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  1. If I was after a 9.8 of the book I wouldn't bother with this copy. Quite easy to find plenty of ASM 129s without such a noticeable miswrap. Not that prone to it, compared to, for example, FF 67.
  2. Great thread. True comics fans.
  3. Should 'improving' be in quotes?
  4. I can maybe see a hint of Adams' style in the Superman figure, at best.
  5. Yup. Robbins, like Lee Elias, had a heavily Caniff-influenced style, which Caniff had been using since the late 1930s, so not surprising that it was starting to look dated by then.
  6. We'll have to catch up.
  7. Thanks ! I appreciate that.
  8. The eye-searing, headache-inducing red text had me reaching for some Naproxen.
  9. As soon as he confirmed that, it was all completely understandable.
  10. I was going to raise the possibility of bad mood swings and had considered bipolar affective disorder being involved, due to the cyclical nature of what's been happening recently. You often seem extremely positive, enthusiastic, have a sense of humour and clearly love comics, and there's much for you to contribute here. At times, due to Aspergers, I have extremely low moods and have considered going scorched-earth here myself, but I try to remain aware of the fact that once I'm in an elevated mood I'd want to be around and would miss the boards. But, it is rather difficult to control, it's been close on occasion, and I can empathise with your decision. You'll be missed.
  11. It was an extremely impressive, wide-ranging Spider-Man collection. A shame to lose someone who cares about the hobby to that degree.
  12. I was thinking that the hobby may get even more expensive now that it has to absorb old-school jazz fans entering the speculator market.
  13. And, for the price, at least there's some good reading material there.