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  1. HULK # 1 CLUB

    Great looking book John, congrats ! I believe you can 'hide' the post instead of 'delete'. No bug just different terminology.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man #667

    Wow, just wow. This guy really put some effort into this scam. Counterfeit Moderns, scary stuff. I'm glad you caught it and got your money back. Thanks for the pics and the heads up.
  3. Did Archie inspire a Beatles song?

    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
  4. Did Archie inspire a Beatles song?

    But it was a Paul McCartney written song. They got a lot of their lyrics from newsprint.
  5. How do I correct a change?

    I would call CGC .
  6. Other Publisher’s Pence Price Variants

    I was actually responding to someone else that commented negatively on your chatter. Here is my exact statement.... 'This is the kind of chatter we usually see in a Sales thread. The agenda is obvious. It's all good. Whatever.' While I didn't use an emoticon, my comment was tongue in cheek. This was all in a pressing thread. I assumed your agenda was 'this thread is getting tedious and boring, let's lighten it up'. I really fail to see why you saw me as your enemy and have since been berating me but it's all good. Carry on if you wish.
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man #667

    Did you approach him about buying it ? By your comment, it sounds like you were going to get it on the cheap.
  8. PGM: Showcase 24

    As long as the cover is attached, I don't think it is as bad as a Fair. There are no chunks missing. I'm not well versed in grading low grade comics but I would think it is somewhere in the 3.0 range. However, the CT along the spine is problematic. It's a cool book but not key. I wouldn't spend any money on it with restoration. It's a reader copy.
  9. For the record, I agree with you. It was enough aggravation without incurring 100 bucks in shipping costs. They could have at least offered 100 in store credit. This is bad PR for ComicConnect.

    Agreed, but now is not the time to be overpaying for low to mid grade copies. I actually think ASM #1 is getting more attention lately.
  11. The Amazing Spider-Man #667

    Wow. So the reason he posted it here as a 'clueless' newbie was to pimp the book, hoping people would inquire. Sad.
  12. production corner chipping

    Probably, depending on if they have seen other books with the same flaw they will look past it. Personally, production or not, I hate this flaw and would not be happy if I bought a 9.8 with corner chipping.
  13. Collecting Goals for 2018

    I let the books come to me = no collecting goals. I am going to stress 10 centers and DC.

    I thought the same thing, the marks at the top were color touch removals, scraped. I agree, I don't like the look.
  15. WTB: Fantastic Four #48 GCG 9.2

    Please understand that while I have a nice CGC 9.2 White 9.2 copy that I wouldn't mind offering, this is your 1st post and you offer no information about yourself at all. Usually, new posters will identify themselves, give references, etc. Also, it is asked that you specify the price range you are looking to pay.