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  1. That’s why I suggested Cassandra Nova. Neither human nor mutant in origin, used the Sentinels to kill 16 million mutants in one go, something that baseline humans never achieved with that rapidity.
  2. Rover doesn’t seem to have made an appearance yet...
  3. Hoops, stilts, big wheels; it's all a bit silly.
  4. Cassandra Nova hijacked control of some Sentinels to destroy Genosha and kill 16 million mutants. Up there with the Days of Future Past genocide but in Earth 616 continuity, unless that was altered by Secret Wars.
  5. 183 to 185 Young Avengers Presents : Patriot, Stature and Hawkeye. All good stories. Makes a nice, quieter interlude, focusing more on character, before going back to the more action-intense main series.
  6. The unveiling of the contents of mystery boxes is an interesting alternative, as quite often it's just overpriced rubbish.
  7. 171 to 182 Young Avengers 1st series, 1 to 12 Really good series. Nice art from Jim Cheung. Well thought out twists on the characters' identities, powers, and how they fit into Avengers history and classic Marvel storylines. Occasionally choppy story progression, particularly noticeable in the last issue.
  8. Miles Morales is quite a strong character, as is Kamala Khan, and Black Panther's sister, Shuri.
  9. Fair point. Although I wonder what the standard bearer for the future would be, due to the increasing popularity of the vegetarian option?
  10. Yup. When I read ‘char’ and ‘standard bearer’, at first glance the only choice I could think of, for its electric eco-friendliness and great design, was the Tesla Model 3.
  11. I really like covers with background star fields. Always look very cool to me.