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  1. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    Actually, got me interested in checking. AF 15 was published same month she died, August 1962.
  2. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    Must've been her last film. She died around the same time AF 15 was published.
  3. Up until around 2006 I would keep accurate records of every book I purchased using a simple card file system. Too many at that stage, and likely too lazy, to transfer the details into a spreadsheet format. Then, I stopped updating the file, but my memory is good enough not to buy multiples of books I already own unless it was done deliberately, such as a second ultra-high-grade slabbed copy. Not much of a dilemma now as I've gone digital.
  4. My favourite as a kid in the 70s was the plain chocolate Toffee Crisp bar. Can't get them now.
  5. Who's your favorite Kirby inker and why?

    Another vote for Chic Stone. Great work with Kirby over his Thor pencil art for Journey Into Mystery. Far superior to Vince "The Eraser" Colletta.
  6. I just watched it on Blu-ray. Under all the explicit violence, an excellent story. The best X-Men film. Very moving.
  7. Ragman (1976 series) Yes? No?

    Kanigher, Kubert, Redondo, Golden. A lot to like there.
  8. Mister Miracle - 12 issue limited

    Extremely impressive first issue. One of my favourite Modern comic writers. Nice artwork. I hope it ends up being the DC equivalent to his brilliant Vision series.
  9. Why is Avengers #125 a Key Issue ?

    In the Avengers Annual 7 / Marvel Two-In-One Annual 2 crossover story, The Avengers have another battle with his alien henchmen, but that story is far more significant to the Thanos Saga as a whole. It has some classic scenes; especially Warlock's.
  10. Ragman (1976 series) Yes? No?

    Very enjoyable series. Decent read. Also, try to find a reading copy of Batman Family 20.
  11. Will we ever experience another Marvel Comics success?

    Comics, at the time Marvel arrived, were a bit set in their ways and formulaic. Despite being another formula in itself, Lee introduced stories which felt different, with more angst, bickering and family dynamics. Difficult to see how you could devise something new with the same level of general, wide-ranging appeal.
  12. If you click on the dot to the left of the title, it should take you to the first unread post.
  13. I prefer curry on my fries / chips. A popular English alternative.
  14. I like using the new board format. No problem adjusting.