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  1. AJD

    Australian golden (and a few silver) age comics

    A selection of Australian comics from 1938 - February 1966 These are all from my collection. Most of them are reprints of American comics, but there are some Australian originals in here as well. Check out the Crimson Comet by Australian artist John Dixon - one of my favourites. The Silver Flash books have some great covers (and not so great interiors, but you're spared that here) and are well worth checking out. Australia used a British-style money system until February 1966. The prices translate roughly like this: 6d = sixpence = 5c 1/- = one shilling = 10c
  2. AJD

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    You sure it wasn't when I posted it earlier? I looked through the GCD listings for a lot of US-published Archie titles and couldn't find it.
  3. AJD


    Kitten to kittens
  4. AJD

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Archie 14 was the unknown one until mine turned up. And, yes, that seller had quite a few Archies that don't surface much. I also got this, which has what I'm pretty sure is an Australian only cover.
  5. AJD

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Archies aren't as hard to find as some Australian books but they are still pretty uncommon. I stupidly didn't buy that copy when I first saw it, and haven't seen another one despite looking. Still, I did get this from the same seller, so I shouldn't complain... (And that's the only copy I've ever seen of that book. Until I uploaded a scan none of the reference sites had it.)
  6. AJD

    AJD's comic notebook

    Low grade with CT, but still very nice to have. One of the nice things about non minty books is that you can read them. I enjoyed this story. I for one welcomed our new ant overlords.
  7. Ray guns - check Space babe - check Rocket - check Alien - check I think this might fit here.
  8. AJD

    AJD's "other" golden age album

    Since I already have a fair chunk of my collection in albums, I thought I'd put up the rest just for fun. My EC, Australian, Dell ducks and war bonds covers all have their own albums. This one is a category I have imaginatively called "other". In it you'll find various things, including a Fiction House collection that almost got its own album, and selected covers by Golden Age greats - L. B. Cole, Wolverton, Schomburg and even a Baker or Two.
  9. AJD


    More underwater action
  10. AJD

    Famous Funnies / Heroic Comics

    If anyone has nice copies of Heroic 25 and 31 they want to profiteer from, hit me up!
  11. AJD

    Fiction house anyone?

    Then you can start adding in foreign editions as well...
  12. AJD

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    I just got a few more nice Australian Disneys. These books have a nostalgia value for me far above and beyond their cost. The newer they look the more they take me back. This one has been on my want list for ages - it is the first comic I can remember buying on a trip to Melbourne with my mother aged 8.
  13. AJD


    Dinner date to date stamp
  14. AJD


    Worth to worthless
  15. AJD

    AJD's comic notebook

    Er, not as such, no. Here's the end: