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  1. As with many grading questions, there is never a single answer. It depends. If this is a lower grade book it may get a blue label with a married centerfold designation. Mid grade to higher would probably get a Green Label. You have a legitimate question but when nobody answers it indicates a tough question.
  2. I really didn't call often, only when something was unexplanable to me. There's no way of answering your question on how often these final grades are overriden. We are not privy to the daily details.
  3. The cost of shipping either one or two comics together is probably about the same. The second book does not add much to the cost as long as they are shipped together. In your situation, you chose one to be pressed, resulting in two seperate shipments. In general, you cannot ask CGC to hold on to the first book waiting for the other book to be pressed. Technically they are paying insurance on all books in house. This is why they ship it out when ready. You can ask CGC, say this is you first shipment and was not aware of such details. Trust me, from experience, this will not be the only newbie mistake you will make. In general, it is much cheaper to ship multiple copies together. Add some volume. One book at a time is killer.
  4. I'm sorry but your logic on this, that the books should be 9.8/9.9 just because the books came directly from the original shipping is wrong. They may have been 9.4's on arrival to you. CGC is just doing there job, blame whoever shipped it to you.
  5. That 1.5 inch bend on the back cover may be able to be flattened but there is a solid indentation there that would remain. The best thing is to submit to CCS, in the slab, for an evaluation. I suspect there is a 0.5 upgrade here for just submitting it.
  6. I'm not getting the impression that you understand the problem. You submitted two books. However, you signed up to get only one pressed, that's the problem. The books will be shipped seperately. The problem, or lesson to learn here, is submit books together, to be graded at the same time and shipped at the same time.
  7. I think there will be two different shipments back because you aubmitted one for pressing. The book being pressed will take a lot longer and CGC does not hold onto the books once finished. By pressing only one book of the two cost you double the shipping. You can call CGC but unless you change the submittal this is just the way it works. Books only ship together when processed together. Sorry.
  8. One thing I can point out is you have two books but only one will be pressed. They will probably be shipped back seperately. When having such a small volume it's best to have them processed the same.
  9. Just a comment, you are sadly mishandling the comic. I have no idea what you are trying to show in the last pic by holding it down with one hand whule bending it with the other hand.
  10. One thing I would like to point out, your book already looks totally clean = no improvement for that. As a suggestion I would submit to CCS, request an evaluation. DO not remove it from the slab, send it in the slab.
  11. Yes, I believe you were among a select few to be able to crack open the slab and keep the integrity. Question, is this book worth the effort and expensive to upgrade from 9.4 to 9.6 ? I mean it's not an AF15.
  12. Though I agree with the 'spot pressing' recomendation, I would not send this book to anyone but CCS. I may but be wrong but if someone else takes the SS out of the slab, I think it may no longer be recognized as an SS book, maybe a green label.
  13. I believe you have asked this question in the wrong section, this is a WTB thread.
  14. I don't see how the flaws that had this AF 15 as a 9.0 were improved to now give a 9.2 . I am sensing lately thatt CGC is starting a loose period.
  15. Are you suggesting you zap the comic in a microwave ?