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  1. Peter, try this search in Ebay Golden Age: "detective comics" 1940 You can try the same search changing only the date; e.g., 1941, 1942, etc. to get books from other years. It's not perfect, but it filters out most of the unwanted books.
  2. Now that's what I call a classic GA book!! And a hard to find one too. Your copy looks much nicer than a 5.5 btw.
  3. What a phenomenal comic! Never had that one, always wanted it. Isn't this the first costumed hero cover in the history of American comics? Yes, Funny Picture Stories #1 qualifies as the first masked hero cover. I also love Tec 22. I spent many years looking for a nice copy.
  4. Many consider Tec 18 to be the best pre-Batman cover. Nice copy Bunky Brian.
  5. All of the ones you list are hard to find in any grade. 3 and 4 do not exist in high grade. Ignoring grade, I find that 3, 5 and 24 are the toughest. The least common is probably 24.
  6. I love the Howie Post issues. And it appears you have several of them Marty; not many people do.
  7. It had low distribution and few people bought it, so it's fairly uncommon. I've seen two or three raw copies over the years. Excellent pick-up, congrats!
  8. Tough to say because of the minute tape pull on the upper right corner. Maybe a 9.0?
  9. Here's my raw copy of 15, which I thumb through more often than I should.