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  1. This week in your collection?

    Wow. Both Amazing and Fantastic(pun intended) !
  2. IMO, if it's a key, buy the highest grade you can afford. It will appreciate more than a lower grade.
  3. I agree. You are going through all this to send it to CGC. Why do you need it in a CGC slab? Don't bother, just keep it in Mylar. You are correct in assuming it will probably fall apart with all the CGC handling. Save the money, worry, and expense.
  4. Your slabbed Danger Girl is a desirable book. You can put it up for sale here in the sales thread. Just read the rules first or the mods will pull it.
  5. status/invoices

    You're so close. Good Luck !
  6. Also, if by the term 'fine' you mean the comic grading term Fine, this is not a Fine, more like VG 4.0 at best. Sorry. You should get your money back. The owner of this book was pulling a fast on on you in both grade and the unrestored claim.
  7. It is considered restored which cuts the value considerably. I would try and get my money back. Good luck.
  8. Dude, chill a little. You're a Newbie, we usually haze the newbies. So, we had a laugh on your account, no biggie. My comment was very mild, just a friendly nudge. If you want to participate, I think you will love this chat board and this community. However, a friendly attitude will make it easier for everybody.
  9. WTB Fantastic Four 18 graded or raw 4.5 to 6.5

    Hoping you view this as some helpful criticism but your WTB post needs an overhaul. You really should specify the grade range you are seeking. Also, your comment on trying to pick it up on the cheap is honest but won't help your chances. I have a graded copy of this book but your post sounded like too much effort to get involved. Good luck with your search.
  10. PGM X-Men 101 two copies

    Sorry but with that large corner crease, there is no way it should be an 8.0 . So much for CGC grading tight.

    I totally AGREE. Years ago, I enjoyed the Registry in a competitive way. Now, it's just a place to record my collection. There is simply so much wrong with the Registry I totally lost interest. From CGC's viewpoint, the maintenance is very labor intensive. Not much automation, just manual input. If they were to acknowledge Pedigrees, it would mean manually creating new slots for all the permutations of grade, signature, resto etc. I just don't think they are up for the task.
  12. A press will flatten it out a little, make a better presentation but it will not help with a better grade. IMO, those stains will probably keep it at 5.5 levels. Sorry.