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  1. I can quite easily see the X-Men character, Goldballs, reaching the same heights of respect and popularity as Taserface.
  2. Hilarious, ever since I first saw it on the shelf at my LCS back then. While I was reading Grant Morrison’s X-Men run, which introduced new members of the Weapon Plus project, such as Fantomex, with Wolverine being Weapon X / 10, of course, I discovered that Brute Force had been retconned as the earlier Weapon 2 Project, along with a genetically-modified squirrel with the same abilities as Wolverine. Which made it even more ridiculous.
  3. Miles Morales’ first super-villain fight. Has potential. Good pick.
  4. Fear 19 did get hot after Howard turned up in Guardians of the Galaxy’s end credit scene.
  5. Willie Lumpkin. Disgruntled postal worker. Has potential.
  6. Beat me to it. Would’ve been my choice. A character with a brilliant introductory story and tragic origin, with superb Frank Brunner artwork. My substitute picks would be Space Turnip and Dr Bong.
  7. Possibly a necessary purchase after a Charles Atlas or Count Dante training course, after overdoing the Dynamic Tension or extreme martial arts.
  8. Yup. It'd be amusing to Photoshop a polar bear and a honey badger in there instead.
  9. Completely, utterly irrelevant, but I'll play. The reason behind it is zombie depression, compensated for by an increasing craving for brains and overeating.