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    It makes no sense to me why FF1 is not seeing more love in the marketplace. It's such a great book, historical, iconic, all that good stuff. And, as these recent examples show, it is a joy to look at.
  2. If you just recently purchased it, ask for your money back. I wouldn't mess with it.
  3. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    In theory I would love to agree with you but international shipments are not just about the financials. I still get confused with the paperwork. The Tracking is often not there, the risk of customs opening packages, higher risk of damage. Personally, I've had some terrible experiences. I just can't agree with you. If a seller does not want to deal with it, I have to respect it.
  4. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    I agree with you about the second buyer. One would also have to assume that, upon being approached by the second buyer, Pablo would have said something about being in negotiation with someone else. So if Pablo did say something and the second buyer knew, shame on the second buyer. If Pablo did not say anything to the second buyer, shame on Pablo.
  5. Printer errors effect on grading

    I'm not sure anybody can definitely tell you what CGC will do with this, hence I suspect, the lack of response. I am assuming, since you want to get it signed, this is a keeper. If so, I think the ink smears will probably bother you long term. I know it would bother me.
  6. Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    All of these Pedigree beauties. Great stuff. Love it. Thanks for showing.
  7. First reholder submissions worries

    I would bet everything is fine but I still think you should call on Monday. Good luck and let us know.
  8. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    I think another problem was brought up regarding timestamps. I think you can edit a PM without affecting the timestamp ?
  9. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    I remember years ago, after an incident, the Boards tried to clarify exactly what Take It should mean. I don't think conclusion was reached. The problem lay with all the permutations of Take It. I'll Take it per PM. I'll take it pending PM. I'll Take based on scan. I'll Take based on BC scan. Etc.Etc.Etc. It was my understanding from those discussions that the Seller can set the rules any way he deems appropriate = no Board specific Rules . The problem occurs when the Seller is not explicitly clear.
  10. First reholder submissions worries

    I always thought that the receiving department marks the invoices as received. Since there is only one receiving department , I don't think there is any difference for grading vs reholder. I think you have a legitimate concern and should have called CGC immediately. However, I would think the receiving department would have opened up all packaging to make sure.
  11. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    I agree that the Seller should not have been negotiating another PM deal. I also thought that "First Take It in the thread trumps all else" is implied to mean an Unconditional Take It trumps all else. It's obvious Grantley really wants this book. I think he should get it.
  12. Printer errors effect on grading

    Is it really a printing error ? I would think it was a stacking error, ink from another book rubbed off. I don't think it's a common problem for this issue, at least I don't remember seeing it.
  13. MYSTIC 18 CGC 1.8

    I have to side with Grantley on this one, seems to be a done deal. If the sale is not honored to Grantley, I believe Grantley has a good case to nominate Pablo for probation.
  14. Grading Skill Of A Comic Dealer

    And that's why you are going to have trouble purchasing quality material for a fair price. It seems you want to win every transaction by trying to factor in the worst case scenario. Good luck with that.