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  1. Hello! Please remove the following books from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Volume 1) set: Gobbledygook 1 (1984) Gobbledygook 1 (1986) Starting with the 1986 book, this was a book that was added and subsequently removed in late 2019. I made this post and I stand by the points I laid out. The same points apply to the 1984 version of Gobbledygook. The book is an anthology book, a collection of short stories instead of parts of an overarching narrative. Early TMNT stories were spread out over MANY titles and publishers. Gobbledygook would fit well in a "TMNT (Co
  2. I went in to pick it up. I remember going in for issue #1. They had no copies on the shelf. Luckily I started a pull list for Last Ronin so mine was set aside. Yesterday I went in to browse around before picking up my copy from my file. They had 8+ copies of the standard cover and another 8+ copies of the Eastman variant right on the shelves. As I'm browsing, at least 5 people come in to pull their stashes from their files. All of them had Last Ronin in them. The series seems to be picking up steam. I hope they can maintain the momentum!
  3. Anyone else picking up Last Ronin #2 today? I got an e-mail that my copy has been pulled and I'll be picking it up after work today. And with that, I'll be hiding from this thread until I read it to avoid spoilers.
  4. If it brings any comfort, the set I got from you still brings me great joy! Goodness, that was a long time ago! 2009-2010 if I recall correctly.
  5. Ahhhhhhh yeah! A few days ago, I got my genuine Baltimore Mystery Box from @BMoreLauren and it's 100% Baltimore. Starting off, I got a very appropriate 2020 Dumpster Fire sticker (). My kids are still trying to figure out where to put the Orioles decal. One of the reasons we love going to the Baltimore Comic Con is the Orioles play right across the street. We've gone to several games over the years. Also a Baltimore County keychain and some warm-looking Ravens socks, which is great because we got a ton of snow dumped on us about a week and a half ago and more on the way.
  6. This is so true! I'm not sure I've ever seen an episode of a show of any length have credits that take so long to scroll.
  7. I thought for a kids movie, the first one was really good and my sons liked it quite a bit. I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully Jim Carrey comes back as Robotnik.
  8. Fair enough, especially from the perspective of a regular seller. When I sell on ebay, I tend to sell in spurts. I'll list 3-4 items at a time, let them run for a week, and then list 3-4 more items when those are done. When life gets in the way, I won't list anything, sometimes months at a time. But if I ever do pack it up early, I always write a small note right on the box telling me what's in it. The note will ultimately get covered by the shipping label. It helps prevent any mistaken shipments.
  9. I'd say there's nothing wrong with a little cross posting if the posts are relevant. If your WTB post is exclusively TMNT books, I don't think anyone would be upset with posting a link here. Admittedly, many don't go directly to the WTB section often, but might if there's something they might be able to help with. I'd still suggest giving price ranges. The problem you'll be up against through no fault of your own is that so many have gone before you saying they're offering "reasonable prices" only to find out they are hoping to buy books at like 50% of what they're going for on ebay, f
  10. @Wolverinex The kids and I made this 2 weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. We made the Bodacious Black Bean and Corn pizza I mentioned earlier from the TMNT cookbook. This was a hit with everyone and I'm sure we'll be making it again. We did a rectangular one since we just used store-bought Pillsbury Pizza Dough from a can. Thanks again! I'll also mention that we've made the breakfast pie 2 more times since the one we posted. The kids like it a lot! Though I've modified it a bit by scrambling the eggs, which makes the whole process less messy when handing a sl
  11. I'd recommend heading over to the Want to Buy area and write up a post listing out the individual issues you're looking for. Once it's written out, link it here or possibly even add the link into your signature line. It also helps if when making the list you give people an idea of what you're looking to spend. Setting price expectations from the outset helps prevent wasting time on both sides. Good luck!
  12. This is my thought as well. Given what you went through, I understand why they didn't want to unpack everything to re-pack them together. This happens to me though. Every time I get ahead of the game a little and pack an item up before the auction ends so all I need to do is print a label after receiving payment, sure enough the buyer will buy more than one of my items. Every. Single. Time.
  13. I've always thought the back cover to the Raphael one-shot was even better than the front: The back cover to Gobbledygook features the first ad for the TMNT that pre-dates the first issue, which is also pretty cool: