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  1. I think CGC recognizes the fact that foil covers are prone to creases and are more lenient with them. If the creases are indeed 'mild', I would not press.
  2. I just see an accumulation of small stuff, no major flaws. I don't like that cigarette burn (?) but still I can see this at 5.0 on a good day. Nice book !
  3. Bomber-Bob

    CGC9.8 with indentation on back cover

    In 2003, they were not as strict on surface flaws. Today, with the advent of pressing, they are used to seeing completely flat books void of surface flaws. By today's standards, this is a 9.6 . You would be crazy to resubmit.
  4. This is a nice book and I concur on the old label goodness. With that in mind, why do you want to get it pressed and regraded ? Is there something you see that a press will greatly improve the grade ? I'm not sure but I think I see a bottom right corner crease that will hold it in the 8.5 range. Even if you were to squeeze a 9.0 out of this, is it worth it ? You lose the originality, you lose that nice plump spine, and you lose the old label.
  5. Wow, I didn't realize the Goodwill had much in the way of comics, let alone an opportunity like this. Great score ! Apparently some people still think comic books have no real value.
  6. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Duck, I surrender. You choose not to believe my comments about TAT, that's fine. As I stated above, I am not speaking as a representative of CGC, just speaking from personal experience. Good luck with your submissions. Good luck with your complaints. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experience here. Thank you so much for the lessons on comprehension reading.
  7. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Though I could not convince Duck of this, I do think the posted TAT's are simply guidelines and should not be taken so analytically . They are also meant to be a current status and not a projection. I do think CGC gives first nod and tries to meet the TAT when Fast Track is selected. They also try harder on the more expensive tiers. That leaves normal Economy and Value tiers subject to greater delays. I am not a CGC employee, just basing my statement on personal experience. If I am wrong, I apologize, especially to Duck .
  8. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Regarding the number of staff members at a con, I remember an incident where a Same Day submission to Saratoga, during a major onsite con, had a problem. CGC later acknowledged the problem and cited the fact that there were no senior graders in Saratoga that day. Going forward, they said same day submissions may be delayed a day = they would never again grade a same day submission without a senior grader.
  9. Bomber-Bob

    help grading ASM 2 & 3

    Not to disagree but doesn't the bottom edge of the #2 look particularly sharp and unscathed of wear ?
  10. Bomber-Bob

    help grading ASM 2 & 3

    I would not disagree with your assessment of resto on these books, however, I would debate your generalized comment on valuation. Even in low grades, especially with trimming, it has more than a negligible effect on value. Of course I am thinking in terms of percentage and you may be thinking absolute dollars, in which case we are both correct.
  11. Bomber-Bob

    What type of staining is this ?

    Those look like tide lines to me = stains.
  12. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    The link is at the top of the screenshot. You can look at their calendar, again on the website, to see which cons they participate in. Also, I believe for cross country cons (West Coast) you need to include two days off for travel, not just one. Additionally, because they need to move equipment and use more staff, cons with onsite grading need to add yet a third day.
  13. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Sorry but I think YOU are crossing the line by making personal derogatory comments about me. How in the world can you interpret my comments as 'dishonest' ? IMO, you are complaining about CGC TAT, I stand by that. I'm sorry if I did not differentiate your comments between your Mag and Value submissions. It's still all your comments and I still think you are complaining. Understand, I stand by your right to complain. MY comments were targeted to your business day calculations, which I believe are wrong. You refuse to comprehend you may be wrong and instead prefer to demeaning me on a personal level. Not cool. Sorry.
  14. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Taken from the CGC website.......................
  15. Bomber-Bob

    current turn around rates at CGC

    You may call them 'facts' but they sound like complaints to me. All your comments following...... - CCS and CGC are the same company. If they are slow in one facet, I expect them to make it up in other facets. - CGC and CCS are under staffed. They need to hire more employees and/or buy more equipment. - We're now at 90 business days from "Rec-CCS Required" on an 80 day CCS/CGC TAT estimate and have not yet made it to shipped safe. That seems a bit excessive. - Was also told my value submissions made on June 10 are likely looking at a mid-December completion. That's a 6 month TAT for a normal Value press and grade submission. - The stated turnaround times when I submitted back on June 10 where CCS = 45 business days and CGC = 57 business days. That's significantly different that the TAT information that CGC is communicating to its customers today. I expect that the TAT estimate they gave me in June would reflect CGC's experience as to what they expected