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  1. 414 to 422 Secret Wars part 6 : main series 9 issues (plus a very short #0) Doom acquires the power to save fragments of the remaining universes and merges them together into a world that he rules over with his usual dictatorial attitude, enforced by the Thor Corps, the Thors from all surviving parallel universes. A few heroes from the 616 and Ultimate universes also survive by using ‘lifeboat’ spaceships, as do The Cabal. At the end of Secret Wars 2, Doom’s world is called Battleworld for the first time, and a map of the parallel universe fragments making it up is shown, the obvious point to start reading the many tie-in mini series along with continuing with part of the main series (3 to 6), except for the Siege mini, which ties into and follows on from Secret Wars 6, and the Ultimate End series, which I read before Secret Wars 9. This worked for me... Secret Wars 0, 1, 2 Battleworld mini-series and Secret Wars 3, 4, 5, 6 Siege mini-series Secret Wars 7, 8 Ultimate End mini-series Secret Wars 9 My all-time favourite comic book event; complex, engaging storytelling, many high quality mini-series. Highest possible recommendation.
  2. In comparison, I'd put (New Trend) EC in the stratosphere compared to Harvey. Creatively on another level. Some of the greatest comics ever published.
  3. No. I do leave some critical reviews in the '1000 books in 2020' thread, though. Interesting that it's become an expensive item. I almost gave my copy away, I was that disappointed with it.
  4. I suspect part of the problem for me is that the presentation reminds me too much of the look of the hardback British Marvel reprint annuals I'd get for Christmas as a kid. There are better remasters. I only got one to try, though. I was that unimpressed. (It just happened to be Chamber of Chills Vol 1.) This year I've been reading some of the Fantagraphics artist-orientated EC collections. Both the stories and artwork still seem far superior when compared to the small, one volume sample of Harvey material : one volume of EC's Weird Science as a kid and I was hooked for life.
  5. Waid's one of my favourite writers, and it's one of the best evil Superman stories. Great buy.
  6. I was very disappointed. The reproduction isn't really much better than what you'd get in British hardback annual reprints back in the 70s. Also, the Harvey comics really aren't that good either. (Spoiled by exposure to EC.)
  7. Indeed I do. I’m one of the lucky ones in red Tier 3.
  8. I've heard of this stuff before. It's the more metallic form of Kryptonite.
  9. At least it's better than Oliver Queen's beard as a disguise.
  10. Nothing wrong with a bit of spending therapy in these difficult times, complicated by Covid. Whether you're sheltering with more boardie-sourced newsprint, or alternatively, more digital as I am.
  11. Ewing's one of my favourite writers. I'll have a look at this. Sounds very much like Knowhere in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  12. Possibly the reasoning behind Wolverine's piratical disguise, as he was in Madripoor at the time.
  13. I'm excited. It can only be a matter of time then before we get a Troll film.
  14. Maybe he could try an eye patch as well.