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  1. This is a fun one. The Australian edition is mirror reversed, and has some local paper's classifieds pasted in.
  2. Great to see it back. You certainly had eclectic tastes Marty!
  3. I like the cartoon in the bottom left very much.
  4. Yeah, I got threads mixed up too. This one was a blue label.
  5. True. It could end up across the street since they validate sigs rather than requiring witnessing.
  6. A chapter on American comic books and characters in foreign reprints would be something that rounds out the book nicely.
  7. IMHO the Fawcett superhero stories are usually much more readable than those from other imprints. Early Superman is pretty dire and Batman hit and miss at best. (Honourable exception: "The two futures" in Batman 15.)
  8. I don't know the mechanics of the problem but it did happen from time to time. Much (all?) of the run of Uncle Scrooge #6 had an overhang that makes it hard to find really high grade copies today. It wasn't as pronounced as your book though.
  9. Paging @Komic Kazi International - these look like your kind of thing!
  10. And this Dell Giant is an absolute must, containing the longest Barks duck story.
  11. I really like Cristmas Parade #1. It's a thumping size and contains a wonderful Barks story. It also has an excellent Walt Kelly wraparound cover.
  12. Thanks for the heads up guys. https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/graphic_design/all/01135/facts.the_history_of_ec_comics.htm