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  1. Found this in a dollar bin about a year ago, obviously it could use a press.
  2. I dont know if rare is the right word but Double cover/Price variant.
  3. I started collecting at age 12, My first shop was called Worlds Greatest Cards and Comics in Douglasville, Ga. My mom would drop me off for a couple of hours and let me go through longbox after longbox. There was another store right behind Worlds Greatest called Quest Comics. I did not like Quest as much because everything was so clean and in order, over at my store it was a little unorganized and you had to hunt for some things. I still have a VHS of me walking around the store for a class project about your favorite hobby.
  4. I have a feeling this round is going to be a real eye opener!
  5. Damn, i was seriously thinking about buying this!
  6. Show is over, now that this is over, i am moving the show to a fall/spring month. The Georgia summer is just hotter than heck. Big turnout though. Thanks to all that came today.
  7. Thanks! just found out a HUGE Pokemon Go event is happening the same time as the show and a Pokestop? i think thats what they called it, is right next door, hundreds of people are supposed to be coming to the Pokemon event.
  8. I am also interested if you pick anymore up. Thanks
  9. Yes! I am thinking about changing the date if i do another show, this Georgia heat is killing us down here. I am thinking maybe a Fall show might be better next year.
  10. Little bit of both, Aquaman and the JIM will stay with me. I'm meeting up with him tomorrow. If everything goes ok, I will post up in the Craigslist/yardsale thread.