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  1. $6,300... Wow - that is a lot! I'm grateful for my much lower grade copy. It's pretty enough for me and I can open and read it.
  2. I don't have a Clink login - what was the price?
  3. Uncle Scrooge #6 club? Sign me up!
  4. Dell giant to Dell giant
  5. The other Australian duck comics I am collecting are the Uncle Scrooge issues. Unlike the Dell series, the Uncle Scrooge books here never broke out of the larger series. So Dell numbers 4,5 and 6 are numbers 24, 26 and 27, while #11 becomes #52. These are all nice copies of these fragile books.
  6. Speaking of WDC&S 1-100, the sudden decline in my ability to afford American comics has rekindled my collection of Australian Disney books, my first love in comics from way back. There are about 2,000 of them and I've accumulated about 250 over the years without really trying - just sniping away at outlier cheapies on eBay and the odd market score. I don't think I'll try to collect them all, but WDC&S is a more manageable run (still 380 books though) and I have almost 100. Here are a couple of the 1-100 run Oz style. They are generally harder to find in good shape than the Dell issues because of the newsprint covers. These are solid without being spectacular. That said, I'm really pleased with the #78. As you see on the cover, it had a pullout 'extra' comic. You see that around sometimes but this copy has it still attached. I can't recall seeing that before, though I'm sure there would be others.
  7. Not the usual duck in these parts Karl, but that's a nice copy of that one.
  8. That's a stunner Frank. That issue is a pretty one if you can get it in good shape. Mine is nowhere near yours but still looks good to me. How many of 1-100 do you have? I'm stuck on 94, with little prospect of much progress.
  9. That's a loaded question (possibly by design). The question should be whether the reprint is worth having in its own right. I have all the books and all the reprint volumes of the EC sci-fi series (and quite a few of the others). I'm happy with both. In fact, a straight reprint with muddy 1950s production would have less appeal for me, not more.
  10. Nicely done @catman76 - some beauties there. I suspect that international editions will be a rich source for this thread. Paging @Komic Kazi International
  11. I came across this woefully off-model Felix the Cat in an ad in a 1938 Australian Buck Rogers comic. It got me wondering if there are enough poorly drawn examples of well-known GA characters to warrant a thread... so here we are. What ya got?
  12. A couple of tough ones here. Frazetta v Baker is perhaps the hardest but Baker's GGA won out for me. Wood v Barks was personally difficult since they are probably my two favourites. But Wood's art, as beautiful as much of it is, is a bit wooden (Wooden?) and Barks' ability to convey mood was second to none. Barks it is. I don't have Fine in my collection and very little Everett. But if I had to buy one tomorrow it would be a classic Fine. The last one was the easiest. Cole made great use of his colour palette but wasn't half the draftsman that Xela was.
  13. The answer is that only you can decide how you feel about it. If the tape will bother you then don't buy it. I notice that it's in a recent slab, which I think means it was graded after CGC changed their policy on tape to be "the book will be graded as if the tape wasn't there". In this case the piece taped on must be small if the book is a 7.0 with a chip out. It does look very nice, so I don't think I'd have an issue with the grade.
  14. Thanks for the nice comments on the MMW guys. Here are two more. The VE Day issue on the left is one of my favourite collection items. It took a decade to find one, including a fruitless look through many second-hand book stores and antique shops in the UK. Eventually one turned up on eBay and there was only going to be one result in that auction. Here's another issue from late 1945, with some of the nicely reproduced interior stories. There were several text pages in each issue, as well as some UK-sourced non-Disney stories. The white King of Arabia is one of those. As I said, I have half a dozen - so only 914 to go!
  15. I agree. The dog (Bolivar - later Bornworthy) is pure Taliaferro.
  16. Here's another Disney series that ran for over 900 issues, starting in February 1936. It was weekly until sometime in the war years when it became fortnightly (presumably due to paper shortages - it also became smaller and thinner). I have only half a dozen of them, but I'm always happy to find one, especially with a special cover like this MM 8th birthday. This tabloid newspaper sized comic cost two pennies back in the day. Here it is beside a regular FH book to show the size: And so I don't get kicked out the thread, here's a close-up of a yellow DD!
  17. I didn't think it was possible to get so much wrong in so few words. But here we are.
  18. Woman in long gown with hand raised and dude to woman in long gown and dude with hand raised
  19. Range Romances to Cowgirl Romances
  20. Three very nice copies there!