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  1. Auctions end tomorrow:
  2. Just a reminder that our current batch of eBay auctions ends soon. Not much time left for you to make your best offers for some sweet 80's and 90's Marvel pages (courtesy of Gerry Acerno and Mike Harris) and awesome Archie Comics covers (courtesy of Bob Smith). Head over and place your offers today. Don't wait until the last minute and miss out on getting a bargain.
  3. So, on this fine Cyber Monday, I just posted up several piece of art fresh to market from artist Dan Lawlis. In this batch is a cover to an independent series from the early 90's, several full color 90's trading card art pieces, featuring the X-Men and Gen 13, and a few pin-up pieces, with Barb Wire and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings in black and white and, the best of the best, a huge blazing full color Conan the Barbarian piece! Head over to my gallery of art for sale to view them and place your orders. Here's the link:
  4. It's Black Friday! So, I know you are all looking for some bargains! Well, we've got them for you on our latest eBay listings! In this batch we have 80's and 90's Marvel pages (courtesy of Gerry Acerno and Mike Harris), featuring Power Man and Iron Fist and the Punisher! On top of that, we have several Archie Comics covers (courtesy of Bob Smith), as well. All of these are Buy It Now with best offer option, so you can take your shot at getting some great art at a great price! Head on over and make you offers today!
  5. Just a final reminder that the Cloak and Dagger eBay auctions end tomorrow. So, if you have been holding off, you've not much time to make your best offers. Do so quickly, or you will miss out!
  6. I used to do them, but almost no one ever bought, so I don't anymore.
  7. Are you looking to get more art from this series? Because I have quite a bit from it for sale. Dan Lawlis: Mike Vosburg:
  8. Just a reminder to you all, that our current batch of eBay auctions end soon. Up for grabs is some great pages to Cloak and Dagger #2 by Dan Lawlis. These are Buy It Now auctions, with best offer option. So, you haven't got much time left to get those offers in and try to get a bargain. Head over to the listings and do so now!
  9. It's page 8 from Marvel Age Annual #4 and I believe the pencil art is by Lawlis. Not sure about the inker, though.
  10. I've a dozen pages from issue #2 of Cloak and Dagger's 1988 series up on eBay right now. These are Buy It Now with a best offer option. Head over to view them and take your best shot:
  11. I don't think you'll find many covers from those publishers at the price point you are asking for. Mostly, covers at the rate you are asking for are from smaller publishers, not the mainstream ones. If that is of interest to you, here are a few I have avilable for sale: Drop me an email for there, if you see something you like.
  12. I see lots of watchers. How about some bidder? That would be nice for a change......
  13. Here:
  14. Here: