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  1. Just a hunch, you like the Bill S DD book?
  2. Paypal accepted, trumps all and shipping is $9 conus exact everywhere else. First up a tough to get 9.8 Stuart Sayger sketch. Asking $220 [/img] [/img] Bill Sienkiewicz Daredevil 9.8 asking $475
  3. For sale here is my one time keeper pile Ron Frenz Spider-Woman transforming sketch. This terrible pic doesn't do it justice. PayPal accepted, shipping is $10 conus exact everywhere else. trumps all. Asking $250 $190
  4. Looking to buy a copy of FF 1 slabbed 4.5 or a 5.0 No resto's. To be honest I'm looking for a good deal, I know aren't we all. If you're looking for a dead on gpa price then we won't be a good match. If you are willing to work with me on the price shoot me a PM. If you have a long selling history on the boards I'd be willing to send a check as payment. I would hope that would be reflected in the offering price too. I figured it would be a time saver to both potential parties to let you what my expectations are. Thanks....