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  1. Carrying Options at cons

    Having thought a bit more about my ideal version of a Skyrim-based Bag of Holding, I realised that one essential item was missing from it; a holder on the outside, for quick and easy access to a Canister of Extreme Deodorisation, which would be capable of removing 100 points of stench per spray from any noticeably ripe, unwashed, unshowered attendee within one metre.
  2. Carrying Options at cons

    The bicycle courier or laptop satchel style bag is a good choice. I have a Samsonite version.
  3. Lets help Marvel/DC out...

    Yup. Her pies and coffee were amazing.
  4. Comics on Record Covers and Record Covers in Comics

    You should check out Agnetha Fältskog’s one-off progressive doom metal album. Quite scary.
  5. I admit, I was surprised myself.
  6. Lets help Marvel/DC out...

    I hadn't noticed that the swimming trunks or underwear are missing. He's obviously much more disinhibited these days. It's not the 1950s anymore.
  7. Lets help Marvel/DC out...

    I'd thought about that character, but maybe he'd just be seen now as a bit of a Godzilla clone? More interesting also to have an invasion by a group of the alien monsters from those 50s / 60s comics.
  8. Lets help Marvel/DC out...

    Yup. I’d hope they’d follow the really classic dark, surreal, Spirit of Vengeance template we saw in the early More Fun issues, and during the great Fleisher and Ostrander series. Thematically very different to Dr Strange, and it could be made to look quite incredible.
  9. Lets help Marvel/DC out...

    The costume would need a significant redesign. Very dated-looking now.
  11. Comics on Record Covers and Record Covers in Comics

    The Promethian Giants. One of my favourite Kirby splash pages. Great choice.
  12. Good choice. It is very creepy. Definitely mood-setting.
  13. Who is your favorite Spider-Man artist?

    Keith Pollard is very underrated. He did some really nice artwork during his run on Thor.
  14. The Thing (John Carpenter version) Evil Dead 1 or 2