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  1. Hello I am cutting back on my collection, so some of my best pieces are up for grabs... * Brunner - Marvel Premiere pg with Doc in every panel plus the Ancient One! * Byrne - Marvel Premiere pg with the Ant Man! From the first of only 2 issues that Byrne/Layton did! * Cockrum - nice page featuring the entire X-Men, Prof X, Magneto and Wolvie! * Everett - gorgeous page pencilled and inked Subby pg... and Nita! * Ploog - Marvel Spotlight #8 with Ghost Rider ---- SOLD! * Romita Sr - Captain America #138 pg featuring Spidey! Try and find a better Silver Age Romita Spidey page at this price! * Romita Jr/Layton - when was the last time you saw a page from issue #128.... the Demon in a Bottle? Dont blink.... * Trimpe/Severin - nice page featuring Jarella from Hulk #148 * Adam Hughes - stunning Black Widow commission in copic markers..... Pay Pal is acceptable as long as you pay the fees. US shipping will be $20 via Fed Ex with insurance and signature required. First "I'll take it" gets it. EMAIL RESPONSES ONLY to Sorry but I dont check PMs. I will consider some trade towards the purchase. thanks! Dave / Brauny