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  1. Doom on PS1 had very creepy background music.
  2. Very nice !!!
  3. As far as the current type of Captain America plotline is concerned, Chuck, eventually it'll be double and triple secret agents, and then eventually even more convoluted, until at some point in the future this type of plotting will get as ridiculous and intolerable as it did in the Alias TV series. There's already a bad case of diminishing returns, though.
  4. Just ' Must-have collector's item first issue'.
  5. Much wider catchment, better promotion than the currently very limited, once-a-year Free Comic Book Day at the LCS. Good idea.
  6. I wouldn't even say that it's a particularly recent phenomenon being discussed there. I got tired of Marvel when, for example, they shifted from just having the Brubaker Captain America comic to suddenly soliciting half a dozen or so additional continued or mini-series titles, and did the same for Thor and Iron Man and other characters associated with the first wave of Marvel movies. That volume, together with the price hike to $3-99, made me give up years ago.
  7. At the first LSCC convention I was lucky enough to meet Berni Wrightson and have him sign for free my Creepy Presents hardcover, which reprints his classic Bronze Age work. My first and only opportunity to meet this genius. Irreplaceable memory. And sig.
  8. I recall Ren and Stimpy 1 being sold out at the time. I wonder if someone did the same with that issue?
  9. I wasn't keen on it either. I found it disappointingly unreadable, especially given the way it was hyped at the time.
  10. I was thinking primarily about his Brave and Bold runs. Really impressive work.
  11. You beat me to it. Kubert's Hawkman was brilliant. Perfectly matched.
  12. When I was in for the week's new comics at an LCS, back in the 90s, a youngish, teenage guy pulled out a SA Superman Annual 1 and asked me if I had any idea about what it was worth. It was the grungiest, most fragile-looking comic I'd ever seen, covered with pen ink, and on the point of disintegration. I said that I'd recently seen a reading copy of Flash Annual 1 at a comic mart, part-detached cover, complete and with generally very nice presentation going for £10 / $15 and so, thinking I was being diplomatic and generous, I suggested about the same for his book. His face dropped and, almost crying, he told me that he'd just paid £100 / $150 for it at the comic shop across the road. All I could say was that the owner was fairly well-renowned for this, and sorry. I enjoy analysing such situations and being straightforward, but sometimes I can end up regretting it.
  13. Yup. Always remember eagerly reading the Astonishing Tales reprint as a kid in the 70s and, of course, having the original Marvel Super-Heroes issue later on. I particularly like the Pluvian Martinex.
  14. Where will Marvel eventually draw the line? ’Sir, you have been seen purchasing an additional variant copy of that book with a different cover. This is quite unnecessary and excessive because both items otherwise contain the same material, and so clearly you are not a dedicated reader of Marvel comics who deeply respects and loves our characters and stories and have only purchased that variant for its potential secondary market resale value - something that, even though we ourselves covet the money, we secretly, quietly despise. Please leave.’