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  1. So, I just spent about half the night posting up nearly two dozen pages for sale. It all X-Men related work from Dan Lawlis. There's several pages from Generation X #39 (including a wicked splash page), and 18 pages from X-Men Unlimited #8 (including a couple splashes, a double-page splash, and an unpublished version to one of the pages). Lots of great stuff, all our usually reasonable prices (not that any of you here care). Here's a link to go view them (though I'm almost certain you wont, you loss!):
  2. WTB: Daredevil Pages

    Well, I don't have any fully rendered pages, but I do have a group of prelims Scott McDaniel did for Daredevil #309, which I'm selling on behalf of inker Bud LaRosa. He told me McDaniel did these, to help him with how he wanted to flesh out the layouts on certain pages (and the cover). So, original pencil prelims to Daredevil #309 are available from me. You can check them out here:
  3. >Sigh< So, I got several Power Man and Iron Fist pages from the 80's on eBay. Art by Mark Bright and Greg LaRocque. Hell, I don't even know why I'm bothering telling you cheapskates. You wouldn't even look at them, much less actually bid. But, whatever. At least you can't whine I didn't tell you about them. Although, I know international buyers will whine about not seeing them, even though I've stated over and over I don't sell international through eBay. Just proves you don't read these things, do you? Go, bid, don't, f*** it! Here's the link, for all you care:
  4. More new stuff for sale, not that many of you seem to give a damn. Today, it's a half dozen original sketch covers by artist Bill Maus. These include the titles The Walking Dead, Nova, Indestructible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Dejah Thoris, and Danger Girl: Renegade. Some are in color, some are not. The prices are very reasonable (despite what you whiners always say), as they are priced lower than Bill would charge you are a show to do one of similar quality. Head over and check them out, if you are into this kind of thing. And then do something revolutionary: buy one!
  5. Okay, I've put up some page on eBay. Five pages from Cloak and Dagger #1 (1988 series), with art by Dan Lawlis and featuring X-Factor. These are good pages with action and the title characters. I've also put up five Iron Man pages from the 90's, with art by Terry Shoemaker and that are pretty much all splash pages (including a couple of "cover quality" ones). All of this is, in the parlance, known as "the good stuff!" And the price has been lowered from the listed prices (for most of them). So, maybe this time you cheapskates will actually bid (though I doubt it). Here's where they can be seen (along with a few sketch covers on the cheap, if you are into that kind of thing): Needless to say International addresses and some mobile devices won't show these auctions. All I can say is, if you don't like it, move to the U.S. or go view them on an actual computer.
  6. So I just did an another update of new art for sale. This time, it's a hodge-podge of goodies from Mike Vosburg, which spans over 45 years! First we have a couple of Marvel pages from his work on Cloak and Dagger and Clive Baker's Hellraiser. Then, we have an incredibly detailed pin-up of that far east villain, Fu Manchu. Next up, some Lori Lovecraft pages (which if you buy a page you get one of the two Lori Lovecraft 20th Anniversary prints, as a special bonus from Mike). After that, there is an unpublished concept page to Linda Lovecraft, which pre-dates her first appearance in Star*Reach back in the 70's. And lastly, a complete 8-page short story Mike did for a title call "Death Rattle #2," from one of those indie publishers back in 1972 (and is some of his earliest published work). So, as you can see, lots of good stuff to see and buy. So, head on over to the art gallery and do just that!
  7. Everyone should pack their art like Bronty!

    Don't need to pack that way. The way I pack (and have been for almost the last six years) has resulted in no piece I've sold ever getting damaged. It's not hard to do, when you actually care about what you are doing.
  8. The Hulk and Spider-Man pin-ups are gone. Better hurry and place an order before the rest is, too.
  9. Just updated some new art for sale from Dan Lawlis. In this batch you have a dozen pages to L.E.G.I.O.N. #48 from DC and three pin-up pieces featuring Marvel Characters (Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Mary Jane Watson-Parker, respectively). One of them, published in one of the Marvel Swimsuit Specials of the 90's (I'll let you guess which one). The link below will take you to the art. Some of it is inexpensive, some is not (again, I'll let you guess which is which). So, there's something for anyone's budget. Just go here and place an order:
  10. Confessions of a Newbie Collector

    The page certainly does look like Salvador Larocca's work from around that time period. Closer to his work on Ghost Rider, than what he later did on the X-Men.
  11. Alright, you've whined, you've complained, you've nagged! Here's your one shot at getting what you've cried you want. The current listing on eBay are at 30-40% off the listed prices at the art gallery. Published pages from Marvel, DC, Archie and more. Featuring the Punisher, Spider-Man, X-Factor, Power Man & Iron Fist, and others. Almost four dozen pieces are up for grabs at a rock bottom price. You'll NEVER... I repeat, NEVER... see these pieces listed for this low again (I promise you that). So, time to put your money where your feet are. This is your ONE SHOT. Fail to act and you will never be taken seriously when you whine about prices again. Oh, and no one with an international address or using certain mobile devises will see these. Sorry, but you we are take enough of a loss on these.
  12. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Yes. it is. Also make birthday shopping easier, too.
  13. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Thanks, Hal. She was quite pleased, as well. One artist closer to her goal of having a page from every artist who worked on the 1987 Wonder Woman series.
  14. A birthday gift to my wife!

    Today is my wife birthday, so I continued the glorious tradition of getting her a piece of original art for it. Here's the great piece she received today. Pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself:
  15. In honor and tribute to the passing of artist Sam Glanzman, who left us early this morning!