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  1. Guessing the message didn't elicit a reply then?
  2. Another 'not CGC' company is Australia's own Halo grading. Based on anecdotal evidence, I would not go there... That said, this one looks pretty tightly graded.
  3. You guys are all so young! Carl Barks and Uncle Scrooge for me, hands down.
  4. Microscope to soon to be microscopic
  5. It took me a very long time before I had credentials to post in this club. I'm hoping this will get me past the velvet rope...
  6. Yes, @gadzukes I had one of those briefly until it found a more appreciative home. I've always thought that the B&W interiors must have been a disappointment when the cover seems to imply coloured pages!
  7. Hi all, having had some luck with the WTB forum in the past, I thought I'd throw out a want list. Happy to negotiate a fair market price - I'm not going to try to low ball anyone. Will consider any presentable copy at the right $/eye appeal ratio. Fawcetts Funny Animals #6 Ha Ha comics 4 Heroic Comics 25 Psychoanalysis 1 Shock SuspenStories 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 16 WDC&S 10, 11, 14, 18 (I also need 1-5, but those are generally out of my reach... ) Wilbur 2 Australian GA books (with a 6d, 8d, 9d etc. cover price) especially Fiction House reprints TIA!
  8. The scary thing is that that isn't even Chuck's scariest look... (No, not the cat... )
  9. I had to Google that. (here) Not sure I'd want to have a beer with either of them!
  10. This one arrived in the mail yesterday. It's the first square comic I've ever owned. It's also huge - just a touch smaller than an LP record sleeve. Here's a photo rather than a scan because it won't fit on my scanner. I wrote a bit about this on the 'GA in Australia' thread. Basically, Speed Gordon = Flash Gordon with the name changed because Australian slang at the time meant that it would be the equivalent of "person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed Gordon" in today's terms. The local editors had to go through and replace Flash with Speed everywhere it appeared: Gotta love the Alex Raymond art throughout. Less lovely is the poor quality paper. The cover stock is quite thin, which might be why it's only printed on one side. Now I have to find a way to store it safely...
  11. From the album: Australian golden (and a few silver) age comics

    An unusual square comic. At just under 12" each side, this is about the same size as an LP record sleeve.
  12. A selection of Australian comics from 1938 - February 1966 These are all from my collection. Most of them are reprints of American comics, but there are some Australian originals in here as well. Check out the Crimson Comet by Australian artist John Dixon - one of my favourites. The Silver Flash books have some great covers (and not so great interiors, but you're spared that here) and are well worth checking out. Australia used a British-style money system until February 1966. The prices translate roughly like this: 6d = sixpence = 5c 1/- = one shilling = 10c
  13. AJD

    Tim Valour 23

    Me too!
  14. I thought you must have made an error in typing the same dimension twice... nope. This thing is a freak of nature!
  15. Flame thrower to flame thrower
  16. Drowning in river to drowned in river
  17. Safe in the shadow of the chair to far from safe in the chair
  18. Those are my favourite EC books. Kurtzman was a superb visual story teller.
  19. Here's another "from eBay" scan that I want to include here because of its backstory. The Lone Avenger was a popular character created by artist Len Lawson. If there is ever an award for the "worst human being associated with the comic industry" there will be a robust competition for second place but nobody will come close to Lawson for the top prize. From Wikipedia: Leonard Keith Lawson (1927 – 29 November 2003), better known as Len Lawson or Lennie Lawson, was a bestselling Australian comic book creator, successful commercial artist and photographer. However, he was also a notorious criminal who was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and murder. He died in custody in 2003. Lawson first came to prominence as the creator of The Lone Avenger, an Australian comic book hero, whose first appearance was in the second issue of Action Comics in 1946, running for thirteen years, eventually taking over the entire comic and selling up to 70,000 copies. Lawson also created another masked Western vigilante hero The Hooded Rider, as well as Diana, Queen of the Apes and Peter Fury. In 1954, Lawson took five young models to bushland in Terrey Hills to take swimsuit photos for a calendar. He bound the women and sexually assaulted them, raping two. He was sentenced to death, which was commuted to 14 years in prison when the death penalty was abolished in New South Wales later that year. Lawson asked to continue producing The Lone Avenger in prison, but it was handed to another artist. The comic was subsequently banned in Queensland and withdrawn by its publisher. Lawson was released from prison in 1961 after serving seven years, or half, of his sentence. On 7 November 1962, Lawson sexually assaulted and murdered a 16-year-old girl whose portrait he was painting in his apartment. The next day, he took several hostages at the Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School, killing a 15-year-old girl in the ensuing siege. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Lawson attacked a female dancer who performed in a concert at Parramatta jail, seemingly as part of an escape attempt. He died in Grafton Correctional Centre in November 2003.
  20. Great stuff @Dikko. Sorry about beating the price up on your copy of #13, but at least you can be happy that it's better than mine! Now I have to try to find the other four...