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  1. Batman and Robin Adventures 10
  2. I'll Take these if they are still available: Batman Gothic $5 Gotham Central V1 $5 Superman Birthright $5 The New York Five $5
  3. Some YouTube comic book channels are holding a virtual Comic-Con. It is streaming live this Saturday. This is the channel that will be hosting the live feed, if anyone is interested:
  4. You go stop. Please, just stop. I am not a repeat offender at returning things. Nor have I returned anything at MCS except for one thing that was their mistake. I don't deserve to be treated like that long customer. I can decide what I want to do with my money. So please, STOP reading this thread if it so appalls you. Why did I ever attempt to return to this forum. That was my biggest mistake.
  5. I have requested from your customer service to close my account. I want verification that all my history and payment records have been removed from your systems. Please do so immediately.
  6. I know this sounds silly to you. Perhaps it is. Perhaps, this why I stop posting here because I rarely get supported by this community. Why did I come back. I don't know. I was just sharing some information. Laugh, do what ever the you want with it. I am done again with these boards too.
  7. Apparently I am the big loser here. I paid for shipping on the item and I would most likely eat the cost because shipping would be too much to make it worth while. But the return policy of 25% is outrageous and I will not shop there again. That is MY RIGHT as a consumer. I am not trying to shed responsibility. The idea that someone here things I am trying to that makes me a bit mad. I posted here because while I was a customer at MCS, I never knew they had a restocking fee. NOW I do and NOW I will not shop there anymore. I rarely purchase from Best Buy. WHY? Because they too have a r