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  1. I think this is how they will tie it all together. I believe Vision is still dead, even after everyone else was brought back, so WandaVision could be about her projections of a safe place with Vision while Doctor Strange streams the multiverse for the Avengers defeat of Thanos in Endgame.
  2. I wonder if this movie may be a prequel to Endgame where we get to see a mix of the various time streams that Doctor Strange witnessed towards the end of Infinity War. They could bring everyone back for one last film.
  3. I imagine the film will be about Strange's personal growth similar to the 1st one. We see how perception & conception can change in DS1, now I expect the madness of infinite possibility to weigh on his overwhelming sense of responsibility, as the new challenge he overcomes (we get a glimpse of this in Infinity War).
  4. WTB: Hulk 2 CGC 6.0 - 7.0 range. Please PM with scans & price. Happy Holidays everyone! Chay
  5. Anything less than 9.6 is unacceptable. Pretty sure I got a spare million or two lying around in the couch cushions.
  6. Was that Action 1 sale for 3.2 million on eBay back in 2014 paid via Paypal? If the buyer accepts those terms as part of the sale, there’s no issue. I ask for Bank Wire on all of my big keys.
  7. The buyer was the 2nd highest bidder on the CLink auction & he reached out to me, notified me of the sale, asking if I would sell mine for 85k (it looks as nice as the 7.0 that sold) & I accepted. He knew exactly what he was buying & is very happy with it. Now I need to upgrade though.
  8. Ok, people have been reaching out to me about this sale. GPA is getting faulty data from eBay because the sale was for 85k & is legit. The buyer paid via Bank Wire right away & the comic was shipped via FedEx, so it arrived quickly & I have feedback for it. Anymore questions?
  9. Very uneventful. I can’t believe Scorsese attached his name to this film. Makes it look like people with mental illness are land mines waiting to explode & should just be locked up before they cause a massacre. I don’t think Joker works without Batman.
  10. Berkbridge bought some high grade Silver Age Marvel comics from me over the last year, so I would say they're flipping & potentially pressing/resubbing some copies.
  11. From that trailer, it feels like Star Wars is going to have the Dark Phoenix ending that Fox had 2 opportunities at.