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  1. Flash 123 CGC 8.5 White Pages . Make me an offer. I am not interested in any trades, only to sell.
  2. Even if the question was in the correct forum, it is much too difficult to answer.
  3. I recomend using . It will only be necessary to list expensive books. Good company.
  4. I would be willing to sell this..... 9.4 White Pages, never been pressed. Make me a fair offer.
  5. It's possible that the book was recently graded enough that it has not been loaded onto the system yet.
  6. Flash 106, 6.0 White. If you are interested you will have to make an offer.
  7. Is there a chance your LCS left it in it's original slab and you can stop the process. I undesrtand you only wanted to rehold. The LCS should not have removed before submission. I wish your luck on this.
  8. Unless things have changed, if you submit books in a 9.8 prescreen, the books that don't make 9.8 get sent back to you not graded.
  9. I have a slabbed #11 in 8.0. I see the last 8.0 price was just shy of 2,500 . It's in a new slab and I think it's either OW/W or maybe White. What price can you offer ? Here's a pic of the same book in the previous slab.
  10. Your comment will probably not get acknowledged but I think you are spot on correct. If your book is not pressed, and you have no intention of selling it, then leave it alone. Something else that doesn't get brought up is often the pressed book will revert.
  11. Jeff is quick and reliable, a pleasure to work with. Jeff is a big comic fan and a lot of fun to talk with. I sold a few comics to him and everything went smooth. A++++ for me !
  12. Yes, send the book back. No need to try and figure out what happened to it. That book is damaged, it's not a 10.0 and it will never be a 10.0 again. Do it now. Good luck !