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  1. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Yes. it is. Also make birthday shopping easier, too.
  2. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Thanks, Hal. She was quite pleased, as well. One artist closer to her goal of having a page from every artist who worked on the 1987 Wonder Woman series.
  3. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Today is my wife birthday, so I continued the glorious tradition of getting her a piece of original art for it. Here's the great piece she received today. Pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself:
  4. In honor and tribute to the passing of artist Sam Glanzman, who left us early this morning!
  5. In honor of today, I've posted up several pages from Punisher War Zone #11, full of action and excitement. This art is by artist Mike Harris, who is an Army veteran. The prices have been lowered from the ones on the art gallery (although, it's never lower enough for the cheapskates around here, I'm sure). So, here's your chance to something revolutionary: Think of someone other than yourselves and show some thankfulness to someone who has fought for your freedoms, which you are getting to indulge in on this very day, when we celebrate such. Head on over and bid:
  6. I offered you something, but I never heard anything from you.
  7. Cool. Well, there are also some other pages featuring Warlock from that issue, even a couple of him in action.
  8. Well, if it is, don't hold off too long, or you might miss out. But to help, let me tempt you more.
  9. Just updated almost two dozen new pages for sale. These are from Strange Tales #17 (featuring Cloak and Dagger) and Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #36 (an Infinity Gauntlet tie-in). All art is by artist Dan Lawlis. Great Copper Age work, including several nice splash pages. These aren't being offered at "fire sale" prices, so I know many here will whine "you are overpriced" (never mind the fact, that if they had these pages, they'd likely be asking for way more than we are, the hypocrites). But price can be negotiated (if you are fair-minded yourself). Head over and check out the new stuff. Then, place an order. Or don't. I'm good either way.
  10. So, have up almost a dozen pieces on eBay right now. Pages from Marvel and DC titles from the 80's and 90's, plus original art from The Tick. All at significantly lowered prices, making them very affordable (at least to anyone who isn't a tightwad cheapskate, which leave quite a few of you here out, doesn't it?). And for the slow of wit, remember that if you have an International address, or view through some mobile devices, you won't see them. I'd think this was common knowledge by now. Oh, and they end in less than four hours. So, no time to dilly-dally. Yeah, I could have said something sooner but, well, this is enough effort for this place.
  11. eBay auctions: 90's Spider-Man pages! So, in honor of the upcoming new Spider-Man movie, I've put up some Spider-Man pages from 1997 on eBay. These are from the one-shot "Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand" and are done by artist Dan Lawlis (his only time drawing the character, in fact). As with the last batch of eBay auctions, these are priced significantly lower from their listed prices on the art gallery (although, I know no price this side of "free" is cheap enough for the skin flints around here). Go look and bid, or don't, whatever: Oh, and don't forget dum-dums, if you don't have a US address or are using certain mobile devices, you won't be able to see the auctions. You'll just have to go to the art gallery and deal with me direct (it's a lot more difficult to talk business, than to talk the trash you do around here, but such is life, as we were never promised a rose garden).
  12. And yet here you are still replying. Proving me correct. So, thanks for that!
  13. As I stated already, the "tone" is what seems to work here. No one to blame for that, but yourselves. As to the use of "buffoon," well, I needed a word that fit, which wouldn't be blocked by the filters here. It seems to get the point across, didn't it? And how can mere words hurt people who've claimed they'll "deal with the devil?" Seems to run counter to what you want to claim. No, those who don't do business with me are likely because I don't have art from an artist they want. But the minute I do, all of this will mean nothing. It's already been proven by increased traction on the eBay auctions and sales in general. But your last line is more true that you realize. Not just because of the realities I stated above, but by replying to this, you prove that negativity is what people support here, way more than positivity. And what can make you look more that way than your own words and actions?
  14. No, I just don't have art from an artist you want badly enough. But every dog has their day. I'm sure some day I will have such and then you will want to buy, regardless of my "tone" here. But if you don't, it is completely YOUR loss. Just ask those who have bought from me. If you have the courage to face seeing your assumptions shattered, that is.