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  1. A selection of Australian comics from 1938 - February 1966 These are all from my collection. Most of them are reprints of American comics, but there are some originals in here as well. Check out the Crimson Comet by Australian artist John Dixon - one of my favourites. Australia used a British-style money system until February 1966. The prices translate roughly like this: 6d = sixpence = 5c 1/- = one shilling = 10c
  2. So I was picking up the bombproof packaging that typifies an @edowens71 package and I thought to myself "self, those couple of pieces of cardboard seem quite heavy". On inspection, there was a magazine (neatly housed in a mylar with a fullback) taped between them. here it is - a freebie I hadn't noticed! By this stage of Mad most of the 'comic book EC' guys had moved on, thought there is a Joe Orlando piece in there. What I really liked was this unusually cerebral 3-pager. I'd love to be at a baseball game where the fans were bagging out the umpire with the Bard!
  3. Well, he doesn't quite take it that badly! But, yes, the champagne is poisoned.
  4. One more EC from Ed. Another one in the SSS series I'm not collecting. UTC this time with a story about a movie star - who seems to be a hybrid of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff - who is tired of being typecast in horror films when at heart he's a serious dramatic artist. He doesn't take his lifetime achievement award quite in the spirit in which it was intended...
  5. OK, I've almost finished reloading the images of mine in the Australian GA thread. I'll bump it back when it's done and add a few of the books I've picked up since Photobucketedden. But back in the saddle with recent acquisitions, here's another @edowens71 surplus EC western. Yee haw. A great Ingels cover to start with. Here's the UTC page for this issue. Another splash. Another wagon barely under control. Another woman in red with bodice-straining anatomy. Still, it's hard to see how you could have too many of those.
  6. Too bad Rich. Like you, I'd love to own a nice copy of this book. I assume you mean this one? Looks like a similar grade to the one the OP is asking about. I wonder if it's being flipped?
  7. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    OK, by 'popular demand' - here are three books I got this year that I smile at every time I look at them. I've really got the Australian comic bug in the past 18 months, and these three are books I suspect not too many people own. If you'd told me in January that a romance comic with Audrey Hepburn on the cover would be one of my favourites of the year I'd have told you you're dreaming!
  8. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    My kind of lineup. Dells, ECs - esp that Two-Fisted, which is one of the favourite books in my colelction - and fawcetts. Great stuff.
  9. Nice ones. Rwo strips I used to enjoy. Mostly unintelligible to younger Australians though. You've reminded me that I need to try to resurrect the Australian GA thread. I gave up when the great photobucket calamity of 'ought sixteen hit.
  10. Moving on from hot librarians to hot cowgirls (though do we ever really move on from hot libriarians?)... another Ed hand-me-down here, and my first western comic. I just love the colours on this one. Here's the splash. You might well think 'how can she recover from that situation'? Well...
  11. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    I saw the title and thought I'd chime in with my top 3. Then I read through the thread, and now I'm with Charlie Brown.
  12. My EC collection

    I've been collecting ECs for almost ten years now, and I thought they'd look nice in a gallery. I'm not a horror fan, but you'll find full runs of the war and sci-fi titles here, as well as all of the Mad comics (#1-23) and the first magazine (#24). I also have a good proportion of the New Direction titles. Enjoy!
  13. OK, a very nice box of comics arrived today courtesy of the redoubtable @edowens71. Ed is very kind, and as well as unloading selling some of his nice undercopies to me, lets me use him as a shipping agent as well. Many thanks Ed! Here's an Owens hand-me-down, and a very nice one at that. It's everyone's favourite offbeat EC New Direction title. I like Jack Kamen's Dali-esque cover image a lot. It's always hard to pick an interior page from these because of the slow pace and dialogue heavy nature of them. I picked this one because it struck me that Ellen Lyman is being set up for one of those scenes where she takes off her glasses, lets her hair down and gives it shake, transforming her from librarian to hottie. That never happens, but a guy can dream, right? #hotlibrarian (Maybe I need some Psychoanalysis myself? )