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  1. Pretty simple / modest goals for me. Another McKean commission if I am fortunate enough to land on the list again. Decide on artist(s) to work with for Sandman commissions of the Endless. Try to find and land a nice published Sandman page. Extra points if it's from the sequence I'd love to complete. Good luck to everyone on making their goals in 2020.
  2. Thanks for posting the pics. Some great stuff. Cool to see the Sandman 1 pages at Albert's booth. Thanks again.
  3. Unfortunately, I didn't take any. I did see a few people taking pictures, but I don't think any of them were boardies. It was a lot of fun though. Looking forward to the next time we have one. Thanks again for hosting, Mr Bedrock.
  4. Yeah, was very lucky to land what I have in my collection back in the day. Definitely was a challenge to find them back then like they are now. Pages that I used to own - The death of the Corinthian page from Doll's house, a great all Death and Dream page from Seasons issue 21, pg 23 "I am not doing well at all", and a Brief Lives page that had Dream in one panel. The Dringenberg Dee page was one of the first pages I bought in 1992, along with the Doll's House page. The game show pages from issue 4 are my grails - got them when I was helping out at a booth at SDCC in the 90s. Guy came by the booth and haf art he wanted to trade for comics. Pulls them out, I freak out internally, the dealer knew I was searching for them, and the deal was made, and then I worked out the deal for the pages. The Dee pages from 5 were through Albert's website in the late 90s. I have thought about trying to complete the sequence for those, but that'll probably not happen. I remember seeing the Dee killing the woman page before, and know who has the last page of the book. The Jones page was another mid 90s purchase. The Wake pages were from the late 90s - Scott Eder put out a ton of them on his website, and I think I grabbed the only Daniel page that was posted at the time. Regarding FMV - it's really difficult to say, since the sample size is so small between what little has shown up on dealer sites and for auction. I was a little surprised with the 9k ask for the page from issue 1 that was mentioned, but I think the scarcity factor is definitely a part of that. Love what everyone has shared so far. Hopefully more will come out of the woodwork.
  5. Couple more things. The McKean commissions were inspired by the page where Dream would go to the room with the family member sigils.
  6. I would think out of towners would be more available on weekends. Being local I'd be good with either.
  7. Always a great time. I'll circle the date once it's announced. Thanks!
  8. Wasn't able to attend this year unfortunately, but it didn't stop me from being able to complete a collecting goal of getting Dave McKean to do portraits of the Endless. Despair was the last one I needed and had him revisit Delerium as well. Couldn't be happier with the results. Hopefully will be back in 2020 if I can land a pass. Thanks to everyone who posted updates.
  9. Wasn't able to personally attend this year due to some unexpected things coming up at the zero hour, but was able to get this arranged, picked up, and brought home. Hope to be back out there next year, and also be able to get Despair to complete my set of Endless. So, I'd still consider it a win, but I still miss hanging out and chatting with other collectors..
  10. Pretty easy goals for me this year: 1. Hopefully be able to complete my set of Sandman commissions by Dave McKean. 2. Continue to look for the other "game show" pages from Sandman 4. Anything else is icing on the cake.
  11. Same. I already have my personal grail. Sure, there's a lot of other things that appeal to me, but I wouldn't give up my collection for it. However, if I could get the complete game show sequence from Sandman 4 while being able to keep the 2 pages from it I already have...then, done. No brainer.
  12. I'll definitely be attending. Looking forward to it. Should also be dragging Tom Coker along as well. CAF link in my signature.