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  1. Me too, though I have the Australian edition of the mummy story.
  2. 4.5 for me. Very nice pages though.
  3. Very little danger of that while I'm around.
  4. This is a book I have had on my wants list for my war bonds collection for at least five years. Finally the right copy came along. Here are a couple of the splash pages. I really like the bizarre Catwoman one. There's an interesting "alternative world" story in this issue - what Batman and Robin's life would be like if the Nazis won WW2. I'll try to scan it from a reprint later.
  5. AJD

    War bonds and stamps

    My collection of WW2 vintage books with a cover theme incorporating a war bond or stamp, or an ad for them.
  6. Hmm, I read that as "Massie". Lost in the mists of time either way.
  7. Back to the US for the latest addition - the first GGA cover art on Wings. In fact, it was the only GGA cover until #69. They only became a staple with #82. Some good news and bad news about this issue. The good news is that it's big and thick - lots of reading for a dime. The bad news is that most of the reading is pretty dire. There are some really stupid story elements between these covers. That said, it's far from being a complete loss. I liked this splash of everyone's favourite redhead, Jane Martin. (Scand from the digital comic museum - my copy is a little fragile for squishing onto a scanner...) And there's always fun when Hitler is around... And despite the comic being printed in 1942, one story preempts the kamikaze attacks of 1945, curiously on both sides: Page 27 seems a bit weird. There were examples of allied pilots deliberately crashing into targets, but invariably only when the plane and/or pilot had been hit and disabled beyond a reasonable chance of escape. It seems a little out of place in 1942 American war story telling.
  8. AJD

    AJD's "other" golden age album

    Since I already have a fair chunk of my collection in albums, I thought I'd put up the rest just for fun. My EC, Australian, Dell ducks and war bonds covers all have their own albums. This one is a category I have imaginatively called "other". In it you'll find various things, including a Fiction House collection that almost got its own album, and selected covers by Golden Age greats - L. B. Cole, Wolverton, Schomburg and even a Baker or Two.
  9. Lucky he put pants on at all. That's Sunday best at my place.
  10. I know the managing editor at Yaffa quite well these days. I asked her if there were any file copies or old comics around the offices - alas, no, they are all long gone. This is where you say "cool story bro".
  11. Uncle Tom to Uncle Scrooge
  12. There's a link here in that Crouch also did backup stories in the Australian Action Comic title - which in this case had nothing to do with Superman, but contained Lone Avenger by Lawson as a feature. And all of the titles Sheena, Lone Avenger and Action were in the H.J. Edwards stable. (Though Action started elsewhere until #39. Image below from Ausreprints.net )