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  1. Show Us Your Ducks!

    Nope, a Heritage buy, purchased in increasingly expensive USD.
  2. Show Us Your Ducks!

    I'm very fond of duck books and giveaway comics. That makes this a must have for me. Took a while, but now I have one.
  3. Dell Duck books

    My collection of Dell Duck comics Four Color Comics: the classic barks stories were run in the Four Color Series for many years, including the first 20-odd or so Donald Duck stories (until the Donald Duck series started with #26, which wasn't really the 26th...) and the first three Uncle Scrooge issues. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories: #1 was published in October 1940 and the final Dell issue was #263 in August 1962. My focus has mainly been on issues 1 - 100, but I'll pick up nice copies of others when I get a chance.
  4. We interrupt your daily Australian pence copy bulletin for this just in: Here are some of the innards - a dragon that looks like it wandered out of a Chinese New year parade... ... and a couple of pages from the Flint Baker story. Our heroine gets some action with a blaster later in the story, but she's a clothes horse for a 'how does that stay up?' outfit in the first few pages!
  5. Talk about the right place at the right time!
  6. Kaänga had some excellent jungle covers (with the almost inevitable pentadactyl FH cats). Whitman work on this one. This story is weird and reads oddly. The GCD explains why in the entry for Kaänga #9 (from whence both the cover and this story came). It says that it is "from Jungle Comics (Fiction House, 1940 series) #64 (April 1945) [Edited from 6 pages to 4. Heavily re-written with many touched up panels.]" Indexer Notes
  7. Another day, another Aussie FH reprint. Great colours on this one. I don't know why it took me so long to realise that I could set the scanner to 'black and white' for the inners of these comics.
  8. You are a very odd man, @Get Marwood & I
  9. Not a problem. I'm too drunk to take offence, and there's shrimp on the barbie, mate.
  10. Thankfully the Cowgirl Romances was by far the lowest grade of the Australian books I picked up. Here's another, from the same 'Low' collection, but nicer. And the 'UTC' image is actually a back cover image. The Stamina school clothes ads on a few of these have a profile of significant historical figures on them. I htought it would be fun to include those here. @Duffman_Comics: I think you mentioned some Stamina cards of famous people - I'm guessing the subjects are the same? A bit of a tortured link between Socrates and the brand name here...
  11. Amazingly, you missed a nit-pick. (Are you OK?) I was sure you'd observe that the 'Z' on the branding iron was the wrong way around. It ought to be mirror reversed when seen from the bottom.
  12. OK, I picked up a bunch of Australian Fiction House reprints recently, and I have some other new parcels incoming, so I better get around to posting some of the Oz books. This one gives beaters a bad name, but it's the first Cowgirl Romances I've seen. There can't be a lot around, as the GCD only has issues 1 and 3 (listed under Cowgirl ) and AusReprints has 1, 3, 6 and 7. In fact, the #6 there is this one, before I straightened it up and spot pressed a few of the dog ears and pieces back into place (sort of). Down the track, when I've acquired the right skills, I'll do a full spine reinforcement and seal the tears, so the book can be handled safely. Here's 91% of the back cover. The Australian books often half this 'two pages into one' approach because of the short page count (28 pages for this one).
  13. Loved the @Harry Lime review, but I'm childish enough to have laughed out loud at the @Get Marwood & I sequence. #pullmyfinger
  14. Wow, when you change focus, you do it with style! Two wonderful books.
  15. That finds its way onto the oddest books... CGC also includes it for this one.