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  1. It was a couple weeks ago. If she thought I was crazy for buying this one what would she think if I showed up asking about the others two weeks later.
  2. This has always been one of my favorite EC covers. It has a nice date stamp also.
  3. The funny thing was it was in a box with more magazines and some old news papers for 5 dollars. I pulled this one out and offered her a dollar. She had a look on her face like why would you want that. She couldn't take my money fast enough.
  4. Picked this up at a garage sale for 1 dollar. It has some water damage but I couldn’t leave it behind. 1953 Ladies Home Journal.
  5. Here you go Marwood. This is KJ’s old copy.
  6. So were the sisters putting there initials on all the books that came in from the distributor or just on Leroy and his brothers books ? There could be multiples of all the books with the sisters initials on them. If they were putting books aside for Leroy then why wouldn't they just put his initials on them.
  7. It's Fantastic Four #371 first print, 2nd print is red . It's not worth much.
  8. I didn't count the cover, so that would give me 36.
  9. I just took a picture of mine and you have me wondering if I am missing something. I counted all the pages and there’s 32. There are 8 wraps.
  10. I have had this book since the late 80s and didn’t realize the significance of the date till recently.