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  1. Someone explain to me why I'm stupid, because I always thought it was GSX#1. Saving his sister from a runaway tractor is his big origin moment, is it not?
  2. Thanks for looking. I'll be slowly moving these to ebay. If you see one you like, feel free to send me a PM.
  3. Take 10% off the listed prices! Or feel free to send an offer if you'd like.
  4. @JohnFrost I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for when you say "proper listing". Here's a link to the census listing for issue number 1 of that series. Here's a listing of the Image issues as described by Mirage Studios, the publishers of the original 80's comics. Image is widely considered "Volume 3" of the series, though this is a polarizing opinion in the TMNT community. Mirage Studios published volumes 1 & 2, but then image got the license and published their run of books. It begins with a time skip since the last time we saw the turtles and by the end of the series, 3 of the turtles are permanently disfigured. Ultimately, Mirage Studios put out Volume 4, which also started with a time skip. The story never mentions the events that occurred in the Image run and none of the turtles are disfigured. Peter Laird, the co-creator of the series and lead on Volume 4 insists that the events in the Image series never happened in his canon, but some people insist that it did happen in the main canon. It's largely left up to the individual to decide what they think. The original Image series never got a proper conclusion when it ran in the 90's. However, IDW has been reprinting the issues and has plans to finish the series once and for all.
  5. You may want to reach out to him again. In our exchanges, he seemed to be under the impression that everyone had been paid back. I think he assumed that his intermediary that helped to get the initial wave of refunds dispersed took care of everything. Good luck!
  6. First appearance I've ever seen for him.
  7. That's what I've got today. I'll leave these here for a few days before shifting them slowly to ebay. I'm motivated to get these out the door, so feel free to PM me an offer if you see something you like. Heck, I'd entertain trade offers if you happen to have TMNT items of interest. Thanks guys!
  8. Captain America/Cable by Ed McGuinness, inked by Dexter Vines CGC 9.6 SS $250
  9. Hey All! Anyone remember Akoni Kaholo (kaholo1256)? He burned me and many others on these boards going back to the middle of 2015. You can find some details about it here if you care to read. Ultimately, CGC cut ties with this former witness/facilitator and it took a while for most to get their money back from him. He reimbursed the smaller amounts first and eventually things cooled off but he went dark before he got around to reimbursing my money. For years, I tried unsuccessfully to get my money back. I had a breakthrough in late 2019 and we came to an agreement that in lieu of money he'd send me some salable items that I could in-turn sell to get my money back. I got the books a while back but with the holidays and a busy work schedule, I haven't been able to list these yet. I figure I'd offer them here before ebay. I tell you that to convey that I'm HIGHLY motivated to move these to finally get the money back that I haven't seen since 2015. I'll list prices for these, but by all means, feel free to send offers. Time payments are welcome and I can certainly offer discounts if you're buying more than one book. Shipping to the US will be included in the price. I can offer discounts to anyone who wants to buy more than one. 5 sketch covers coming up... Boring details: