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  1. @Javier O - It's best to still mail me the books.
  2. @Kenny37 If you're looking for Superman celebs, I'll be seeing a few of them at
  3. @se856103 - Yes Eastman will be at Planet. The basic process is you mail me your comic in advance, and I'll take care of the rest. DM me for specifics. @Neieus - I'm happy to help you get anything you need signed, DM me for details.
  4. The following are the conventions I'm facilitating this year: Planet Comicon - March 29-31 - Books due March 27 - Great chance for Detective Comics 1000 East Coast Comic Con - May 17-19 - Books due May 13 Rose City - September 13-15 - Books due September 9 NYCC - October 3-6 - Books due September 30 Baltimore Comic-Con - October 18-20 - Book due October 14
  5. @dscott - Your website says the price is $15/sig, your post says $10/sig. Which is it?
  6. Books are due November 6th and yes CCS pressing is available.
  7. We have an exclusive private signing with Kevin Smith at Kansas City Comic Con. There is a limited number of spots, so act fast. Price: $100/comics & 8x10 - $125 anything else Add Jason Mewes - $30 Add Ming, Mike, and Bryan - $50 Books Due: 11/6/17 You are welcome to submit under either your account or ours.
  8. I'll have a booth setup and will be taking CGC and CGC Signature Series submissions at the show.
  9. Kevin Smith! Jason Mewes! The Comic Book Men! David Finch! Donny Cates!
  10. Depending on the book count, I might be able to help you out. Shoot me a PM.
  11. Inside sources tell me there are some major guest announcements coming up.!