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  1. It’s about 43.5M away from Avatar today & I believe it should make another 13.5M - 15M worldwide without the rerelease. It’s always possible if they bring it back to a lot more theaters worldwide but Feige didn’t give many details aside from there being bonus footage. I would think maybe it brings in an extra 20M during the rerelease, but we will have a better idea by next Sunday. It might be out for 1 - 2 weeks or possibly just one weekend. I would think all theaters will replace the current release with the rerelease, so you just need to see if it’s playing at your local theater next weekend (June 28th). There’s no way there will be anything related to Fantastic Four or any recently acquired Fox properties though, that’s just a pipe dream.
  2. Apparently it’s going to be a limited rerelease with a deleted scene, tribute & a few surprises after the credits. Probably not enough to pull in the extra 30M Endgame will need to match Avatar though. It would help if they add 1000 theatres & show it over the summer break but it sounds like this release won’t be out for long. Maybe it could bring in an extra 10M domestically & another 10M internationally unless they show it in China for 1 more weekend, which is unlikely.
  3. An R rating might be tough on the Box office results. They don’t have the best track record & it seems like Joker will more of a psychological thriller than your average DC movie also. Good thing it’s low budget in comparison, cause it could end it’s run somewhere around Shazam. Hope I’m wrong & it blows everyone away, but I’m not that hyped up from the trailer.
  4. Fox should have done this after the initial X-Men trilogy, rather than a Wolverine trilogy or prequels. They could have had Mister Sinister as their version of Thanos over the past 10 years, setting aside the team & building more character development on individuals. Bringing out 1 film per year with lower production budgets, leading up to a 2 part X-Men film where all of the characters are together again. It could have been Fox's version of Infinity War/Endgame. I think they saturated they market, as 9 of their 12 X-Men films were basically team movies excluding The Wolverine, Deadpool & Logan imo. This is how I would expect Feige to introduce X-Men into the MCU. They have so many more properties to deal with at this point that they might not make trilogies for every character moving forward. Next years Black Widow film could be the first example.
  5. They were obviously skrulls. When I read that Jessica Chastain played Vuk of the D'bari, I knew that was obviously a BS last minute change. They didn't want to do a major overhaul to the entire story, so they just changed her name & race instead. Everyone knew the MCU planned to use the skrulls in Captain Marvel & Fox wanted to beat them to the punch, which they would have had it come out last November.
  6. I think 4 weeks would be more practical since they put Avatar out for an extra 12 weeks (can't believe it was out for 46 weeks total). Maybe premier the Black Widow trailer after the credits as an added incentive.
  7. I had the exact same thought. A double feature during the Christmas Holidays for those who prefer to wait a few weeks for the Star Wars crowd to die down before seeing Rise of Skywalker.
  8. I can't imagine studios spending as much on advertising as they do on production for these big budget films. I remember reading Endgame spent more than any previous MCU film @ 225M. I would think around 50% is more realistic, otherwise the majority of all these movies are not profitable theatrically.
  9. Not sure if he went for 4 back to back viewing today but that guy is on 106 in his latest tweet & Endgame is an estimated 57.5M behind Avatar now. Should still be about 30M short unless they reissue it around Christmas like they did Avatar in 2010 with a special edition, bringing in an extra 33.2M.
  10. I would love them to get back together. The X-Men & Spider-Man animated series were my favorite growing up. This would better than most of the movies & probably the best thing Disney could do since it will be a while before they're introduced into the MCU.
  11. Wasn’t the best film but I’ve seen worse. Less than a dozen people in the theater. My bro slept through half the film, but that’s pretty normal. Looks like it will be the lowest opening for X-Men with only 5M in Thursday night previews. There was a nice mcu Easter 🐣