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  1. It could be the only copy on the census because nobody cares about it. This question is too broad stroked to give a good answer. Just because a dinosaur turd is rare doesn't mean I want one.
  2. Bomber-Bob

    Daredevil Collecting Thread

    I'm familiar with the angled right edge of DD#1, very common. However, this is really an extreme case.
  3. Bomber-Bob

    CLINK Auction is ending, anyone win anything?

    Didn't you submit your copy ? I thought the 8.5 would sell for more. I was bidding on it but bowed out late because I already have an 8.0 also. It's definitely my favorite comic of all time. Such a classic and represents the era so well.
  4. I suspect the creases were turning into tears. Hard to tell for sure from this pic but it could very well be glue was applied. What does it look like on the inside of the cover ? Do the creases penetrate to the inside ? If glue, or anything other than spit was applied, yes, that is considered resto.
  5. Bomber-Bob

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    My LCS thought the Batgirl #23 variant looked pretty cool so they ordered a few more than usual of the variant. They sold out first day but I was able to get one on my regular Wednesday visit.
  6. Bomber-Bob

    Pgm is this seriously a 9.8

    Since CGC is already giving the book with bindery tears a 9.8, how can they distinguish the ones they may see without the bindery tears ? The service CGC is providing should give the higher grade to the book that is in better condition. I know, buy the book and the not label, but most put their faith in CGC and simply look at the label.
  7. Bomber-Bob

    Pgm is this seriously a 9.8

    I agree. These double sized are problematic. However, IMO, it's still a flaw. I don't understand how the community is so accepting on some of these flaws in 9.8 . If you bought a new car would you be okay with a big dent because they said it came off the line like that ? Again, just my opinion. It's a 9.8 because the CGC label says so.
  8. Nice book, great eye appeal !!! One of my favorite SA books. I also think it's a good investment !
  9. Bomber-Bob

    PGM my Wonder Woman #43

    It's difficult to tell if any of the creases are tears. Solid book. No major flaws, no writing, a little foxing on the Back Cover. I'm in the 4.0/4.5 range depending on those creases.
  10. It does look good for the grade. It also looks a bit fragile which could explain why a press may be the cause but you are correct, it probably didn't make a difference.
  11. First question, did you get it pressed first ? If so, I wouldn't blame CGC's handling of the book. A staple can be detached from the front cover but still attached to the back cover, or vice versa. If the staple is completely detached CGC will either hammer the grade or give you a qualified grade. In your case, it sounds lit would remain still remain a Universal grade with a moderate hit to the grade. You can have 9.0's with a situation like yours.
  12. Bomber-Bob

    How do you keep track of run collecting?

    I did the same thing, looked very similar including the Upgrade entry, mostly on ASM. It was a lot of fun but I have long since stopped the run collecting. I may go for the first so many issues of a title and I like to collect the Last Issues but no more complete runs. I think all the renumbering and starting from #1 multiple times turned me away.
  13. It will sometimes happen on 1st appearances of movie villians. Tales of Suspense 97, 1st Whiplash, comes to mind.
  14. Just won this in the Clink auction. This completes my JLA run up to 31......
  15. Bomber-Bob

    How to look up grading notes.

    Go to the main CGC website and type in the cert number in the Verify CGC Certification box. See below.......