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  1. Bomber-Bob

    Inside pages of book seems loose from cover

    I commented in the other thread. This is not good. Send this book back, NOW ! You do not want to deal with this.
  2. Bomber-Bob

    Small Question About a Slab

    I have no idea what you are refering to, but if it's the newer generation slab, you may be refering to something called Newton Rings. Though there is no harm to the book, it is annoying as heck to look at. DO a search on this site and you can read more about it. Edit: I just noticed you left a Link. I looked but honestly did not see anything abnormal.
  3. I have to agree with you on all of the above. While it's unfortunate that some Mile High books were tampered with, it is what it is and they should not have been granted a loophole. I'm not familiar with the Jay Parrino 'arrangement'. Any chance you can expound ?
  4. DuPage County in Wheaton. Trust me, it's never been a source for comics. I think the next show is in February.
  5. OKay, I don't think I ever posted here as I don't like to get up early to attend Flea Markets. I accompanied my wife to a local Flea Market today about 1:00 in the afternoon. Even if there were comics, they would be picked over, right ? Found these. Should have bought the whole run but I didn't realize value.
  6. Well, that's not good. I've seen this happen when the cover 'sticks' to the inner well, while the insides move. Not sure why, maybe static electricity ? This situation puts stress on the staples, which can result in tears or, worst case, detachment. In the short term, store this book flat to alleviate the stress of gravity. Do not leave it vertical. If I received this book, I would send it back. Sorry.
  7. I don't know about Zelle. It's difficult to feel comfortable with this service for doing business with a complete stranger. It sounds like Paypal Friends and Family, which is not allowed here on the Boards. No protection at all, transactions cannot be canceled. Minimally, this should be discussed. The Zelle service is intended for payments to those the payer already knows and trusts adequately, and the service disclaims any responsibility for goods and services sold through the system.[20]
  8. Bomber-Bob

    Brave and the Bold #34 Club

    Same book, graded.
  9. Bomber-Bob

    Brave and the Bold #34 Club

    I agree that BB #34 is a killer cover, one of my favorite of all time. One of the few SA keys that has not taken off.
  10. Bomber-Bob


    I'm exhausted following all the threads with pics/posts from your submission. Good stuff all around ! Congrats !
  11. Bomber-Bob


    No, they are not grading Pulps .
  12. Bomber-Bob


    Actually, I have the Spawn Black & White you are looking for and would trade it for Silver but I am a high grade junkie. Sorry.