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  1. Star field covers are brilliant. I should've turned that into a collecting focus. The Steranko art is a bonus.
  2. I've liked Trimpe's work on Hulk ever since I was a kid in the 70s, especially the periods during which his pencils were inked by John Severin and Sal Trapani. He's been given a lot of very harsh and undue criticism, as I posted elsewhere here in General. A very solid, workmanlike style, of its time, and allowances have to be made for the fact that it's art from around a half century ago now.
  3. Here's an obscure monster cover, deserving of more widespread recognition...
  4. I'd been a regular comics reader from around 9 years old. As I've said before, the first time I really connected to comics and excitedly waited to see what appeared on the newsstand each month was the short-lived DC 100 pager period of the early-mid 70s. Then, my interest subsided. Certainly, I still read comics, but there was nothing giving me the same buzz that had been generated by those 100 pagers. However, they served as an indication of what was to come. None of that really explains why I ended up being as obsessive about comics as I was from the very memorable summer of 1977 onw