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  1. Not the place to discuss. I just think an auction would benefit the seller and be more fair for the buyers. Win/Win.
  2. I'm not sure I understand your comment 'an auction on a book like this stays plausible for only a short time'. I had to look up the definition of egalitarian and I am not sure it applies to selling a comic book online but whatever. Even you admitted an auction would bring the highest return for the seller and what's wrong with that? And it would, at least, give the buyers a 'shot' at the book. Trust me, with a straight up sale, you might as well hand it off to Comcav right now.
  3. I'd seriously consider having a Board auction on the Okajima . It will be the only chance any of us have at it getting it before Comcav and you will probably get a better price. Don't guess at the price, let the marketplace determine the value.
  4. Curious why you say this ? It appears your Take It was first. For the sake of Board Sales Integrity, please expound. Comcav wins enough on his own without doing him favors like this !
  5. How Often is the Census Updated?

    That's what I understand, once a week. I think they 'usually' update over the weekend, available on Monday.
  6. PGM Daredevil 168

    I think it was an easy 8.0 but, you have to look close, there was some front cover color rubbed off trying to remove some dirt or something. I think this brings it down to 7.0, tops.
  7. Dry clean color loss

    It looks like he tried to remove some of the black lines from the yellow portion also and then stopped when the yellow starting rubbing off ? As far as eye appeal, when looking at this book, it's obvious what happened. The line is intermittent, broken off in the white areas, the yellow area was rubbed off, and as you said you can see loss of cover gloss. Sorry but I think it looks terrible and no value was added, probably lost value because it will now grade lower.
  8. Not all books have grader's notes, simple as that.
  9. Dry clean color loss

    I don't think your friend should have even attempted to remove that from the front cover. Just stick to the white areas of the Back Cover. It shouldn't be considered restoration, as long as he only did a dry wipe, no chemicals. However, CGC does not like this and it will be taken into account when grading. On a personal level I absolutely hate the sight of something like this. It's obviously not original to the book. Why would you give him nice book like this to work on ?
  10. PGM: FF #36 (Already shelled)

    My thoughts exactly. I think the top edge may be a victim of the dreaded SCS(Shaken Comic Syndrome). I love the old labels but many times the books would be really loose inside. After a rough shipment, a slight bend will turn into a big bend, sometimes even tears. As it stands, this book would have to be pressed back to an 8.0 . If the work is good, there's an outside chance of an 8.5 here. Love this book though and it is a 'key'. If you would be content to have it stay an 8.0 in a new label, get it pressed and resubmitted. If you are looking for a flip and grade bump, don't bother.
  11. Sold!

    I swear, boxing it up before payment is a jinx ! Definitely, take it out of the bag for better clarity. When taking your pics, slightly angle the book until the glare is gone.
  12. Sold!

    I think the problem is your pictures. The glare of the Back cover pic makes the book look terrible. The only close pic you take, other than the label, sees you focus on a location showing a spine tic and a spot of stain. I'm sure, in hand they are not that dramatic but your pic makes them look large. It's an expensive book. Post the graders notes, get some better pics. If you can't do that, put it in auction. It's a great book, very desirable. Don't panic. Good luck !
  13. heat press machine

    Actually, the Mighty Con is a pretty good show. Unless the dealers from Kenosha invade it .
  14. heat press machine

    LOL. Maybe, but I didn't know them. I went to that small show up in Kenosha last Sunday. If it wasn't for John Hauser, I would have probably left empty handed. Even the small dealers are jacking up their prices. I saw normal, non variant books priced for 10 bucks that just came out that week. I saw uber low graded Silver priced at Fine prices. As mentioned, I saw poorly pressed Fine books asking VF prices. It was a scary sight.
  15. This week in your collection?

    I'm not necessarily collecting LB Cole. I've just started to pick up a few when they are offered and it's easy to get hooked. That being said, yes, I could part with them. What's interesting to me about collecting PCH and even GA, is the eye appeal seems more important than the technical grade. However that, and the rarity factor, makes ascertaining FMV difficult. If you asked me to price them the only thing I would have to go on is what I paid. Normally, I would say PM me and we can talk but the usual discussions about grade and price may be difficult. Maybe the best thing is I bring them to the next local show and you can evaluate. I'm sure you know more about this genre than me.