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  1. I can't hang with the high grade copies, but here is my copy any who.
  2. Here is my humble pre new label pic.
  3. I was incredibly lucky enough to go to Joe's NYC apartment many years ago with the nycomics team of Sean and Chris. As I read through the article it brought me right back to that day. His work area, his over sized chair and most importantly an amazing man named Joe Simon sitting in that chair right in front of us. We spoke about the upcoming Captain America movie and helped him pick a cover for his soon to be released book. As a comic collector of many years that day stands out as one of most memorable ever. He is missed.
  4. Nick was a pleasure to do business with. He paid off the book with time payments and it ran very smoothly. Top notch dude.
  5. I had a very good trade with kablin12. It went very smoothly and I would certainly do business with him again.
  6. At the time my copy was a highest graded 6.0 copy I believe your grade is safe as it relates to mine.
  7. I actually did a side by side comparison, it was very interesting.
  8. Thank you!!! I can see by the back of the book that it was glued on something. I wonder if anyone had ever had one slabbed.
  9. I know it's from 1969 and probably less than half the size of a "normal" comic. That's about it. Does it have any value?
  10. Ok let's go with the dirt cheap price of $110 shipped. The fact that Bob Almond inked this piece makes it worth owning people.
  11. PayPal accepted, shipping is only $8 in conus and accept books on hold. I'm selling my Craig Rousseau/Bob Almond Nightcrawler Sketch. CGC 9.8 Asking $135
  12. Nothing earth shattering but for under a buck each works for me.