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    It's been much too dry and intellectual, and could do with an infusion of random drivel. I'll get to work.

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  1. And, I've only had to wait 40 years !
  2. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    It's possibly a very snobbish pronunciation here, whereas I'm from an area where a lot of hard, sudden glottal stops are used in the accent. Maybe down south somewhere, or Cheshire, maybe? Strangely, it sounds more American to me. I've always said it with a 'noss' rather than 'nose' ending. Occasionally 'nozz'.
  3. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    Another classic example is Cat Yronwode, whose surname is apparently pronounced 'Ironwood'.
  4. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    Same here.
  5. ETERNALS #1? Buy or sell? Will it last?

    Thanos being alive at the end of Infinity War, and his inclusion in the later Eternals film, would help a lot. I'm more easily pleased; at this stage I wouldn't mind seeing a few more Celestials.
  6. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    These days it would be @TheRealFantasticFour or @ItsClobberinTime
  7. The most popular Eternal, via retcon, is Thanos.
  8. Yup. I’ll be hitting the comic shops tomorrow to see if I can find some underpriced copies in the bargain bins before the word gets around.
  9. Makkari was retconned as the Golden Age Hurricane from Captain America Comics 1
  10. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    In a sense, you’re not wrong, as it does sound like god complex and needing a session with a psychiatrist.
  11. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    I fondly remember a story in which Bizarro Superman kept calling him Greg. Don't blame him.
  12. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    Just like in 'Dark Side of the Force'. Coincidentally.
  13. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    One very similar to this. I always thought Magneto's alter ego, Erik Lehnsherr, was pronounced Germanically as 'lanes-her', whereas in the X-Men films it's more like 'len-share'.
  14. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    I always pronounced T'Challa in a different way to that used in the Black Panther movie. Ch sound as in, for example, chord, rather than Ch as in chat.
  15. Wait, that's pronounced how?

    Yup. I first learned how to pronounce Magneto while watching that Wings concert on BBC TV in the mid-70s. Not a terribly good song, though.