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  1. More interest in a single letter than I got for my whole VCC booth. Make it four replies now!
  2. Great save, Diamonddave! Hats off to you and to Comcav and ABizzner for helping out.
  3. Not that there's much competition, but this is the best thing I've seen in 2020.
  4. And thanks, Frisco, for expanding on your October 2019 post here to include the cool covers! How do you say "Make Mine Marvel!" in Spanish?
  5. As I PM'ed, poor Jim E3 is not immortalized on the hallowed pages. But at least you can sleep better at night, I hope. As was established on the first page of this thread, getting your name published was very hit or miss. Mostly miss, from the queries I've gotten. The hits include guys who are in six or seven different issues!
  6. Hey, if somebody's gonna bump Aliens' infamous Ditko post, then I'm gonna bump mine. How about 10% off these last five books?
  7. Matt turned a generous purchase of my VCC comics into an even more generous trade! Great collector who's happy to talk comics.
  8. A Sunday Five books left: ASM #133, Avengers 28 and 37, FF 35 and X-Men 21.
  9. ASM #136 and Subby #6. Thanks!
  10. The ASM #56, Avengers #20 and Avengers #52 are yours! Thanks!
  11. X-Men 21 Condition 2.0. Detached cover, general wear, chips, and poor page quality. Price $10
  12. Sub-Mariner 6 Condition 4.5. Decent enough copy for cheap. Maybe he’ll be in an upcoming MCU movie! Price $8. -- SOLD!
  13. Fantastic Four 35 Condition 2.5. General wear with tape pulls at the top, near The Thing’s left foot, and Reed’s midsection. Rough around the staples but cover attached. Price $17