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  1. I'll Take Love and Death Yank Magazine copy b SOTI First Print Second State Your Child and Radio copy b Comics radio and movies Per PM. Thanks Steve.
  2. We were bidding against 3 other buyers. One of them was the call in bidder that bought so much and paid a lot doing it during the auction. I beat his bid by $500. We certainly didn't "steal" this collection as we paid $10,500. If that's not a fair bid then I don't know what is. And if you can't trust your friends then who can you trust?
  3. Had this for about 10 years now......
  4. Todd, If I can find it I will post something tonight that goes with this very nicely. I think you will really like it. And by the way, I think these pictures with the pulps is extremely neat!
  5. Thanks. I wish I had taken pictures of a lot of the collections I have picked up over the years.
  6. Nearly all are gone now. I still have a couple of the Superman's and Batman's. None of the "keys" though.
  7. Those are my prices. I took the collection and priced it all up, then my friend and and split it up going by my pricing. I'll take this one, you take that one, etc....
  8. Two years ago now I went to an estate auction that listed war comics. Got there and started looking and they were all 1950's war books. I saw a friend there who messes with comics also. Between us, we bought quite a few but a out of town buyer got a bunch via phone bids. At the end of the day I asked if there were anymore comics to the collection as it seemed weird that they were all war books. The Auctioneer said yes, there were a bunch more. He said he was planning to take 5 sealed bids for the rest of the collection. The 5 bids he was going to ask the 5 biggest buyers from the auction to participate. I told him I was very interested and he said I would be one of the 5. I then told my friend to go talk to the Auctioneer and get on the list. He did. So I talked to my friend and told him we should team up and split the collection; both of us would bid, but my bid would be the "real" bid. In other words instead of both of us competing against 4 bidders, we would only be bidding against 3. So I went and looked at the collection one day and my friend went another day. We then got together and compared notes and decided on a bid. We won the bid. First picture is what they looked like when I went to view them. Next picture is some of them after I got them out of the "bags". And then some after I got them graded and priced. A very nice original owner Golden Age collection!
  9. Can't believe this is still here, I've already got two copies or else.............