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    From a sprawling mess to a streamlined registry, this is the start of my journey where I will be refocusing my collecting habits and making my registry into something more presentable.
    Over the past year or so, my collecting habits completely lost focus, and the CGC books I owned were starting to sprawl over a range of titles. My initial focus was Batman, it's the character that got me into full time collecting in the first place.
    When I first started collecting back in 2008, I was picking up Batslabs left, right and centre. I had set myself no boundaries, and if it had Batman in it and was in a slab I was buying it. I ended up with grades I wasn't happy with, books I didn't really want and basically a collection that just didn't look or feel right.
    I took up the task of moving the books I didn't want and defining some parameters for the books I wanted to buy. But just as I was getting somewhere, I discovered The Walking Dead and Chew. These titles were so addictive to me I started buying those up as well, Batman took a back seat and my registry declined into a mess.
    Recently we moved house, the repair work needed was and still is extensive. I didn't have the cash reserves to fall back on so books needed to go. Again it was decision time, and I made up my mind to take it back to basics and go with what I orignally loved. Batman. So the WD slabs and Chew slabs were sold off, and any Batman book after 1980 that wasn't in a 9.8 slab went too. The remaining few are still trickling away on eBay right now, but finally after cleansing my collection of over 70 slabs I feel fresh and rejuvenated, my buying habits now seem managable and I have the hunger back to start buying books I'll actually love owning.
    Building a large Batman collection that meets my criteria will take a lot of time, but seeing as the purchases won't be being made so often, I thought it was the ideal time to blast through my registry and turn it into a nicely presented piece.
    First off comes removing all of the books that I no longer own, then it's time to update all of my photos and descriptions. The one set I will hold onto other than Batman is Thicker Than Blood. It's virtually complete with just four more 9.8s to add to the set, and it's such a great tale with gorgeous artwork to compliment it that I just couldn't let it go.
    So I'll be using my journal to track my progress from here on in, updating books that have been added and keeping my registry in a tidy manner! The first purchase to the new streamlined collection should be along soon...
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