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  1. If still available. each now 2 for 1 on all of these Red Wolf 2 and 3 both around VG/FN $1 Plus Sub Mariner 52 VF Your Price is $15 Now $12
  2. The Dellotto has been traded.
  3. The Sayger is sold and the Dellotto is on hold pending a trade review.
  4. I'm offering two options. 1- The original offer of buying the Dellotto and getting the Perkins free. 2- Get the Dellotto and Sayger for $680 and the Perkins again for free. Save $100 on the Sayger with this option.
  5. Dellotto watercolor painted Ultimate Punisher slabbed 9.6 sketch $580 shipped conus Free sketch if asking price achieved. Sorry for the blurry pic. What do you want it''s free. ]
  6. I'm selling my Stuart Sayger Thor 9.8 sketch. It's not an easy thing to get a Sayger 9.8. He beats the books up. PayPal accepted, shipping is included conus trumps all except a hold that has been placed on a book during negotiations. Asking $200 ] ] ]
  7. thank you. PM on its way with PayPal info.
  8. Due to the detail of Galactus many artist either won't draw him or charge more to do so. Anyway, here is my last Bob Layton sketch of the planet eater. Sorry had a typo, it is a 9.8 Asking $225 shipped conus PayPal accepted, :takeit:trumps all [/img]
  9. The potential for this sketch to increase in value is tremendous. If it does not get traded or sold by midnight tonight (EST) I will put it back into my keeper pile and present it again for sale/trade at a much later date.
  10. Sadly that is the truth Sean. Time stops for no one.
  11. Thanks everyone. I've had a lot of trade offers and some possible cash offers that are being discussed. Keep the offers coming and who knows you might be adding this gem to your collection.
  12. I have this up for trade too. I'm looking for Marvel graded keys in return. I have been asked for a sale price too so here we go. Romita, Colan, Trimpe and Sinnott sketched and signed by Stan Lee. Asking $2,000. PayPal accepted, shipping is free conus trumps all. Time payments are available with a small non refundable deposit.
  13. Thanks. It's my last quad legends sketch and the only one I had with Stan's sig.
  14. Thought I might try to trade this gem. I'm looking for a Marvel graded key(s) in return. This is a pricey sketch so please don't offer 5.0 commons. It has happened in the past. The Legends sketch: Ronita, Colan, Sinnott and Trimpe. Capped off with a Stan Lee sig.
  15. I thought you might. Hate to sell it but I need some loot.
  16. Let's get this out of the way. PayPal accepted, $10 shipping in the conus discounted everywhere else. trumps all. Mike Zeck 9.8 killer Crossbones heavily inked sketch. Good luck getting one elsewhere. I will let the pic speak for itself. Asking $580.