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  1. CGC has loosened its page quality standards over the years. It's not unusual for the page quality of an old label book to improve when the book is re-slabbed. It used to be that many GA books had cr-ow pages. Nowadays, it seems that most newly graded books are given at least ow pages.
  2. I think it's a case of buying the book and not the CGC grade. The MM 4 looked significantly nicer (and also had better page quality) despite having the same grade.
  3. There are other reasons it does not look like an authentic SF copy. In fact nothing about it is consistent with an SF.
  4. A few years ago, someone posted a link to a website on which you could access an audio of the hearings. It was a fascinating listen. I remember Dr. Wertham going on and on about the evils of Black Magic 29. I then spent a couple of years trying to find the issue.
  5. It took a discussion of Tec 27 sales to flush out a rare Bunky sighting.
  6. Here's a photo of Gary (center) with Fred Guardineer, Vin Sullivan, Jon Berk and a couple of GA Boardies.
  7. Sorry for backtracking to an earlier unrelated post, but I find it interesting that this book improved from a 1.0 to a 1.5. Although the spine roll was corrected so that it presents better optically, it also lost its upper right corner during the transition.
  8. Here's a cool one. First masked hero cover in the run:
  9. It's such a blatant swipe, even down to the rivets on Steel's shorts. I can't believe MLJ didn't take legal action.
  10. Top Notch #1 came out one month before Pep #1, so it stands to reason the TN #22 came out a month before Pep #22
  11. You may be right. I remember there being a discussion on these Boards about whether Patenaude was a man (Roland) or woman (Ramona).
  12. Yes, but I believe the name is Ramona Patenaude. Here's the prior issue for comparison.