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  1. The "turned back page corner" design on FC29 echoes the cover of WDC&S #1. I wondered if that was the source of the annotation. But, as 50YCC says, it's unlikely that we'll ever know.
  2. That's a beautiful FC29 Frank. It presents wonderfully well for a 4.0 I'm jealous now.
  3. I've got four early WDC&S with the name Duan Mrohs stamped on them. Here's one of them: That name can't be too common, and Google found only one. So I think Mr Mrohs was a musical technician (photo of him in that article) who worked on some jazz records in the 1960s, and was attached to the music school at Ann Arbor in the 1960s and 70s. All of the references place him in Michigan, including a 1987 death notice. With that info, I found this record, which includes a birth date of 1930 - about right to have been buying a duck book in 1942 or 1943. He died at the same age I am now...
  4. I hadn't noticed the mirror image! That one you show is #125, the earlier Oz reprint. Mine is #205 from six years later.
  5. There's a summary of the story to 2003 here.
  6. So here's a bit of fun. This is WDC&S #193. The artist (GCD says Paul Murry) has included a fake newspaper headline about a sugar crop failure and 'candy crisis'. The Australian editions of Disney books often replaced "Americanisms" with local dialogue, visible as obvious paste-ins. The reprint of this issue has favor --> favour in several places, for example. But in this case I suspect there was a discussion that went like this: D: Hey, Bruce, do you know of any local papers called the Morning Star? B: Nah, Doug, never heard of it. Must be a Yank paper. D: Hmm, that's what I thought - better replace it with something. Have you got today's Tele handy? (Daily Telegraph) B: Yeah, but I haven't read it. D: That's OK, just give me a chunk of a bit you won't read. The classified ads will do. B: No worries, here ya go... *rip*. D: Hey, what's a lubritoriam?
  7. There was one of those on eBay in the past 12 months. It was too rich for me - from memory around $1,500? I have the next one along though:
  8. Two generals who have fared less well in the history books than some of their contemporaries.
  9. That's when I bought most of my almost complete 1-100 run. I'm glad I don't have to do it today, though in my case the exchange rate has also added 40% for me before any price movement in the US market.
  10. $6,300... Wow - that is a lot! I'm grateful for my much lower grade copy. It's pretty enough for me and I can open and read it.
  11. I don't have a Clink login - what was the price?
  12. Uncle Scrooge #6 club? Sign me up!