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    Please, please. No more man-crushes. I've hit my limit.

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    Aerospace Engineer
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    Comics, Films (good ones), Status Quo, Pantera, Foo Fighters, Skindred, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Beer (Carlsberg Export and Leffe mostly)
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  1. Boozad

    Biggest Regret or Score in the last decade?

    Selling my Batman #232 9.4 and #251 9.4 back in 2013. Really wish I hadn’t, I miss those books bad, especially the #232.
  2. Signatures are so 2009.
  3. Boozad

    Is this place deader than ever?

    Hey Jimmers
  4. Boozad

    Is this place deader than ever?

    Of course you're right. There were some right bellends on here through the years, obviously I can't speak for the here and now as I'm hardly ever around these days.
  5. Boozad

    Is this place deader than ever?

    It used to, boardies on here have pulled together through some very sad times with the most amazing results.
  6. Boozad

    Is it time for a new avatar?

    And you mate, it's been too long!
  7. Boozad

    Is it time for a new avatar?

    Poor on my part to be fair. I must make a better effort.
  8. Boozad

    Merry Fraggin' Christmas!

    If I had one bet on which boardie on here had one of those...
  9. Boozad

    How did you come up with your forum name and avatar?

    My mate called me Boozad. I love The Joker. This place looks weird.
  10. Boozad

    Happy holiday season to all!!

    Yeah, supposed to be no drink at all for me these days, tough for a Geordie to take, making an exception tonight, what do doctors know anyway Your books make up for booze. Thanks man, I still have a couple what came from you You still collecting Batman ? Haven't collected books for a few years to be honest mate. Work has taken over my life and the girls demand all the spare time I have. And beer.. I do need to start buying books again though, even the missus thinks so...