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  1. Your comment will probably not get acknowledged but I think you are spot on correct. If your book is not pressed, and you have no intention of selling it, then leave it alone. Something else that doesn't get brought up is often the pressed book will revert.
  2. Jeff is quick and reliable, a pleasure to work with. Jeff is a big comic fan and a lot of fun to talk with. I sold a few comics to him and everything went smooth. A++++ for me !
  3. I concur with your answer. You are correct !
  4. Yes, send the book back. No need to try and figure out what happened to it. That book is damaged, it's not a 10.0 and it will never be a 10.0 again. Do it now. Good luck !
  5. You have to remember that submissions are not processed in the order received. Higher priority is processed first. Your suggestion about 'slowing the train down' would never be considered. If you submit using Economy, you get no priority.
  6. Even if the book gets a 9.8 from CGC, the current value is only worth 50 bucks.
  7. I think a regular clean and press will never try and remove a hand written date. You should really contact CGC/CCP to discuss the situation.
  8. I agree ! It makes no sense to try and remove that pencil mark. It will not improve the grade.
  9. I have this copy, submitted directly by me, way back in the 2007 range. The book looks great with no pressing. bright white cover. I think it would grade higher if submitted today, especially if pressed, but I know both you and I prefer not to press. I can't sell the book on the cheap, so if you have a solid offer in mind, LMK. The book is not at home, currently in a bank vault so I have no additional pics available to show you.
  10. I had multiple comics of silver age comics with date stamps that received 9.8 . As long as they were stamped neatly and present well, 9.8's are fine. The stamps should also not get smeared by an over aggressive heat press. Smearing the date stamp, in my opinion, ruins the book.
  11. I am open to selling this ASM 9.2 Off White copy. I got this way back in the 2008 timeframe. Soon after getting it I got it resubbed with the newer style label. If you are interested LMK. As always, I prefer an offer, rather me trying to price it.
  12. CGC covers your books for the amount you specified on your submission form. If you under declared the value, the onus is on you.
  13. In the 8.0 range, I don't think the sticker will have much impact on the CGC grade. Assuming the sticker has been on it for probably 50 years, I would not try to remove it. There's too much chance of damage. Removing the sticker would be very apparent and probably make the grade worse.
  14. There's a lot of slabbed copies of that specific Pope John Paul copy. I think I got A 9.6 copy from early CGC days.
  15. I don't think it's easy to answer your question. Grading is not a pure mathematical formula. Depending on the back cover problem, you may get a 9.4 or 9.6 . It's even possible to maintain a 9.8. If you show us a pick of the Back Cover it would help.