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  1. Boboset


    Interesting reading on Chip. It seems MH is a part of the discussion. I don't want to bury him, defend him or diagnosis him. That said, there is a LOT of history about his actions that does not seem healthy or anywhere close to stable. It doesn't change the real world consequence of cheating others of money. Just an observation. Best of luck to those waiting to be made right.
  2. Boboset


    Kav is to the forums as MRSA is to hospitals. Nothing to be done about it.
  3. Boboset

    Looking to finally get into some golden age.

    It's one of, if not the most, knowledgeable and info packed sections on the boards. Even as someone who doesn't collect GA, I can't help but read many, many threads there.
  4. Boboset


    Thanks for taking care of the PIF while I was gone. I couldn't find the perfect " on grave" gif to post in that discussion thread.
  5. Thanks man! Hope you've been well. Cool bit of info on the New Warriors show. That would be nice. I would love a revival in some form, preferably a new ongoing. We will see. I have noticed that cheap HG copies of #1 are becoming much, much harder to find in quantity.
  6. Boboset


    And again!
  7. Boboset


    Happy New Year! I see that you beat me to the exact same insult on Hector's manhood.
  8. Boboset


    Dikpiks sent! We've got a Janet sending dikpiks! 2017 starts with a bang... Not with a bang but a whimper.
  9. Boboset

    Looking to finally get into some golden age.

    For reals. That is the cream of the crop.
  10. Boboset

    Looking to finally get into some golden age.

    I would identify what series are your favorites, or what look the coolest in your mind, and get one nice example from each. That's what I've always thought of doing. One nice Cap, one nice Subby, one nice Catman, One nice Batsman, etc. It could be fun. It's all about setting limits with GA. There is soooooo much nice stuff but it's mostly all pretty spendy.
  11. I've been out of collecting for over a year. What is new in the world of Darkhawk? Has he been in any comics? Do we a Darkhawk movie to look forward to after Marvel releases the stand alone Wrecking Crew movie? Sweet #5, Carl.
  12. Boboset

    John G. Fantucchio pedigree

    Are we still waiting on most of this collection to be revealed?
  13. At least he gave you positive feedback right away...
  14. Qp is too important to me to buy books without pictures. I guess I would take a chance if the price is crazy good and I intended to flip. Haven't done that yet.
  15. Never going to happen. That's why I support the implementation of very simple requirements to post a sales thread. Some combination of join date/post count. Along the lines of 2 months and 50 posts. This idea always made sense to me. Heck, there is a post requirement to partake in the PIF thread. But then that means that someone like "He whose name shall not be spoken" who creates 50 posts every hour would have been eligible to start selling after one day of posts and as soon as his time period was up. A required join up date / post count just encourages the Long Con. It discourages the short con which is the problem. If there are people doing the long con here, they'll do it regardless. I don't see how that encourages it.