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  1. Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    Just thought you here might be interested in an eBay auction I have up right now, with 5 consecutive Archie Comic pages (which are nicely themed for the current season). Here's the link to my auction listings. And below are the pages in the auction. Good luck to you who bid:
  2. Here:
  3. Archie art: any fans and collectors here?

    Can't say I'm much of an Archie fan or collector, but I do own this piece by Dan DeCarlo and Alison Flood (which was also published in "The Art Of Archie: The Covers HC." But don't make any inquiries for it, as this goes to my niece (when my time in this life passes), as she has developed a love of Archie comics (thanks to a certain uncle ).
  4. Here:
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  6. eBay auctions: Pin-up Pulchritude

    The Wolverine pin-up has sold. Still plenty of good stuff left. Bid now!
  7. Here:
  8. What's your deal breaker?

    My deal breakers: Reputation of the seller Water damage Missing panels Major creasing Playing games with the price or desire to sell
  9. Here:
  10. How cheap are OA collectors?

  11. Here:
  12. Here:
  13. For P. Craig Russell fans

    Well, if you are looking for more of his work, I have some pages he inked for the issues #1 and 2 of the 1988 Cloak and Dagger series. Stop by my art gallery and check them out. I'm sure I could work you out a nice deal.
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