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  1. And for some stupid reason I didn't get the suitcase from him! Or at least got a picture of the books in the suitcase!
  2. Unfortunately I didn't. I do know he got them all in Chicago. He was a Marine, retired as a Captain. He was an old salt that didn't do a lot of talking.
  3. The Charlie Chan #1 was a weird one for the year and for it not matching the theme of superhero's.
  4. They never actually talked to her as a segment. They just showed her waiting to talk to someone with the books laid out. So I don't know what they told her. It's certainly a wonderful thing to find a run of Batman's from 3-29 straight and Superman 3-16 missing only #11. The other books aren't too bad either!
  5. He told me he Thought he had owned the Superman #1 at one time but over the years it disappeared. He had never sold any of the books. You can see he concentrated on just a few runs. Too bad he didn't get the Actions and Detectives also........ Most of the books were in decent shape. Oldest ones were around the 3.0 mark then gradually went up in grade. No pieces/chuncks missing which was great, just technical things bringing the grades down. Only one WF was missing pages with loose pages also. Paper was really nice on all books. Light cream to off-white with most being in the off-white area.
  6. No BIG keys to speak of. Missing the Batman,Superman and Worlds Finest issues #1 and #2. Did have the All-Flash #1 and Pep Comics #1