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  1. I have them, but the bound volume really did have just those three copies. Here is a photo of all of the oversized early Disney books.
  2. I managed to mess this up royally but I did just have another birthday. The books are all there but not in order but in groups of 12 that are. This is why I hate posting.
  3. Recently a question was raised about which comics contained Barks stories containing Uncle Scrooge. He was always a favorite of mine and several years ago I put together a HG collection of those books. The Donald Duck issues and the Uncle Scrooge issues have been pictured many times, but here are the rest of the books in that collection. I had thought I might sell them a few years ago and submitted a sample for grading, and you can see that the results are variable but all are nice.
  4. For the Disney collectors, and I have always been one, here is a set of the 16 Dumbo Weekly issues with the holder and mailer.
  5. Thanks, Andrew. I put them in Mylar's but still have them in the boxes he used to ship them to me. This set was his pride and joy, and I sure wish Ray was still here to enjoy them.
  6. These three books are one volume in Delacorte's library of Large Feature Comics between the two Donald Duck issues. These are high grade copies with rich color covers.
  7. A good friend of mine, Ray Funk, assembled a complete run of Famous Funnies from #3 when Buck Rogers started, to the last issue. When he was dying, he asked me to take them because he wanted to know they had a good home. I scanned copies of #1 and #2 and adjusted them to fit in the matrix. Here are the first 72 issues.
  8. Next year will be OAFcon's 50th anniversary and I have been told that they are going to go all out to make it a special event.
  9. One year when I was visiting Leonard Brown at Collectors Bookstore, I told him I had decided to get a run of LTMM #1-10. He laughed and said he had multiples of every issue but not one in high grade. We went in the vault and checked them all, but there was nothing above Fine so I passed. He said he couldn't remember ever having seen a high grade copy of any of the first ten issues or he would have pulled it for his collection. Ricky's book is the nicest one I have ever seen--a true rarity.
  10. Thanks, Bob, for letting us see two superstars in action singing one of the great early classics! Hi-D Hi-D Hi-D Ho!
  11. I agree with Steve that those ubiquitous little storage facilities that look like a series of garages are not safe. However, there are specialized storage sites like The Security Center in New Orleans that are worth considering. It is located in the old Federal Reserve building, offers space from a safety deposit box to a full-sized room, and is open 24/7. Extremely secure facilities are also available in some other cities from other sources.
  12. I always thought that the first 13 issues of this title were the best, and to have a copy from that run signed by Barks just makes it even better!
  13. If you live in New Orleans, or just want an excuse to visit, the Security Center is outstanding and offers 24/7 access.
  14. In general, Malcolm handled movie material while Leonard handled comics.
  15. Steve Ellis, His partner at the store when it closed, Mark Willoughby, called me with the news. He also called Leonard Brown's widow. You might try tracking down Mark. Richard Olson