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  1. Ken Aldred

    Comic books that rock

    Actually, no. I thought the other option, which you used originally, was perhaps just as interesting.
  2. Ken Aldred

    Batman DAMNED #1

    Before comics went mainstream thanks to the recent films, reading comic books as an adult was often stigmatised and considered to be a sign of stunted social development and a lack of emotional maturity. This particular frenzy isn't doing us any favours, by basically promoting the stereotype.
  3. Ken Aldred

    Comic books that rock

    Yup. Is the rule here to post a thematically-related comic / music track pairing, or, an ordinarily-unrelated comic and music track connected by an experience and memory?
  4. Ken Aldred

    I seem to be losing interest again........

    I haven’t bought an original copy of a comic book since December 2015. I’m not really willing to involve myself with the current speculator frenzy and the effect it’s had on prices. I don’t miss the predatory aspect of the hobby at all. I’ve found I’ve enjoyed reading comics more than I have in years by focusing on the digital format instead. Much less effort, stress, and cost.
  5. Yup. That’s mentioned on the web page I referenced, but I was surprised to learn that the process was little more than simply bleaching. Far less technical than I’d previously assumed. Used on DC’s ‘Greatest’ Superman / Batman / Joker / Golden Age books.
  6. As Conan 1 to 100 was the first complete run I ever assembled, I must concur. Besides BWS, I rate John Buscema just as highly, and there’s also bits of high-quality Adams, Brunner, Kane, Ploog and Starlin, here and there - including the magazines, as well.
  7. Fairly complicated question, I’m no expert, but perhaps this might be some use...
  8. Ken Aldred

    Who is your favorite Spider-Man artist?

    I find Ramos’ artwork quite dated-looking, being influenced not just by manga but also by a style used in video game character design at that time.
  9. Ken Aldred

    Spider-Man PS4

    I’ve only played the Amazing Spider-Man game on PS3, which was enjoyable but hardly exceptional. No PS4 yet, but the glowing reviews here and elsewhere make it an obvious future addition.
  10. I haven’t read many of them, being more familiar with EC’s science-fiction books. I did have a read of some early issues of Strange Adventures last week, and noticed a few of the same tropes you’d find in ECs, although I prefer the latter’s execution of those in terms of both story and art. Nonetheless, you can’t argue with the fun factor of, say, a plumber defeating an invasion by a super-advanced alien species by applying his knowledge of flanges and lead piping. Possibly from Daxam, in that case. Entertaining stuff.
  11. Ken Aldred

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    I absolutely love it, especially as an alternative to apple crumble with custard. Taste and texture. Also, being on medication that can 'slow my system down', I find the yoghurt version is very quick and effective at 'flushing me out' first thing in the morning. Good stuff, as long as it's been prepared properly, of course.
  12. Ken Aldred

    Ditch Fahrenheit's Journal

    I like some yoghurt in the morning. Black Cherry, Mango, Strawberry and Rhubarb are my favourites.
  13. Ken Aldred

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    It’s classic Silver Age.
  14. Ken Aldred

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    Liking both Perez and Janson, I bought it for the combination of pencilling and inking in the book.
  15. Ken Aldred


    Yup. What's the definition of pernts, please?