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  1. Some YouTube comic book channels are holding a virtual Comic-Con. It is streaming live this Saturday. This is the channel that will be hosting the live feed, if anyone is interested:
  2. You go stop. Please, just stop. I am not a repeat offender at returning things. Nor have I returned anything at MCS except for one thing that was their mistake. I don't deserve to be treated like that long customer. I can decide what I want to do with my money. So please, STOP reading this thread if it so appalls you. Why did I ever attempt to return to this forum. That was my biggest mistake.
  3. I have requested from your customer service to close my account. I want verification that all my history and payment records have been removed from your systems. Please do so immediately.
  4. I know this sounds silly to you. Perhaps it is. Perhaps, this why I stop posting here because I rarely get supported by this community. Why did I come back. I don't know. I was just sharing some information. Laugh, do what ever the you want with it. I am done again with these boards too.
  5. Apparently I am the big loser here. I paid for shipping on the item and I would most likely eat the cost because shipping would be too much to make it worth while. But the return policy of 25% is outrageous and I will not shop there again. That is MY RIGHT as a consumer. I am not trying to shed responsibility. The idea that someone here things I am trying to that makes me a bit mad. I posted here because while I was a customer at MCS, I never knew they had a restocking fee. NOW I do and NOW I will not shop there anymore. I rarely purchase from Best Buy. WHY? Because they too have a restocking fee. So i only purchase things like DVDs that are non-returnable. As a consumer I get to choose where I spend my money. I don't like to support business that don't work with the consumer. So there's that. Have a nice day.
  6. I so jelly of people with HPB near them. I do have the Strand that I used to score TPB at great prices but I rarely visit the store nowadays.
  7. While I posted this because I was quite appalled that they would even think to charge a restocking fee on such a small ticketed item. I would have to pay return shipping and then to swipe another 3 bucks that is just insulting. I just am trying to let other know that there is a restocking fee which I guess makes sense but in this day and age.
  8. I probably made the mistake. I thought I added it to the cart and then recall checking my order history with them as I have ordered supplies in the past. I like the polyethylene bags which no LCS near me carry they only carry the polypropylene which crinkle over time. I was ordering a comic and didn't want to just ship that one. So when I went back to the order, I may have realized I didn't add it to the cart so I picked it added it. I have been deleting my emails to keep my inbox clean for when I look at new mail on my phone. I never looked at the order so that was my mistake. However, to come back to we will take back the item at a 25% restocking fee is absurd. I have been ordering from MCS for over 10 years now. I will be closing my account and never using them again. For the record, she did reply back that they will waive the fee only this one time. I have no record of returns there except for an incomplete Katy Keene that I ordered. I had no issue with the return once I got past their quite unfriendly customer service rep, Beth at the time. What a nightmare she was.
  9. I am going to lower the price by $3.25 which is equal to the price that MYCOMICSHOP is going to charge me for a restocking fee. That's right a 25% restocking fee to return the bags. New price $11.75 Shipped in the US - I will keep this up until Wednesday.
  10. Yes, I am shaming them. Holy , Batman. I purchased the wrong sized bags from them which I am very careful when placing an order. Perhaps it was my mistake but I wanted to make sure I order the proper material bags. I use them for my TPBs. I inquired about returning them and they claim they didn't make any mistake and there is a 25% restocking fee. SERIOUSLY? The product is $13.00 and they are going to bust my hump for $3.00. Guess who will NEVER see my business again. There are way too many comic dealers and online shops. I am SO happy that I didn't give them my business when I spent $200+ on comic supplies. MCS, Goodbye. I stopped purchase from MileHigh as I didn't care for the owner's rants when crisis happened, nor his politics. I am so happy that you are willing to lose a customer over $3.25. Go fist yourself.
  11. Hi Jon, Back when I was picking up collections more, I tried the thrift store route. I don't think any of the comics hit the floor and the workers took them. Places like Goodwill will put up items on their website for sale vs ever hitting the sales floor. That is why I don't do thrift stores. But each area is different. I try and do the free on Craiglist but rarely do that for comics as you mostly get resalers. But I do it for coats, clothing and things of need often.
  12. I have been reorganizing my stuff now since January. It started with a rebag and boarding project simply because I wanted to claim back my bedroom closet back. I figured moving the boxes, I might as well rebag some of them. 400 comics done later and reaudited my spreadsheet, I got rid of around 2 short boxes. I want to get rid of one more short box but I am in no hurry. I am quite satisfied with how my collection is shaping up. Basically, while I do love my moderns, they are the ones I have changed over to trade format. It takes some effort to get rid of them but it is worth it. I have so many TPB/HC that I read one a week, I still would be reading about 7 years from now.
  13. Some of it was just acquired through purchasing other lots. What I like has very little appeal to others. I like DC animated series. No one else really collects that outside of those few keys and desirable covers. I got rid of a small Detective modern run too. Personally, I love the covers to that run and the writing. It was Greg Rucka part of the Tec run that was never collected. I paid maybe 10-15 dollars for it so it isn't a big loss. The tec and animated comics that I sold, I will purchase them in TPB format. That was the bulk of the box. The rest was really tag along stuff and horror dollar fodder that i like to read during Halloween. Unfortunately, I get comics because I enjoy reading them. That is not how collecting these days are designed.