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  1. With the technology we've seen so far, they could also go the route of reverse-engineering the substance that enhances one's abilities based on samples of T'Challa's blood. I'm sure there are a few ways they could get around the crop-burning scene in the first movie.
  2. And I was thoroughly overruled! Though to be fair, the number of people collecting these books back then seemed much smaller than what it is today. Back then, it felt like I was the only one submitting these. However, in the years since we have seen more sales of these books and a little bit less of a homogenous pricing curve for issues outside of the first 6 first prints. I'd also support a review of the scores of TMNT volume 1 and would be happy to give input if CGC felt open to it.
  3. I am catching up on the old thread and found this post to be exceptionally relevant to the current conversation: Trimming is not considered restoration. It is damage that is intended to deceive people & shame on anyone who does not note it. - @dylanthekid
  4. I have a hunch that you shouldn't buy that...
  5. I'm late to this party, but if you want to get super technical about it, neither cover features Oroku Saki/Shredder. He was killed in issue #1 and the versions we see in that arc and the Return to New York arc are clones comprised of worms and magic. It's kinda like the Alien franchise. Ripley dies in Alien 3, but there's a clone of Ripley in Alien: Resurrection. It looks like Ripley and it goes by Ripley, but it's something wholly different altogether. ...Plus both Shredder and Ripley have failed clones that make appearances. The analogy works pretty well.
  6. I'll echo what others are telling you. They are your books. Do what makes you feel happy, but adding Evans' or Keaton's signatures to those books will yield a MUCH smaller pool of potential buyers when the time comes to sell. Especially given that neither signature is exactly cheap, adding them will be a losing proposition from a financial perspective. But again, if it brings you joy, do it.
  7. I'm giving this a "No". For starters, we don't know what the story is yet for the Last Ronin. Presumably, it takes place in a future where 3 of the turtles are no longer in the picture with a single, older-looking turtle left, wearing a cloak and a black bandanna and carrying the weapons of his brothers along with his own. That's about all we have to go on so far. We don't even know which turtle it is. The cover for 104 you posted above seems to be a Turtle (seemingly Donatello based strictly on the belt design) in the current day (no cloak or black bandanna) holding the weapons of all the turtles. I don't think simply holding all 4 types of weapons is enough to say that it's a first appearance. It's the same reason I don't consider this Eric Talbot commission I picked up a few years ago a Last Ronin prototype: Just so all the information is here, Gwenpool was a bit of a fluke. In 2015, the character Spider-Gwen really rose in popularity. To celebrate, Marvel made a series of variant covers that showed an amalgamation of Gwen and the title character. Iron Man became Iron Gwen. Howard the Duck became Gwen the Duck. Groot became Gwoot. For some reason, the amalgamation of Gwen and Deadpool (Gwenpool) caught fire with fans. Because of this, Marvel created a whole backstory for the character based entirely off that one cover. So Gwenpool became a whole new character based on an appearance on a variant cover. We don't know the details of the Last Ronin storyline yet. It could be one of the mainline Turtles. It could be Jennika. It could be some other mutant turtle we've not met before. In any case, a random turtle holding all 4 weapon types, to me, does not qualify as a "first appearance". If you think otherwise, I'd love to know your thoughts.
  8. It looks like we're getting a CGI reboot: Courtesy of Seth Rogen
  9. @Fritts You forgot to add an image.
  10. Is Dr. Strange wearing Tony's armor? What's the story behind that? Alternate rescue scene?
  11. Awesome information. Thank you!
  12. @GreatEscape @Skizz Can either/both of you guys elaborate a bit on how you size the viewing window of your mat? Do you buy it pre-cut or do you do you cut it yourself? If you do it yourself, what do you use? edit: This is mostly for pieces that aren't a standard OA size.