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  1. Yeah my PB account got nerfed sorry. I'll see if I still have the original photos on my PC and host them somewhere else.
  2. I did mate, it gave me a laugh. A couple of class memories there!
  3. "Has anybody else had an unsolicited PM off dekeuk asking if they want to buy into timeshares?"
  4. Selling my Batman #232 9.4 and #251 9.4 back in 2013. Really wish I hadn’t, I miss those books bad, especially the #232.
  5. Of course you're right. There were some right bellends on here through the years, obviously I can't speak for the here and now as I'm hardly ever around these days.
  6. It used to, boardies on here have pulled together through some very sad times with the most amazing results.
  7. Poor on my part to be fair. I must make a better effort.
  8. If I had one bet on which boardie on here had one of those...
  9. My mate called me Boozad. I love The Joker. This place looks weird.
  10. I know all of this will mainly be preaching to the converted, but we’ve all heard horror stories of books arriving damaged (I’ve had more than my fair share), so hopefully this may come in use at some point and no offence is intended to boardies who know how to pack their books! Step 1: Find a suitable oversized box that is substantially bigger than the books. Step 2: I’m packing ten books here, so what I do when sending more than one book is place all of the books into one larger bag. The reason for this will be explained in a moment. Turn half (or as close to hal