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  1. Bomber-Bob

    pressing question

    Not knowing what the book is or how it is priced, I would not chase a book with moisture ripples unless it was very cheap. If the seller is trying to sell it based on the 'fact' that the moisture ripples can be removed is risky. There may very well be staining. The moisture may permeate the internal pages and the whole book. I would advise to take a pass on this book.
  2. Bomber-Bob

    pressing question

    You really need to show a detailed pic to give a good answer.
  3. I think there is some confusion on your part, possibly I am the one that is confused but here is what I think is going on. According to Bradley, a very reliable CGC grader, the label text on the MMC #17 state that the cover is re-attached with tape. So, the cover *is* attached to the book, just not by the staples as it was when it was manufactured. The book came back to you, still attached, but attached by tape. CGC considers this situation to be a detached cover.
  4. Acknowledging the reply from Bradley at CGC here, it appears the GA book was detached but held together by tape. In hindsight, I don't think a press would have improved the grade. I would like to repeat that I think it is better to submit a fragile GA book to CCS for a review and let them decide if the book can be improved with a press.
  5. If the cover is attached via tape, CGC grades the book as detached. A number of years ago, a cover could be attached with tape and not regarded as detached. The community argued against this approach so CGC changed their policy. I believe it's the correct policy.
  6. What I was trying to say is that the graders received the books with cover detached. It was not something that happened after grading, not with encapsulation, not with shipping back to the owner.
  7. It does seem odd that this has happened to you twice. I would have hoped that if Receiving had an 'accident' they would have contacted you. I suspect the graders were not notified of any 'accident' and the books were detached when graded. UNfortunately, I don't think they take a picture of the book when received. Call tomorrow and let us know what they advise. Again, good luck !
  8. Okay, when you contact CGC, mention the fact that you have pictures and you used oversized bags and boards and this has happened twice. I would call tomorrow, they are much better at answering the phone than answering E-Mail. They will probably have you send pictures to them but call first. Good luck. It's possible they can oblige you with some store credit. Just something to show good faith.
  9. Sorry to ask so many questions but were both books packed in a large enough bag and Board. I'm thinking the books may have been too snug in the bag and board and detached while receiving removed the books.
  10. Well, this seems to indicate the whole cover was detached on both. Clearly your pictures look like both staples were attached on the MMS and at least the top staple on the Fury. Wow, this seems to indicate there was some trauma to the books.
  11. Bomber-Bob

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    This has been discussed before for Vintage books and usually CR/OW precludes a book from getting a 9.8. Not impossible, I've seen a few, but not often. DId you ever see a Modern get a CR/OW, slabbed, and if so what was the grade ?
  12. Cool books. Not sure but the bottom staple of the Sgt Fury looks to have a small piece of tape, noticable on the Back Cover. IN both cases was the cover completely detached or was it just one of the staples ? If so, which one ?
  13. BTW, you originally asked if this has happened to others. Yes, it has happened but not often. I've only seen it mentioned on the Boards a couple times. Please recognize this sucks and I do feel bad for you. I'm just not sure they will offer any kind of compensation. I do think you should at least bring it up to them.
  14. Thanks for the reply. First a side comment, depending on the condition, it is not always prudent to press an older GA book. The safest thing to do is to send it to CCS for a review. They will decide if 1) the book is safe to press and 2) whether the press will improve the grade. If you submit it for a review and the cover winds up detached, you do have recourse. Now getting back to your situation, in both cases the detachment is mentioned in the notes. This indicates they received the book with the cover detached. This is obviously a 'gray area', it can't be verified where the detachment happened. I certainly agree you should bring this up with them but it may be difficult for them to accept the blame. I would be very interesting in seeing a pic of both books.
  15. Bomber-Bob

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Really ? If so, I'm assuming it would be newspaper stock and stored in a smoker's environment. I'd be curious to see a graded copy with CR/OW.