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  1. Now you mention it, Don Rosa does have an uncanny resemblance. No wonder he has such a knack for capturing 1955 in his duck stories...
  2. Love it @OtherEric! I have always liked Don Rosa's work, and that's a charming sketch. If you ever want to sell it, I would seriously consider changing my name to Eric.
  3. Voodoo dolls to Voodoo Hoodoo
  4. AJD

    Shock SuspensStories 08

    Yeah, there's no doubt that some of the publishers were really pushing the limits. I'm not at all surprised that they got into trouble.
  5. Very kind of you Brandon. For @1950's war comics here's the 'Marianas turkey shoot' story in full (well, all 4 pages). The historical accuracy here is pretty sketchy - if you really want to read about you could start with Tom Cleaver's Pacific Thunder book, which I read recently, or I'm sure there are whole books dedicated to the Battle of the Philippine Sea).
  6. "Hoist with his own petard" - also from Hamlet.
  7. Australian copy of one of his Lassie covers
  8. The price makes me wary of bidding on it! If I was planning to I'd really want to see the staples clearly. Where there's water there's likely rust.
  9. New to a short box near me, thanks to @Black_Adam As usual with this title it's a really mixed bag, with crime, sci-fi and 'social justice' stories. While it's completely derivative of Edgar Alan Poe's 'The telltale heart', I quite liked the final story:
  10. I can scan the rest of the story if you'd like?
  11. AJD

    My EC collection

    I've been collecting ECs for almost ten years now, and I thought they'd look nice in a gallery. I'm not a horror fan, but you'll find full runs of the war and sci-fi titles here, as well as all of the Mad comics (#1-23) and the first magazine (#24). I also have a good proportion of the New Direction titles. Enjoy!
  12. Sean is a great guy to work with. And his packaging for shipment to Australia was so good not even the Tasmanian devil could have done the book any harm!