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  1. Hello I am cutting back on my collection, so some of my best pieces are up for grabs... * Brunner - Marvel Premiere pg with Doc in every panel plus the Ancient One! * Byrne - Marvel Premiere pg with the Ant Man! From the first of only 2 issues that Byrne/Layton did! * Cockrum - nice page featuring the entire X-Men, Prof X, Magneto and Wolvie! * Everett - gorgeous page pencilled and inked Subby pg... and Nita! * Ploog - Marvel Spotlight #8 with Ghost Rider ---- SOLD! * Romita Sr - Captain America #138 pg featuring Spidey! Try and find a better Silver Age Romita Spidey page at this price! * Romita Jr/Layton - when was the last time you saw a page from issue #128.... the Demon in a Bottle? Dont blink.... * Trimpe/Severin - nice page featuring Jarella from Hulk #148 * Adam Hughes - stunning Black Widow commission in copic markers..... Pay Pal is acceptable as long as you pay the fees. US shipping will be $20 via Fed Ex with insurance and signature required. First "I'll take it" gets it. EMAIL RESPONSES ONLY to Sorry but I dont check PMs. I will consider some trade towards the purchase. thanks! Dave / Brauny
  2. Hi I have a nice pg from Capt Marvel #25, featuring the first appearance of Thanos in that title as well as one of the best pages from Death of Capt Marvel featuring Thanos battling the Avengers. You can see them in my CAF: I would consider partial trade + cash too. Email me to discuss. Dave
  3. bump..... added prices
  4. sorry if it wasnt listed..... thanks for the kind words, and for those who havent looked yet, what are you waiting for??? :-)
  5. Hello I am selling off a lot of the published artwork in my CAF. I've created a For Sale gallery with prices: I am looking for market prices, so this is not a fire sale. Lots of great stuff, so have a look. I might consider partial trades for artwork of comparable quality. Please -- emails only -- no PMs. Dave / Brauny
  6. thanks Alex..... i dont visit here often. sorry for my confusion. will try to delete and re-post.
  7. Hello I am selling off every published page in my CAF gallery.... sorry, no prices are listed, but.... make your best offer and we can talk. I am looking for market prices, so this is not a fire sale. Lots of great stuff, so have a look. Please -- emails only -- no PMs. Dave / Brauny