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  1. That is a fantastic page ! And good buy ! If not a page like this, what are you looking for ?
  2. Look he is an art dealer. They have to flip and if they don’t make profit they don’t find new old collections and pieces for us to buy. Right ? What is bad is to alter the art and sell it without letting folks know at 3 or 4 times the price or 4 times the market value. But I guess we all know who they are.
  3. They pop up on eBay occasionally. just recently there were 2 for sale and they sold at roughly 120 for both.
  4. I am once again surprised about the silence about names. It should be information that is shared. We have a thread about flipping art and calling out names, but the topic of prominent dealers and names about this are kept a secret.
  5. Good article. What about the „prominent art dealer“ of the other article?
  6. I still don’t get why nobody puts names to these stories.
  7. And how did the price change 🤷‍♂️?
  8. The D‘bros turn any page into a cover 🤷‍♂️.
  9. I think here you will find all the answers. He is mostly digital, on occasion he draws traditionally. The TEC 1019 was done traditionally but I am sure the colored image that you show on top was digitally enhanced. Isn’t that common practice nowadays. http://www.splashpageart.com/newsdetail.asp?n=105
  10. I started a similar post a while ago, I called it the black hole, but apparent was misunderstood. For years now I notice that most big ticket items, even average items disappear after they are being auctioned off. I mean there are 600 items in an auction and how many show up afterwards?