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  1. AJD


    Well I just learned a new word! Thank you - now to use it in Scrabble...
  2. AJD

    AJD's "other" golden age album

    Since I already have a fair chunk of my collection in albums, I thought I'd put up the rest just for fun. My EC, Australian, Dell ducks and war bonds covers all have their own albums. This one is a category I have imaginatively called "other". In it you'll find various things, including a Fiction House collection that almost got its own album, and selected covers by Golden Age greats - L. B. Cole, Wolverton, Schomburg and even a Baker or Two.
  3. AJD

    Dell comics are good comics!

    My collection of Dell comics. Dell was an incredibly prolific and diverse publisher, so my collection of mostly funny animal and cartoon characters really just scratches the surface. For example, I have none of their many westerns, war or ghost comics, no Tarzan, only a few of the movie and TV tie in books etc. There are lots of duck books here, including Four Color Comics: the classic Barks stories were run in the Four Color Series for many years, including the first 20 or so Donald Duck stories (until the Donald Duck series started with #26, which wasn't really the 26th...) and the
  4. The 15c cover price and "two 5c stamps" in the back cover ad both suggest end of the 1960s to me. The "5c stamps" referred to on the back cover ad were the standard postal rate from Sep 1967 to Sep 1970. And From 1966 to 1969 the usual local cover price of comics was 12c. So, if I had to guess, this book is from 1969 or 1970. Edit: I just noticed the post above this one. So I agree with James at AusReprints. That series turns up fairly regularly on eBay and in jumble sales - it's just that nobody cares much about them.
  5. I wonder if the unidentified illustration might be from a non-US comic book? Some Australian comics of the time, for example, had locally sourced stories scattered among the reprints. That could explain why nobody has tracked it down. The indifferent nature of the art and poor printing is also consistent with a lot of the local books in my collection!
  6. 5.0 all day long, with a chance of 5.5 Could anyone who graded this at 4.0 or below please send me their "for sale" list?
  7. But I can help with a better image of that first page, scanned from "Jungle Girls" by Mitch Maglio and Craig Yoe.
  8. There was a stack of Wags on the local eBay earlier this year. I was hopeful and contacted the seller but none of them were in the right date range.
  9. AJD

    Planet Comics 41

    If by "symbolic" you mean "stupid and bearing no similarity to the story" then, yeah, it's symbolic.
  10. Far from the highest grade duck book I own, but this one got me to 96/100 of the first century. I'm down to 1, 2, 3 and 5. Easy peasy.
  11. This one for me. I had a pretty mediocre year collecting, but I'm still glad to get this beaten up but strongly-coloured specimen.