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    It's been much too dry and intellectual, and could do with an infusion of random drivel. I'll get to work.

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  1. Ken Aldred

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore for the comic hobby..

    Not well enough for a place on Mount Olympus, or Rushmore, nor for the final look for Batman, which was Finger’s design.
  2. Ken Aldred

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore for the comic hobby..

    Shouldn’t be included. Swipe artist who got lucky with having a more talented collaborator; Bill Finger, later Jerry Robinson.
  3. Ken Aldred

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore for the comic hobby..

    Interesting change of image. You’d suspect the presidency to be a closed shop, recruiting from within, and as a Brit it’s interesting to see what they’d look like, somewhat more disinhibited than usual, while attending a Masonic gathering.
  4. Ken Aldred

    If there was a Mt. Rushmore for the comic hobby..

    Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Bill Gaines
  5. IIRC, wasn’t there a lot of water damage to other parts of Church’s hoard, including some non- comics material? 40 years is a long time to assume that optimum preservative conditions could be persistently sustained, and it’s perfectly possible that the comics could’ve suffered considerable damage in the interim period, and would no longer be the superb specimens we know them as today. If Chuck had still been the discoverer then there’d be a silver lining as, even with water staining or mould damage, the books would still grade NM on his website.
  6. This is possibly the worst multiple spam attack ever on the boards. It used to be one or two at once, but nothing quite this concentrated, and quite so tedious as a result.
  7. It most likely translates as ' My client is a Nigerian prince in very difficult circumstances who would like to pay you to help him facilitate a transaction by using your bank account.'
  8. Yup. Despite the pound sterling plummeting in value to near worthlessness after the Brexit decision, Lancashire Kitchens were so brilliantly designed, built to last, and such terrific value that even in those dire circumstances it was still worth importing them into North America. Unfortunately, as you said, the recently-introduced additional tariffs have pushed it too far, past breaking point, tragically depriving your country of their genius-level products.
  9. Very frustrating and tedious. No wonder Lancashire Kitchens stopped posting. A sad loss of a highly-valued, talented and respected board member.
  10. Ken Aldred

    I remember when

    Sadly missed. For me, that short period was the Golden Age of the boards.
  11. I wonder how common this was? Exactly the same for me, except that no convincing was necessary, as, after going to the market, my mother and gran would bribe me with some comics money to go away and leave them in peace while they went off to have a coffee.
  12. Ken Aldred

    what a week I’m having

    It's okay. It happened years ago. I've worked through the trauma, especially the way those Marvel Comics were horribly violated. I can handle it now.
  13. Ken Aldred

    Anyone else find this egregious?

    I prefer a nice-looking, detailed, finished commission on a blank cover to the alternative of defacing printed artwork on a cover, classic issue or not, with a basic-looking 'remark' sketch primitively scribbled on with a marker pen.
  14. Ken Aldred

    what a week I’m having

    I can empathise with your plight here. My parents adopted a sheepdog when I was four years old and, at Christmas, two years in a row, the pup chewed on my Marvel Comics Annual presents (UK hardcover reprint collections) and, to add to the canine's cuteness factor, took an overnight dump on them as well. A magical, fondly-remembered time for me in comics.