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  1. There was a documentary on British TV about Scientology which mentioned that they teach the brief, intermittent staring that Cruise is doing here as a type of dominating technique.
  2. Welcome back to the boards. Caltopia v 2.0
  3. Posted elsewhere, but, one issue, one page, comedy genius...
  4. They have done really well. There’s still the risk of consumer fatigue developing in the longer term, which might have a significantly-negative effect and signal a drift away to other film genres; though I hope not.
  5. One of EC's best science-fiction stories, from Weird Science 20, and certainly one of the saddest comics you'll ever read, is 'The Loathsome'.
  6. A lot of hard-hitting social commentary in that series; the Klan, anti-semitism, drug addiction, police corruption, mob violence.
  7. All-Star Superman Superman : Red Son Flex Mentallo
  8. Squadron Supreme by Mark Gruenwald Batman vs Grendel by Matt Wagner Batman : White Knight by Sean Murphy DC : The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke
  9. Being a huge fan and thinking that so much of their material is absolutely brilliant, I hit a wall when I try to choose something from EC. The preceding Bernard Krigstein story from Impact 1 is the standout best from the generally lacklustre, Code-neutered New Direction era. Powerful, with superb artwork showcasing a mastery of congruent panel design. A few pages of brilliance from an otherwise quite mediocre 50s comic; really the transitional decline of EC showcased in a single book.
  10. - New Gods 7, ‘The Pact’. - Spider- Man : Tangled Web 4, ‘Severance Package’