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  1. Would someone please buy some more of these books, Bunky needs another Ski Chalet in the French Alps.
  2. Except for the author of this post?
  3. Great set of very uncommon and cool books!! GLWTS
  4. I've seen this book in person. But for a single almost indiscernible flaw, it looks every bit like an 8.5.
  5. Also: Dr. Occult, Dover and Clover (), Genius Jones, Jimminy, Superboy.
  6. I've always like this one. It represents the start of a consecutive run of great Zip covers.
  7. Nice - one of the best Ace painted covers. White pages. And a Carson City to boot! Beautiful book, but there's something about this one that reminds me of a certain doctor . . .
  8. 12 hours ago, batman_fan said: I had some weird distorted fantasy that maybe I could snag that Wonder Comics 1. Was I ever shocked the I saw the final hammer price. Even the 4.0 Wonder 2 went for well over 4X Overstreet Guide.
  9. I wanted to include a More Fun and this one has some nostalgic value for me.