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  1. It’s much easier to keep stuff on stacks
  2. What is the price tag on that McFarlane Batman piece ?
  3. And I really really would like to know where this piece ended up. Sorry for re-addressing this.
  4. I did it. Once. And only once. It is just too large and there is way too much passepartout if you know what I mean. My recommendation would be to frame the artwork nicely and then get a separate small frame for the comic.
  5. How do we know that’s the case ? Meaning that the pressure that was put on resulted in the art surfacing ? We should hear the complete story.
  6. A quick reminder if anyone knows who won this a couple of weeks ago at comiclink, please let me know.
  7. I already regret that I am posting that question. I was just thinking out loud.
  8. Just a thought, could it be the mail man instead of him ? Just a thought and I am not taken any sides.