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  1. eBay auctions for cheapskates: Round 3 - Pin Up Pulchritude Well, it's another round of super-cheap eBay auctions (although nothing is ever cheap enough for this crowd). It's all pretty much pin ups this time around, from some very notable artists. Many of them in color, too. Head on over to bid. Or don't and keep proving me correct about this "community." I'm good either way.
  2. For Sale: Late 80's Marvel pages! Just posted up some new 80's Marvel art fresh to market. 14 pages from Cloak and Dagger #2 and several pages from Avengers Spotlight #33 (featuring U.S Agent). Very reasonably priced, too (although I know it's never cheap enough for the skin flints around here). You can view the art and place your order here:
  3. eBay auctions for cheapskates: Round 2! Some new super-cheap eBay auctions are up, although I know they can never be cheap enough to the skinflints around here. Go bid. Or don't. Maybe they can go to some worthwhile people.
  4. Calling all cheapskates! Okay, you want cheap auctions, you got them. 80's and 90's published DC and Marvel pages. Time for you loser to put up or shut up. Go to the link below and bid. Or don't. Just know, that either way, I win!
  5. "You're a businessman representing artists, and you need to solve this basic problem. Since you can't change your inventory you can only adjust your pricing. That's it. There are no other levers to pull. If you're unwilling to drop prices to sell pages or induce offers you'll fail to move pages." I'm not going to drop prices to levels that are ridiculous (like the one guy who said 30 cents on the dollar or less), to entice flippers or people who truly have no interest in order to get them buy them. That isn't what I'm here for. That isn't what the artists are working with me for. They want a fair price. I'm willing to discuss prices, to find a compromise with people who are interested in the stuff. I'm not going to "fire sale" stuff, just to get a sale at any cost. The artist can do that themselves. They don't need me for that. "bottom line, the value of any page is the price it sells for. Your pages aren't selling so you value them too high." Funny, but I have sold some of these pages for the asking prices. The Cloak and Dagger stuff, that one clown called "low quality," I sold three pages from that. For the full asking price. The buyer didn't even ask to negotiate the price. They didn't see it as "unreasonable." The person on this very thread, who asked me about Iron Fist pages, told me in a PM we had, that while he wasn't interested in the pages I had, they thought the prices on them were something that should easily be gotten on eBay. So, are the prices unreasonable? Or are just some buyers, with little or no interest, just wanting to get them super-cheap and calling that "reasonable?" "Directly above your post is a guy who buys quite a bit but doesn't love your inventory and considers your prices much too high. So high that he doesn't see the chance of making a deal at a reasonable price and believes you'd be insulted by what he considers a reasonable offer." And he stated that he'd make such an offer, because he has no real interest in those pages. It's not that my prices are "unreasonable." Nor that I'm unwilling to negotiate on prices. But his lack of interest, means he'll only buy if it's a "fire sale price." It wouldn't matter what the page was truly worth. And I'm not going to fire sale ANYTHING. EVER. And I'm sure the artists won't, either. And if that is what a buyer expects, they are the unreasonable one. He wasn't expecting that and knew to offer it would be unreasonable and I'm glad he understood that. I appreciate that he didn't do that. I have respect for him and hope I someday have something that DOES interest him. "don't continue to make this an emotional issue and instead understand the problem, evaluate the comments in this thread, and come up with a logical solution." The logical solution(s) is this: If the only sticking point is prices, that can be addressed with discussion between the buyer and myself. I've made it PAINFULLY clear, I'm willing to do that. But the buyer must engage or nothing can be changed. If the sticking point is lack of interest, I can do nothing about that. And I and the artists will not "fire sale" the inventory to entice those types to buy it. It isn't fair to us and it will never happen. And if that is what they expect, they are the unreasonable ones. If the sticking point is spite (because, while I don't think that is true of EVERY collector, I'm sure there are at least a few for who it is), there's nothing I can do about that. If they want to deny themselves stuff they are interested in, just because it's me who's selling it, that's up to them. I, however, will find them denying themselves good stuff they would like to have the height of hilarity. That's the logical solutions.
  6. Well, a troll like you certainly is no help in that. That is the only sure thing I can say.
  7. Well, Felix is part of the "old boys network." He's been involved in this stuff for a very long time. Long before he was a rep. Jason, I know much less about, so I can't speak on him. And I never heard of the others you mentioned. As to the rest, you are right that it would be insulting to offer 30 cents (or less) on the dollar. That would not be accepted by the artists or myself. So, it sounds like you fall into the category of "no real interest in the art at all." And that's fine. But there is nothing I can do about that. And I will not "fire sale" the artists stuff in a vain effort to "foster interest." That isn't fair to them or me. Because if that is what they wanted to do, they wouldn't really need me to do that, would they? They could do that on their own. But if you do find something of interest I have, and the sticking point is price, just know that I am always willing to work with a buyer on that. I can't promise you'll get the price you want, but I will do all within my power to give as square and fair a deal as I can, to all involved.
  8. "'Went after artists' Sure, guys have made C level type comments. I can understand that you may like the artists work and the artists themselves but you're representing artists that aren't A list in popularity and that's what the comments are reflecting. " Call their work "low quality" and "sub-par" isn't just some "C level comment." It's inferring they are hacks. Because what kind of artist wouldn't care about the quality of their work, as if they were just churning out sausages? A hack. They may have said it to stick it to me, but what does it say about them that they would insult others to get at someone else. "Well meaning collectors" is certainly not what they are. "'Open to discussion on price' But you're not getting any interest. That tells me that buyers perceive your prices to be too high to bother with a discussion and/or the art isn't interesting enough to motivate buyers to open discussion." If they only want art from the "A-list superstars," there's nothing I can do about that. If they only want covers, I can't do anything about that. But if the price is the issue, I can do something about that (on most things). And the only way to do that, is to discuss it with me. I can't read minds. So, if the issue is the price, that can be worked on. If the issue is one of the other things I mentioned, I can't do anything about that. "Exactly, they don't like the prices, and they don't want to negotiate. As a seller you have to find a price that moves the art. The buyers will just move on to art they like better or that is cheaper." But if they are interested in the piece and price is the only issue, why NOT negotiate? How can a price to move it be found, if people aren't willing to discuss it? Again, the artists and I aren't just going to unilaterally deeply drop prices. That will never happen. If you are interested in something, but the price doesn't work for you, you talk it over. Not all sellers are the same. Some might not be willing to do so. I've made it VERY clear I am. "If buyers think my prices are a bit too high they'll hopefully make an offer, if they think I'm way too high they'll just walk away. You're buyers are unfortunately walking away. And if I have a book priced at $100 and three guys near me have similar books priced at $10 I'm not gonna get any offers and I'm not gonna sell anything." They only walk away, if they aren't really interested. If that's the case, there's nothing I can do about that. But then, if that's the case, price isn't really the issue, is it? And since all this is one-of-a-kind stuff, your "someone has the exact same thing for $10" example doesn't work here. There is no one with the exact same stuff I'm offering. "Sad to say but yes, some people will make a deal with the devil for art, but that's generally for A list art or possibly a page from a book they loved many years ago and they're willing to pay up for the memory." I have a lot of stuff that is "down memory lane." Pages that are over 20, 25, 30 years old, or more. As for A-list artists, again, nothing I can do if they just want to suck off the "superstars" only. "That you're ethical is wonderful but if you're prices aren't in line with other sellers you'll be an ethical seller without sales." But didn't you, or someone else here, say that pricing along the lines with other dealers is wrong, because their stuff just sits on their sites and has forever? That doing that means the stuff would be overpriced? So, which is it? Follow other dealers lead or not? "You keep coming back to I'm open to offers. Buyers don't see in value in making an offer." Really? Odd, considering how many collectors on CAF have stuff for sale saying "make me an offer." Or all the many tales people have told here, about haggling on the price to get a good deal with someone else. Buyers see no value in discussing a price? Then how does anything ever sell, unless it's being given away? Which, again, is not something my artists and I will ever do. "What you and the artists value the art at is unfortunately not lining up with what the market is valuing the art at." Well, since there is no "price guide" for this stuff, that leave it up to people to DISCUSS THE PRICES. If you don't do that, then nothing can change. You can't get a "better price," if you don't discuss it with the seller. We are not mind readers. "The 3 obvious reasons you're not selling are, low demand product, high prices, bad seller. If we consider you a good seller that leaves low demand product and/or high prices. The solution to this problem is competitive prices and/or better product." I can do nothing about "low demand." I can't make someone interested in something they are not. But, again, for the millionth time, if price is the issue, that can be negotiated. People have done it before. I've stated I'm open to it. There's not much more to it, than that. "It isn't personal." Perhaps not of all of them. But some of them, I'm pretty sure it is. "The other side isn't clamming up." If I have art they are interested in, but would like a "better" price, then they say nothing to discuss the possibility for that, that is most definitely "clamming up." "They just don't want what you have to sell at the price you're trying to sell it for." And what you say here, indicates it is a price issue. They don't want it AT THAT PRICE. That can be discuss and negotiated on. I've stated I'm open to that. Now, if it's "they don't want it AT ANY PRICE," then that isn't a pricing issue. That's an interest issue and I can do nothing about that. So, as everyone here, including you, has been saying price is the problem, then all that needs to be done, is to talk it over with me. Perhaps it can be worked out. If they won't do that, that leaves only two possibilities: 1) They have no interest in the art at all, which I can do nothing about. or 2) They have an interest, but they won't discuss it out of spite, because I'M the one selling it and were it anyone else, they would discuss the price, as many have done millions of times in this hobby. And in both cases, the price really isn't the problem. "There are thousands of original art buyers and they're a very diverse group with different backgrounds and different budgets and interests." Yes, that is true. Which is why being open to negotiate on prices is important. Which I am. But I can't make someone have interest. And the artists and I are not going to "fire sale" so flippers can grab this stuff on the cheap, in some vain effort to "foster interest." If someone has interest, but does not like the price, they can talk to me about it and we can try to reach a price we all can be satisfied with. I can do nothing more.
  9. "let's just sit back and talk rationally." Okay. "Well meaning collectors" Sorry, don't buy that. The fact they even went after the artists themselves tells me that much. "It doesn't matter what you think the pages are worth" Which is why I'm open to discussion on price. I don't claim to be an expert on that. I'm always willing to talk and work it out. "doesn't matter what the artists expect the pages to sell for" Actually, it does. They have final say on all matters. It's their stuff, not mine. I can't do just anything I (or others) want. If I did, they probably wouldn't work with me and then I have nothing. "doesn't matter that you're honest or that you're proactive in trying to sell your pages" Well, it's good to know being ethical in this business is important, I guess. Maybe I should adopt Burkey's and Stock's tactics, since it doesn't matter. "doesn't matter that you're open to offers." So, people don't like the prices (they are too high) and they don't want to seek out a better price by making offers and working it out (if possible). Then what's really left to do? "What matters is the marketplace, which goes far beyond the small group of posters in this thread, isn't interested in the art you're selling at the price you're selling it for. " So, they don't like the prices, but don't want to talk to negotiate on prices. What's a person to do? That's like complaining about a pain, but then refusing to talk to a doctor to see what can be done. "Your hostile post, which I quoted above, is calling people whiners because they don't bring offers." They complain the prices are too high, but then don't want to make offers or negotiate on prices. What's a seller to do? "Think about it, no offers, no sales, even a 35% off sale generates no interest." Which says that it doesn't matter what I do. I'm being cut off at every turn. That seems like spite, to me. I was told here that "people would make a deal with the devil for art," yet they won't do that with me. They'll do it with dealers who've done unethical things, but they won't do it with me. I'm told I'm taking this all "too personally," but what else can it be, with the facts laid out like this? "The vast majority of boardies posting here are trying to help" No, they aren't. "you just don't seem to be able to listen." I was told prices are the problem. I said I'm open to discussing those, if someone is interested in something. What more can be done? If you won't discuss it with the seller, there's nothing left to do. All I can think it they expect the artists and I to give it away for next to nothing ourselves. But that will NEVER happen. So, what's left? Again, it all comes back to what I've said over and over: How can prices be addressed or negotiated, when one side will clam up and refuse to discuss it? I've yet to see an answer for that. Thanks for the "rational talk." It's a shame it didn't produce anything useful.
  10. Well, right now, the only page I have with him on it is this one: I also have this page with the dragon he defeated to gain the Iron Fist: And just to beat it to the punch, if you feel the prices are a bit high, talk with me. I'm willing to try and work out a price we both can be happy with. Also, just so you know, I spoke with Gerry Acerno today (the artist who has pages from this series). He said he might have a page with the retelling of Danny getting the Iron Fist tattoo, I told him if he's willing to sell it to send it, along with more PM & IF art he wants to sell. Keep watch on my gallery and I'll be sure to update any of that as soon as it comes in.
  11. Prices are the only thing people here pointed to as the problem (save the couple of jerks who insulted the artists I work with). And I've said if that is an issue, that you can always talk it over with me. I'm willing to work on prices, if I can. The door to "wheel-and-deal" is always open. But I can't force someone to walk through. And again, how can you "alienate" something that doesn't exist? They already aren't buying. They are saying the price is the problem, but they won't engage to discuss it. Who's the one doing the alienating? And here's one I'm wondering about now. They all ignore new art made for sale. They ignore my eBay auctions. They ignore attempts to be upbeat in the posts I make. But when I vent some frustration, all of a sudden, they break the trend. Why? Couldn't they just keep follow the tact they use on everything else? What does it say about them, when they only respond to something negative? You are the only one who made any kind of worthwhile suggestion here, Malvin. And I do appreciate that. But the others, it's just "dogplie the rabbit," when I vent frustration. What's that say about them?
  12. Considering who that's coming from, it doesn't worry me in the least.
  13. Or maybe it says the group you are associating with isn't a good one.
  14. If no one feels the need to bring any offers, they have no right to whine about the prices. That's the truth.
  15. Okay. I get it. I'll tell my artists we need to sell on the cheap, because they are hacks with sub-par work. I'll stop trying to reach out to people, with stuff they might be interested in, because I don't want to spam people. No more eBay auctions, either. Free shipping on all orders, too. I don't need to make anything, after all. Anyone who wants to buy, just go to the gallery and offer ANYTHING on a piece, no matter how little, I'll accept it. The customer is always right, even when they are wrong. A business has to give them what they want at all times. Got it. Okay, let's "sell" some product!