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  1. Ken Aldred

    The Dr Who Thread

    There was an improvement in the latest episode, I thought, from complete toss to unmemorable sub-mediocrity.
  2. Inferno is one of the better crossovers.
  3. Yup. Lots of quality material by Claremont in the 50-or-so issues he did, plus the Graphic Novel, and some nice art.
  4. Chris Claremont’s run from the 70s through to the early 90s has many enjoyable, quality storylines that I still go back to and read again, not just the issues he co-created with Byrne.
  5. Hopefully we won’t see the Batman 1 facsimile make an appearance at this time. That was quite an extreme example.
  6. As Stan Lee was so significant to and revered by so many people, you would think it would be pretty obvious that exploitation during a period of shock, loss and grieving would result in a tremendous amount of resentment and anger, and it's sad to see such a deficit of common sense. I have absolutely no sympathy for what the dealers are now experiencing.
  7. Ken Aldred

    What is Stan Lee's Most important or Memorable Book?

    AF 15. A character far, far better recognised by the general public and much wider appeal. As a lifelong FF fan, it was difficult to put my nerd bias to one side and place it above the team’s first appearance, though.
  8. Ken Aldred

    Stan Lee RIP

    Well, I thought I’d had a bad day so far, but this really, really is a kick in the teeth, and on another level entirely. It wasn't too unexpected after his wife’s death, but he’s the type of iconic creator that you just don’t want to lose. His work, and that of his key artistic collaborators from the Silver Age, got me through many difficult times, entertained and often amazed me with its creativity, all from my pre-teen years, and, I suspect, it always will. Thanks for that Stan, you were fantastic.
  9. Didn’t feel at all like a John Woo film to me.
  10. That also describes the Alias TV show after series 3. Much too convoluted. And boring. That said, Fallout has received some excellent reviews here in the UK, so I’ll still give it a go.
  11. Yup. That's my favourite part of the graphic novel, and the film version was spot on.
  12. I was exactly the opposite. I couldn't get into it as individual issues, but thought it was fantastic as a collected edition. Decades on, I much prefer the film's ending to Moore's fabricated alien squid invasion.
  13. Ken Aldred

    Can you tell me who this is?

    Easily recognisable. Didn't change that much in later life. Stan Lee would've been more difficult. The great Jacob Kurtzberg.
  14. He's currently doing some of his worst art at DC. The simplest, blockiest-looking style I've ever seen him use. To me, quite ugly. That said, I like a lot of his 80s work, especially with his best inker, Al Williamson.