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  1. Here’s a couple that haven’t been posted and a couple that have.
  2. This is my rarest book in my collection. Feature Funnies #10 from 1938. The CGC census shows only 1 graded and it’s a 4.5.
  3. I agree. I’ve been collecting since 1972 and I bought mine a couple years ago.
  4. I have always liked number 2. It was the last one I needed to complete my run. Congrats on the pickup.
  5. Yes the football game is awesome. I have seen 4 of the baseball games for sale in the wild but only 1 of the football. When I finally got some money to go buy it the game was gone.
  6. Here are a couple bobble heads, Willie and Hank.
  7. Here’s an old baseball game from 1930.