once. Cool idea !!
  4. Why don’t you share what piece you are talking about instead of only asking hypothetical questions and we don’t really know what it is you are worried about?!
  5. I recently updated my CAF with this Mike Deodato Jr. Wolverine Cover. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=3018
  6. How do you know that the OP wasn’t talking about any of the ones mentioned?
  7. How about if the original artist only did one recreation? The Original exists and the recreation is the next best thing. For example, didn't the ASM 100 recreation sell for a pretty good price? Also the recent discussions of the Batman 251 Cover and the recreation that sold. I would say these 2 examples fall unter the yes they are collectible and are valuable category.
  8. Let’s hope she is not a member if this board Cool cover and cool looking dogs !
  9. Rumor is they merged...just kidding.
  10. I hope the buyer of the Sienkiewicz Conan piece noticed that very last sentence at the very bottom of the description about double sticky tape being on the artwork from a previous matting that was used while it was framed. How someone can use double sticky tape is a mystery to me. How can you be so brutal to the art ? Last time it was auctioned it sold with BP for 9000, this time it even exceeded that price and that was after the disclosure of the tape.
  11. I disagree, or let me say I am of a different opinion. I have bought art directly from an artist at a very low price. Shortly after I was offered money for the piece that I had bought, more money and I gave half of the profits back to the artist I originally bought the piece from. Easy. Not sure why you say that is not how it works. Artist was appreciative and thankful and not disappointed that he could have pocketed everything himself if he would have known. For me this helped to establish a great communication with the artist and over the years and I was give the chance to buy more stuff from him. You paint it very negative, but it is all positive. Seller was happy with 800, now he gets what do i know 5k out of nowhere because the buyer found out it is worth much more. The big difference is, that the seller had a price on the piece ! That is not ripping the seller off ! If he would have been offered 800 from the buyer, and the buyer would have known it is worth much much more, that would have been ripping him of or taking advantage of the seller. But I guess everyone has their own opinion about it and that is fine. All good.
  12. I have to say that would be a wonderful gesture. Also, the sale is done, there is a new owner. So the discussion about offering 50k and then not getting it is a mood point. Easy way of dealing with it now would be to give the seller some extra money. Case closed and all are happy.