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  1. In all the photos I think I saw one dealer with a single short box labeled "British comics." Everything else was American. All the wall books, everything! Doesn't a certain 2000AD prog merit a place on the shelf with the other wall books? Or at least a crummy long box? How about Battle? Misty? Scream? Jinty?
  2. Thanks, @shadroch. I've sold to them directly a few times, but I was considering the consignment option because I get tired of checking my list and seeing they only want 2 or 3 books on it.
  3. @shadroch Would you mind sharing more of your experience with MCS' consignment feature?
  4. So a friend of mine mentioned recently that her deceased father's coin collection has been sitting in a safety deposit box, untouched, for years. The mom can't stand it and can't be bothered (actually I think they were divorced), the sister can't be trusted with it, so the responsibility of managing the collection is all on her. And she has zero interest in coins, especially as a collectible. My first thought was A) Hey, I wonder what's valuable in that collection? My second thought was B) I wonder what's decreasing in value the longer she holds? (From what little I understand, the coin market is going through some of its own pains.) It got me thinking about my own comic collection again, and, if comic-collecting trends continue to behave the way they are now (or worse), how many of my books will be so much worthless paper encased in mylar tombs in the year 2039 or so. It got me thinking about how to get rid of it all sooner, rather than later, that's for sure. (The preceding sentence is not intended as an invitation for offers or queries.)
  5. I kind of think that Moderns are a loss leader for their corporate overlords. On the plus side for them, they have a relatively cheap creative incubator where comic book professionals (for various reasons, but mostly not to give up the rights to their own intellectual property) are dreaming up reskins of classic characters their employers already own the rights to into all sorts of media-friendly, brand-new yet familair money-making entities. If Disney can sell tons of licensed Spider-Gwen hoodies, or Warner Brothers can sell licensed Crush pajamas, do they really care if they're losing a few bucks or fanboys over a nearly extinct form of selling content?
  6. I remember watching this show when it came out. I recognized Ellyse Luray because my wife and I used to watch the Antiques Roadshow on PBS. (What can I say, sometimes they had toys and guns and posters...) There's a few other good episodes. There's a guy with a Catwoman obsession, a guy with 60s/70s Hot Wheel and G.I. Joes, a woman with a Barbie collection and another with Star Wars toys, and an aging hipster with a really interesting collection of underground, punk and 60s memorabilia.
  7. Saw this on another website and thought you guys might be interested -- Disclaimer: I don't know this auction house, I have nothing for sale in this auction. https://us.propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/info/id/160/ Anyone know who's selling off this massive collection?
  8. It might have been Batman 262 from Greg Reece sometime in 2009. I don't have it anymore.
  9. What can I say? Aaron's got the books, and he's a total professional. Buy with confidence!
  10. Great stuff so far, everybody. It's always interesting to see what other collectors are into. Here are my top 3, and their reasons why... 1) Tomb of Darkness 20, British Pence Variant For the past couple of years I've been picking up the occassional pence variant. Then I decided to focus on just the BA Marvel horror reprints. I like them because the stories are cool (usually Kirby and Ditko), the books are scarce with low print runs and survivability rates, very few collectors seem to care about them, and they're easily snagged from the Brits because they don't like them either! (Or course, with one notable Boardie exception!) Anyway, I really enjoy the cover to ToD #20, which also has a thirty-cent variant cover that I do not own. I'd be curious to know the print runs on both of the price variants compated to the regular twenty-five cent edition. 2) Creepy 5 I'd been looking for a high grade copy for a few years, and was pleased to find one at Harley Yee's booth at the NYCC. My absolute favorite Frazetta cover of all time. 3) Hostess Fruit Pie OA The Penguin in "The Cuckoo Cuckoos" My top aquisition, by far! What can I say? I started reading comics in the Bronze age, and these Hostess ads were everywhere. The OA is tough to find, I'd been trying to land one for several years. (Although now it looks like the Tex Blaisdell family is letting go of quite a few at auction.) This particular ad checks all my boxes. It's surreal, the artwork is fun, everytime I look at it I hear Burgess Meredith squawking, "waak, waak, waak," and Hostess fruit pies save the day with their tender, flaky crusts and real fruit filling.
  11. I knew I had posted in a "Collection Goals 2018" thread, but I didn't realize there were two of them! I stayed pretty focused this year, which is kind of unusual for me. So how did I do? 1) I picked up 14 HG issues of Weird War Tales, mostly from the second-half of the run. Yeah, low-hanging fruit mostly, but a run is a run. I have about 48 issues left to go, unless I decide to upgrade. 2) Sold or traded all of my BA OOAW, OFF and DD books with the exceptions of a few favorite covers and keys. 3) Sold off my later issues of Creepy, picked up three early Frazetta Creepy covers from Harley Yee at the NYCC 4) I upgraded one book (DC Special Series 16, Jonah Hex story), and bought a slab which was technically a lower grade but presented much better than my other copy (Marvel Preview 2, Punisher story). 5) I barely read any books at all. I feel kind of sick about it, actually. Big goal for 2019 is to conquer the pile. 6) I submitted one HG PCH book to CGC which came back tied with the highest graded. Consigned it to Clink and it sold very well. I felt pretty savvy for a few days after that. Then I overpaid for some schlock and the forces of the universe went back into balance. 7) I did go to the NYCC, and managed to cross a few items off my list (Our Love Story 19), along with a handful of impulse buys. I also had a chance to pick up a piece of OA, which I was really excited about. Who's next? Anybody else get confused which thread they posted in? Just me?
  12. Yes, but what do you drink out of the baby cookie monster cup?
  13. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/10/01/judge-dredd-strontium-dog-carlos-ezquerra-dies70/ One of my favorite 2000 AD artists. Strontium Dog was the best. RIP Carlos.