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  1. There's also Starr the Slayer, promoted as the "Conan tryout" from Chamber of Darkness 4...
  2. I quite like that. Could also be a Cubist-influenced interpretation of an elephant. Nullifier, tape dispenser, bike switch, sculpture - you can't help but be impressed by its versatility.
  3. If discussing horror, Richard Corben deserves a mention. Up there with Wrightson as the two standout horror artists of that time.
  4. It’s really badly drawn. Looks more like a tape dispenser.
  5. A character that comes to mind is a member of Squadron Supreme, Shape, from Mark Gruenwald’s great 80s mini-series... Truth as unusual as fiction, in this case.
  6. Everything, including whether the science is BS or not.
  7. EggsAckley, Howard Greber. World expert level knowledge. He taught me so much about that particular field, sold me some fantastic Richard Corben books, someone I had a lot in common with, a boardie pal, and a great loss.
  8. Many topics there. Most likely quite a number here with narrow, very specific and encyclopaedic knowledge about one area in particular. I’ve always been a more general, ‘bit of this-and-that’ reader and collector.
  9. It's ahead of its time. Reminds me of Jughead's cap from the Riverdale series. Clearly an influence.
  10. It's from a classic comic book that isn't given the respect it deserves. Ridiculous to a genius level. An essential addition to any Thanos collection. For me, a nice contrast to Starlin's relentless intensity.
  11. Thanks. A shame it's so low tech and there's no DNA splicing involved.
  12. Simpler style but easier on the eye than Robbins' super-hero artwork.