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  1. That raises the question as to whether pedigree books are routinely removed from the census when regraded? For non-ped books it depends on whether the label was sent back, but for peds?
  2. About 450 American golden age, 65 Australian golden age, 100ish silver age, and 500 or so modern Disneys (pretty much all of the Gladstone and Gemstone books) - not sure I really need those!
  3. Have wanted one of these for a long time. I figured the story wasn't great, but the cover is so charming I thought it was worth adding to the duck box. For $20 I am very pleased with the way this presents. But, man, is the story a stinker. (Actually, everything between the covers is pretty dreadful - the backup story is just as bad.) Here's a page that shows Uncle Scrooge to be an easily-persuaded know-nothing who can be talked into shelling out for an expedition ... nm, see for yourself. (Scan from an online copy. Mine has nice OW/W pages)
  4. Hi Harry - as it happened I had one of them and the other wasn't worth the 15 quid postage cost. BUT... while I was trolling UK listings for Jungles I found the two "British" Australian editions above, so I do owe you a shout out!
  5. More yellow ducks, you say? Can do.
  6. EC/DC: Air, Sea, and Land

    TBH, I've never had one to read, so I have no idea about the contents. The covers are somewhere between the DC and EC ones in terms of realism and composition. As for the All-American Men of War #10 above, those guys with sub machine guns 6 feet away who are both missing must have learned to shoot at the Imperial Storm Troopers academy! The story isn't great either, though it's not entirely silly. I read a history of Operation Bodenplate recently, and a British soldier managed to shoot down a low-level German fighter with a sub machine gun. So it happened at least once!
  7. EC/DC: Air, Sea, and Land

    I'm afraid these sorts of war comics are why I thought I didn't like the genre until I discovered the ECs. Unrealistic and a bit silly, rather than gritty and human. The "taking out a zero with the drop tank" bit has to be right up there with the worst. That said, I bought hundreds of British digest-sized war comics as a kid and really like them. I picked up a couple recently out of nostalgia and was appalled by the dialogue - all "Take that Jerry!" and "bang on target bold chap, that'll give the huns something to think about".
  8. The GA in Australia

    Two more FH reprints to add to the box.
  9. Yeah, it's a beaut. It seems to be an Australian local production since it doesn't seem to appear in the galleries of US FH books. I suspect that some of those were taken from interior panels, but I'm not sure where this one might hail from. In any case, I like it. Here's another "British edition" that isn't. At least it's now back in its place of origin. This cover is from Jungle #156 (credits uncertain). An excellently posed rearing lion - but again it's pentadactyl. Will nobody think of the comparative anatomists? The UTC selection is from the military history story up the back. The Battle for Mobile Bay during the Civil War ensured that the British wouldn't be able to resupply the Confederacy by sea. It was the scene of Admiral Farragut's famous (and maybe apocryphal) "damn the torpedoes!". (BTW, 'torpedoes' in 1864 were what we would call mines today.) If nothing else, it gave a name to my favourite Tom Petty album.
  10. Huh. I thought I might be ploughing a lonely furrow, but it seems not. I'm in club
  11. A selection of Australian comics from 1938 - February 1966 These are all from my collection. Most of them are reprints of American comics, but there are some originals in here as well. Check out the Crimson Comet by Australian artist John Dixon - one of my favourites. Australia used a British-style money system until February 1966. The prices translate roughly like this: 6d = sixpence = 5c 1/- = one shilling = 10c
  12. Just got this in. I found it on eBay UK listed as a "British edition", which I knew it wasn't. Here's today's UTC pic. Some interesting jungle facts about "fuzzy wuzzies'. The people in question are the Hadendoa from north-eastern Africa, a distinguishing feature of whom is the elaborately styled hair-do. The descriptive (and frankly offensive) name was given by English Soldiers and immortalised by Rudyard Kipling. You have just enjoyed a teachable moment with Prof AJD.
  13. EC/DC: Air, Sea, and Land

    Tell me more! And congrats to creaturefan on those ECs. My runs of Frontline and TFT are among my favourite books.
  14. This one has a pretty gnarly sub crease! Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #194.