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  1. This appears to be the case of a 9.4 book initially being undergraded and thereafter being overgraded (the damaged upper left corner should keep it from being graded higher than 9.4). The only encouraging aspect of this evolution is that it doesn't appear the book was damaged along the way by being pressed. The spine of the book in the 9.6 case looks as plump as it was in the original 9.0 case. Even though the grade inconsistency is puzzling, at least the book wasn't damaged during its climb up the CGC ladder, as sadly occurred to other books discussed in this thread.
  2. Thanks for posting the side-by-side comparison. It shows that one of the "improvement" attempts was to re-press the spine so that part of the front cover rolled to the back (I remember a whole thread from a couple of years ago criticizing this technique). CGC shouldn't incentivize this type of behavior by giving gift grades to now-damaged books. The reason this bothers me so much is that, when it comes to Church GA books, they are one-of-a-kind items. Once the damage is done, the book can never be returned to its original beautiful state, and there is no other similar copy to replace i
  3. Yes, there's a noticeable difference, but rather than raising the grade to a 9.6, it's one that should have reduced the book from a 9.4 to a 9.2. Just look at the damage at both (seemingly sunken) staples caused by the pressing. That damage did not exist when it was a 9.4 with an untouched, rounded spine: ComicConnect - This is what I truly hate about the pressing game.
  4. The posted books are just spectacular. Do they represent the average quality of the collection?
  5. Everything that I was tracking and thinking about buying went for prices that shattered existing records. I've never seen the GA market this hot. Even books for which I thought I paid way too much in the past now look like brilliant investments.
  6. Just watched Snyder's cut. Wow, that was 100x better than the one that was released in theaters. I can't imagine what Josh Whedon was thinking when he cut out all the best scenes and added in inane ones. I guess he wanted to make it feel like a Marvel movie.
  7. Yes, your book was apparently graded before it was revealed (on these very CGC Boards in the "Tribute to Flessel" thread) that the jungle covers were done by Richard Flanagan. The verification came directly from Creig Flessel himself to a fellow boardie.
  8. Weird #2 is one of the tougher early Fox issues. Nice job.
  9. I guess this could be considered a Chubby, at least its girth:
  10. Just saying. It would give folks some context about the position you are advocating (no knock on MF 73 intended, it's a great book).