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  1. Those are great! I personally would not purchase them singularly. But to see them together as a collection of sorts is kind of neat. They printing quality seems decent too. Must have cost him some bucks to print them all.
  2. nocutename


    Ebay charges fees on the seller's shipping cost too. So they are used to stealing from sellers, why not buyers now.
  3. nocutename

    $1.4 million in Batman comics stolen out of storage

    I hope his collection is recovered. That is just awful.
  4. nocutename

    Seeding bins at a convention - how do you do it?

    @jsilverjanet I don't think you need to re-evaluate too hard. You seem to have a healthy attitude about selling. There is a lot of sour grape replies here. Sad to see. Even the OP wants to "stick it" to the dealers. Just sad. Price your items at a level you are comfortable and then don't fret the rest. Once it is sold it is no longer yours so why worry about what the new owner is dong with the items? To try and get into the mind of buyer and only want to sell to "nice people" is crazy. I was at the Penn show a very long time ago. I was going through a dealer's table and pulled out some Batman books. Nothing was priced and I asked how much? As the dealer was pricing them, the buyer next to me was loosely stating to anyone that would listen that I was basically cherry picking and that the dealer should price the books higher. I just gave the guy a dirty look. What business is it of his what I purchase? The dealer gave me some prices and I purchased the book which still sit in my collection today. I am sure that the buyer next to me was just pissed that he didn't get there first or perhaps he assumed I was a flipper. Honestly, it is no ones business about that transaction except for me and the dealer.
  5. nocutename

    Storage Issue

    I would not have removed them indoors. That could be toxic. You can smell mold or mildew. Sorry about you collection. I usually check up on my comics every so often.
  6. nocutename

    Visual guide to Mylar sizes

    I am sorry for posting in this old thread but I still use it as a resource. I am in the process of rebagging part of my collection. I have junky books that I love. Mylite2 are just too expensive for the comics that I own. Plus they take up alot of room in the box. So I decided to go with Mylite+ as I am tired of throwing money away on those other bag and boards you get from the comic shops. I order them at a very expensive price and they arrived. I start to board the mylites+ and to my dismay the boards are TOO tall for the bags. Now I will have a big air gap which really cannot be good of the comic. I am just posting this for reference purposes. I ordered Mylites+ Standard and Half Back 700. The picture Mylite+ on the left and Mylite2 on the right. You can see that there is a lot of board sticking up. Addition: So half way thorough the pack, the boards lined up properly with the bags. Must be a quality control issue. I opened up the second pack already and no issue.
  7. nocutename

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    This is my newest edition I picked up last year; And this one from the Boards
  8. nocutename

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    Nooooooo. I look younger and am currently in the courts to change my legal age.
  9. nocutename

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    I bag all of my trades. The bigger omni becomes tricky to find bags for unless you want to purchase a full pack of 50. MCS used to sell treasury and magazine sized bags by the 10 pack so I could get a bunch of different sizes. Why? I adopted the behavior from my LCS mainly for these two reasons: When I used to read manga, the paper was so cheap that it would tan very quickly. It sometimes distracted from my reading pleasure. I am insane. Secondly, when I go to read the books, they retain that fresh paper smell that is just so good. It is what keeps me from going digital. Here's my second book case but the bottom shelf is a mess. Those are all the oversized books that I never can find bags to fit right. This pic as well as the one I posted are from last year and few years ago. I now have finished my New Teen Titan trade run and added Nightwing Deluxe HC books to the book case. When I get the 3rd Deluxe volume, I will take more updated pics. For the most part, I don't think the books look bad bagged on the shelf and I really do enjoy have them super fresh.
  10. nocutename

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    I am enjoying reading the replies!
  11. nocutename

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    Old fart.
  12. nocutename

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    @wormboy Your shelves look fantastic!
  13. nocutename

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    Shelf Porn!
  14. Happy New Year! I guess I should say, last year, I started scanning in some of my comics. It was a great way of reorganizing and enjoying my comics again. Today I finally hit up a box that had Batman Family in it. Those first 4 issues in the run were my first purchase on this board. I got them from BigMike now goes by Mike Bray. That was just over 10 years ago and I still have them (and the PM) . In fact most of the great comics I have in my collection are from these boards. So I wanted to take a moment out and give a shout out to all the members here. I learned a lot during my time posting here. I rarely do come around these days but that is because I am not really collecting as much. I still read and purchase comics in collected editions. My book shelves are over flowing. It is so much fun being an obsessive collector .
  15. nocutename

    What ever happened to the Coloring Contests

    They were alot of fun! Does Speedy-D post anymore?