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  1. Bomber-Bob

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    I think this thread has lost it's mojo . The OP has never returned or commented. The audience is now thin with those remaining arguing tangential details. SOmeone post some porn and maybe we can get this thread shut down !
  2. Mylar is the preferred method of storage for raw books. How could a mylar covering the slab possibly harm the book in any way ? Sorry but I think your question is obsessive compulsive !
  3. Bomber-Bob

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    HaHA. Good question. I think I may have brought up the point that much of the higher end stuff has been picked over before the show starts. I wasn't complaining, or trying to be controversial, just stating a fact. Since then, I too am confused about what we are 'arguing' about.
  4. Bomber-Bob

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    Good post Andy ! A very honest appraisal of the realities of buying at a con. None of this is new, none of this is necessarily bad. It's just a fact.
  5. If you do not yet own the book, run for the hills. You do not want to get involved with this project.
  6. As a Rule of Thumb, I always go for the more Vintage book. In a Silver vs Bronze situation, go for the Silver. However, I would make every effort to get the Hulk 1 while still keeping the 181.